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LinkedIn Prospecting? 20 Cold Outreach Templates

LinkedIn prospecting is massively used. In 2021, more and more people are using LinkedIn to sell their product or service. However, the majority of them do not have the knowledge to take advantage of the social network, or/and they use approaches that do not work.

How not to appear on Google search
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LinkedIn best practices

LinkedIn best practices, do you know them? When you think about it 🤔 we spend an enormous amount of time on social media, and when

Chiffres clés LinkedIn
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20 LinkedIn Statistics You Should Know!

LinkedIn is a B2B social network founded in 2003, designed to help professionals and entrepreneurs expand their professional networks. In this article, we present you

How not to appear on Google search
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LinkedIn funny emoji

You’re an ace on LinkedIn, you know how to prospect, create a content strategy, exchange with professionals in your sector… But do you react to

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Elevator pitch, examples to reuse!

The elevator pitch: perfect example of a good sales strategy 😉.  It comes straight from the United States. The concept has been generalized in order

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