9 types of LinkedIn content to be original!

Very often on LinkedIn or any other social network, it happens that we lack ideas of content to publish, we give you here 9 ideas of LinkedIn content to publish.

We can’t wait to read you! 😘

Publish content on LinkedIn: Why? For Whom?

Want to publish content on LinkedIn, but don’t know where to start?

Well, you’ll need to follow these steps first:

  • Identify the purpose of your actions when you post: brand awareness, personal branding, selling products or services?
  • Find your target on the network: Look for a maximum of information to create a precise persona.

Discover 5 tips for creating a persona here. 👀


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What formats for your content to publish on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, you have the ability to publish 9 different types of content:

  • #1 Posts based on “copywriting”,
  • #2 Posts based on “advice”.
  • #3 Posts with GIFs,
  • #4 Polls,
  • #5 Videos,
  • #6 Carousels,
  • #7 LinkedIn Pulse articles,
  • #8 Publish events,
  • #9 LinkedIn Live.


#1 LinkedIn posts based on “storytelling.”

Copywriting is very trendy. It is a writing method inspired by literature, which gives the reader a narrative: The initial situation, the trigger, the adventures, and then the final situation. The reader gets lost in the narrative and is invested in wanting to read the rest. Since we are used to stories and it is the narrative scheme that remains more easily anchored in our brains (we will retain more easily the story of a friend than a fact that we have learned without context).

Storytelling is the art of telling your story, or the story of someone else (a brand, a client, a situation).

Here is a good example of a “storytelling” post. 👇


#2 “Advice” type posts

You’re an expert in a topic, usually if you’re on LinkedIn, you’re offering more B2b products or services: CRM, training, temp contracts, events… You have things to offer to your network. Think of it more like this: If you want to buy a car but the dealer doesn’t seem to know much about it, you’re more likely to switch to a specialist to make the purchase.

Well, it’s the same thing. You have to prove you know a lot to get customers or candidates. 🔍


#3 Posts with GIFs

GIF’s are everywhere on LinkedIn and not only. More and more present on blogs and online tutorials, these mini videos are inspired by the wave of Youtube fame. They convey emotion, often laughter, and capture the attention of readers on LinkedIn’s infinite news feed.

You can use the GIF to attract the reader, then, you still need to offer them relevant content.

Find free GIFs online by following this link!

And with good copywriting. 👇


#4 Surveys in your LinkedIn content

Surveys were all the rage from the beginning of the year. They came out in droves, and we were seeing polls everywhere in our LinkedIn news feeds and competitor’s editorial strategy. Why not incorporate some polls into your posts? It’s a very simple way to create engagement from your audience = everyone likes to give their opinion!

Just click on “create a post” > then on the poll icon.

You can also use it to refine your persona: ask questions to people who seem to be interested in your themes, like for example :

  • 1) What type of content do they want to see on LinkedIn?
  • 2) What is their biggest frustration with X number of problems that your tool can solve.
  • 3) What budget they are spending on the pro field you are in.


#5 Publish videos on LinkedIn

Is it a good idea to publish videos on LinkedIn? Yes. ✅ But not just any videos. ❌

Be aware that most videos are watched without the sound, so focus on the visuals and not the text (or write text directly on the video).

Videos should be short, inspiring and topical.

Talk about broader topics to reach a large audience, you’ll have a better chance of getting shares!

So remember:

  • Short format,
  • Create interesting and impactful content,
  • Good quality,
  • Subtitles or text,
  • Large audience.


#6 Carousels all over the network

Carousels are my favorite format! 😍 It’s getting used more and more on LinkedIn and is very successful.

It’s visual, it’s easy to read and it’s intuitive. When creating carousels, prefer useful content:

  • “The X tips”,
  • “The X steps strategy”,
  • “The X types of content”,

Give the reader an idea of what they’re going to learn through visuals. Make them original and eye-catching.

Also adapt them to your target, like here, a very cliché idea, the one that the commercials (heart of the target) like soccer.

We may do a little more fine-tuning next time, but it works!” 😜


#7 LinkedIn Pulse articles

LinkedIn Pulse wasn’t too successful at first, but since it became a major player in SEO, everything has changed.

(LinkedIn Pulse articles are identified as LinkedIn articles by Google SEO).

) So they can be an integral part of your content creation strategy.

You can take advantage of this to create a newsletter dedicated to your readers on LinkedIn, for example.(see the whole article).

