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Find out quickly in this article all there is to know about prospecting: Definitions of prospecting, synonyms, techniques to transform…


What is LinkedIn? In this article, we’ll answer that question, simply and clearly 😉 LinkedIn is at once a professional…


A multitude of topics to deepen your knowledge of multi-channel prospecting

The reason that drives companies towards buy sales leads? 🤔 A poor lead generation strategy! 🚨 With expensive marketing campaigns…


Competitive intelligence is essential for anticipating the movements of existing or future competitors. 🔮 In this article, you’ll find the…


Are you unable to reduce your Customer Effort Score? 😟 Or WORSE, you’re not evaluating your customers’ interactions with your…


You don’t know how to beat the Instagram Algorithm ? Well, is a bit like the guy who pulls the…


In a hyper-competitive and constantly evolving job market, any company today faces the enormous challenge of finding the best talent….


You want to contact your prospect, but he hasn’t accepted your invitation… And as a result, you can’t send him…


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7 sample prospecting messages to boost your response rate

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You want to contact your prospect, but he hasn’t accepted your invitation… And as a result, you can’t send him…


Have you imported prospects into Waalaxy and want to contact them? Yes, but problem: on LinkedIn, in order to contact…


Here you are: you’ve installed Waalaxy, taken out a subscription (or not), and you want to expand your LinkedIn network…


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7 examples of successful LinkedIn prospecting messages


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