How to Create a LinkedIn Carousel?

LinkedIn is a social network designed for B2B actors, and it is full of features and possibilities not always used or known by its users, yet very useful. Here is one of them: the LinkedIn carousel. 🎠

The LinkedIn carousel is a type of publication comprising a succession of several visuals, accompanied by text, generally intended to offer a more modern and engaging format of content on the news feed of your targets.


To make a carousel, you only need:

  • A LinkedIn account.
  • The theme you want to publish on (which you divide into many steps).
  • A free tool like Canva.
  • (Optional) A tool that boosts your posts like Podawaa.


If carousels are increasingly used by brands and seasoned users of LinkedIn, many are still unaware of this format and its interest. In particular, to optimize the “Dwell Time” of the LinkedIn algorithm. A carousel allows you to :

  • ✅ Generate more engagement on LinkedIn.
  • 🚀 Boost visibility and audience on your post.
  • 😎 Generate more traffic to your LinkedIn profile.
  • 💃 Increase your brand awareness on social media.
  • 💰 Increase your click-through rate, links to your website.
  • 🎯 Target your typical customer during your end of carousel call to action.
  • 📞Get pro meetings with potential customers and boost your conversions and ROI!

Here, we will talk about the free format that is offered natively for everyone and not the advertising format that you can find in the LinkedIn “campaign manager”.


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Very simple, even if the process may seem strange; you have to create a PDF document and share this document before publishing it:

  • Start by creating a multipage PDF that is going to correspond to the different slides in your LinkedIn carousel. You’re encouraged to properly optimize the creation of your slides to maximize the impact of your message. Indeed, do not hesitate to use different colors for your messages or to accompany your texts with images.
  • Then go to your publication and click on the document icon on the right of the publication creation interface. By clicking on it, you will be able to “Share a document” which allows you to add the PDF document you have created and then transform it into a carousel.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Upload the document you want to turn into a LinkedIn carousel to accompany your post.

Once chosen, you can share the document that will turn into a LinkedIn carousel, and don’t forget to optimize your post related to who you are targeting. How? With a catchy ad and hashtags to improve its reach.


  • Text: use few characters on your banners, around 200 for better optimization.
  • Introduction: to avoid text being cut off on mobile devices, have a clear and concise introduction, between 100 and 150 characters.
  • Images: relevant, high quality and few images. An average of 5 to 10 is recommended. You can go up to 15 images if they are relevant for your marketing strategy.
  • File size: 10 MB maximum.
  • Recommended image format : 1080 × 1080 pixels.
  • Accepted image type: JPG, PNG. You can put GIFs (without animation), but be careful about the quality.
  • CTA (calls to action): If you want to add a link for your ad operation, this clickable link cannot exceed 30 characters.

Check out the complete guide to boosting your sales and e-reputation on LinkedIn. 🚀


Examples of carousels on LinkedIn

Our dear UX Designer, Pauline Beauté 😘 has created a quick guide on how to make carousels on LinkedIn, based on her proven experience with +1 million views! Here is the link to her LinkedIn post, where she gives all the details. On her profile, you’ll find several examples of carousels you can replicate, as well as the tools and tips she uses to create them.🔥

Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Carousel Posts



If you’re wondering how you can increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn without diving madly into video? 📹

Then you can start sharing your expertise via LinkedIn carousel posts that can help you generate new opportunities for your (personal) branding or business. 💼

Whether you decide to share “How-To” style articles, repurpose content from a blog, share infographics, etc. LinkedIn carousel formatted posts are a powerful way to bring the community together and share your knowledge in service of all! 🤲

Don’t forget to pay special attention to the design, layout like dark mode and structure. Only then will you be able to take full advantage of this digital marketing tool. 🌈


The LinkedIn Carousel as a PowerPoint

PowerPoints are completely outdated. The tool is no longer really adapted to the needs of users, and the abilities to create a beautiful and engaging design are less. The best way to get a message across to your audiences, whether it’s internal or external, is to use Canva and create B2b carousels, simple fast and effective.


Every Slide Counts

To get a clear and convincing content strategy across, use between 5 and 15 slides maximum. They should not only contain text, but a whole visual universe that makes you want to read more. Best practices:

  • Add suspense to your headline.
  • Make carousels with steps or numerical examples.
  • Don’t forget the little arrow at the bottom of the page that encourages you to see what happens next.
  • Make sure you don’t publish “promotional” content, instead build your content around “tips and info”.

Like for example, this one from Fiverr:


How can I improve lead generation by posting on LinkedIn?

If you’re using a carousel, it’s mostly because you have a digital marketing strategy. To grow your business, it’s a very good idea to use LinkedIn. Now, you’ve created very beautiful content or sponsored content, and you wonder how to answer people interested in your added value.

Here is how we do it at Waalaxy :

  • Every person that comments a post is automatically added to our CRM,
  • We create LinkedIn messaging campaigns or email marketing campaigns with highly personalized content.
  • The prospects enter a scenario, and you just have to answer their questions.

Basically : you enter the process of prospecting only when you have warm leads talking to you. 😍


It’s so simple, here is a tutorial for you! 👀


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Article FAQ

What tools should I use to create a LinkedIn carousel?

You can use Canva to quickly create cool visuals. It’s free and very easy to get started (especially if you’re not skilled in graphic design) or Figma if you’re more expert! 🤓

With Canva, you’ll have the perfect size for your post image right away for all different sizes of visuals (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn networks…).

It’s super convenient, so you don’t get confused. ✅ 👉 Also, you can follow this tutorial on how to create creative content on LinkedIn for more tips:


Can we do LinkedIn Ads Campaigns in carousel format?

Yes, you can do LinkedIn Ads in carousel format too! 🤩 LinkedIn Carousel Ads are a great way to tell an interactive story to your target audience to get them to take an action.

Get the most out of your campaigns by following these best practices to set goals, create effective content, and prove the value of Carousel Ads campaigns. 😏

Here’s what Carousel Ads campaigns look like, not bad, right?

There you go, now you know all the tricks to create a beautiful LinkedIn carousel! 🥰


Just go to Canva, you can have the free or paid version, it doesn’t matter. Then, you go to “Create a visual” and there you choose “LinkedIn posting”.

Then you have access to the whole tool, so you can pick the font, the visuals, and shapes, then the text. You can also upload your own content.


Is there any other software to make a carousel?

Of course there is. Any design software can allow you to create a carousel banner. Illustrator for example, or even Photoshop, but it is very easy to make a quality visual on Canva, If you don’t know how to do it, here is a free tutorial with lots of designer tips. 👀


How to make a good carousel post?

Here’s the checklist you need to make good Carousel content for your prospects:

  • Know your target: find your marketing persona on LinkedIn.
  • A good topic: that interests your main target, that is topical or that adds value to the audience.
  • A choice of typography, visuals, and colors that blend well and are associated with your graphic charter.
  • A catchy title to make people want to read the rest.
  • A call to action at the end to ask the audience to interact with you.

PS: You now know everything about LinkedIn Carousels! Now all you have to do is get started and measure the results and organic reach of your posts for each new carousel. We’re sure it will take off. 🚀


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