And publish once a week, the must-reads on your business sector, for example.



#8 Publish events on LinkedIn

The network is a fabulous place to promote your Webinars and boost the conversion rate of your lives. 💅

You can publish an event to promote it throughout your network.

It’s very simple, you’ll just need the basic information: cover image, title, description and live link!

However, we advise you to vary your value-added content, if you only publish lives, your audience will lose steam.


#9 LinkedIn Live

You can promote events on LinkedIn, but you can also create them directly on LinkedIn via the LinkedIn Live platform.

Webinars, as well as LinkedIn, are both really hot, so it might be time to catch the wave and see how you can gain notoriety through these content formats

The best way to see how to do a live stream is to watch some of your competitors’ videos on social media. 😜

Article Faq: How do you publish content on LinkedIn?

Use a method that works

Have you ever heard of the TOFU-MOFU-BOFU method?

It’s a process that requires a bit of rigor in publishing content: 3 posts per week, each aimed at a different part of your marketing target. ⚡

👉 Find out more about this LinkedIn content strategy. 😁


Demonstrate your expertise with content related to your field

This point is the foundation of your communication and it applies even more so on LinkedIn. If your goal is to promote yourself as an expert in your field, there’s nothing better than publishing content related to your business:

  • News about your market and current trends,
  • Tips to illustrate your knowledge,
  • Storytelling to make your audience react,
  • Job offers: to see if it is necessary to create a company page,
  • Sharing a blog post if you publish regularly. It also helps to boost traffic to your website.

By communicating about your field, or your business, you build your brand, while providing relevant information to your audience.

For example, regulations are changing in your sector? Share the information! You launch a new product or service? Let people know about it!

🅰 Be careful though not to talk only about yourself or your services. Self-promotional messages are frowned upon on the network. If you want to talk about an offer of yours, do it smartly by engaging your audience. For example here, at Linker, where they talk about their services:

The goal is to generate leads, develop your community? If you do the job well, you may receive connection requests and/or private messages. Don’t neglect this aspect of prospecting which can be decisive for your future career!

If you want to dedicate yourself to content creation and not let a contact slip through your fingers, consider the tools available to save you time. Among them, Waalaxy is ideal for managing connection requests, sending messages. Be careful, these are not empty messages. 💌 You customize the messages, follow up if needed from a fully dedicated tool.

Another advantage: your activity is fully controllable from a dashboard. So you know where to find the right information in no time!


Talk about your daily professional life to create a proximity with your audience

If demonstrating your skills is essential, we can only recommend that you share your daily life. There are many ways to develop “copywriting” content for this:

  • Your successes or failures: this shows that you are “like everyone else” and that you too have your ups and downs,
  • Your feedback. You can ask a client or collaborator to write a testimonial on a common professional experience.
  • Fun facts like clichés about your environment. This allows you to talk about your daily life in an offbeat way and not to post hyper corporate content!

Talk about your emotions, your experiences, what inspires you: the goal is to create a feeling in your reader, which will make him want to answer you!

Of course, to create a real link with your audience, you have to be present! Having ideas for content to publish on LinkedIn is not enough, take the time to respond to comments, to participate in groups related to your field. This shows that you have a real interest in your field, your audience. You also appreciate it when people answer or react to what you publish, the opposite also applies!

Have you thought about joining pods? We’re not talking about groups that include people who have nothing in common. We are talking about people who are linked by a theme or a field and who want to find each other more easily on LinkedIn. To better target your communication, think of Podawaa! This tool allows you to develop the reach of your publications in a free way: a great asset when everyone advises to go through paid ads to stand out! 😜


When to publish on LinkedIn?

Mostly, you will be told:

  • Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Between 7am and 8am.

  • Between 10 and 11 am.

  • Between 5pm and 6pm.

But to find out more and best suit your targets: follow the guide. 👀


Conclusion for your LinkedIn content

To conclude, I would just add that you should, before even launching your activatable marketing strategy , follow these 4 points:

  • 1) Optimize your profile before you start. Your audience is going to visit your page, so it needs to be flawless.
  • 2) Refine your persona: if you don’t know who you’re talking to, then you don’t know what to say.
  • 3) Find your style: posts, carousels, color code, writing style…
  • 4) Be recurrent: follow the TOFU MOFU DOFU method mentioned above.

And that’s it, it’s up to you to create your own LinkedIn content and make it original. 😘

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