Does visiting or following a profile increase the acceptance rate of my LinkedIn connection requests?

Published by Guillaume Portalier on September 16, 2021 5/5 (356 votes)

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Anyone looking to maximize the connection request acceptance rate on LinkedIn has already asked themselves the question: Should I perform a profile visit or profile follow before sending a connection request? 🧐

At first glance it may seem beneficial to visit or follow your prospect before you get in touch with them, but do the numbers back up this feeling?

We can now tell you all of this thanks to our study based on almost 10 million connection requests. 💥

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Maximize the acceptance rate of connection requests on LinkedIn

When you prospect on LinkedIn using automation tools such as ProspectIn, you will send out numerous connection requests. This is because you are unable to send messages to your prospects if you are not connected. Therefore, you must first send connection requests and wait to be accepted.

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At the same time, you have a daily quota for each action (around 100 for connection requests). These quotas are put in place to keep your LinkedIn account safe. As a result you cannot exceed a certain number daily.

To reach as many people as possible, you must therefore maximize the rate of acceptance of your connection requests, i.e. the number of people who accept your connection request divided by the total number of requests sent.

Follow or visit the profile before sending a connection request on LinkedIn

The profile visit

When you send a connection request on LinkedIn manually, most of the time you go to the person’s profile before sending the request. On the other hand, when you use an automation tool, you can send the connection request directly, without ever having been on their profile.

With the “Scenario” feature on ProspectIn, you can however decide to visit the profile before sending an invitation request.

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When you visit a LinkedIn user’s profile, the user receives a small notification indicating that you have visited their profile. It’s worth noting that users without a LinkedIn premium subscription, will only be able to see a small selection of the profiles that have visited their profile. Visiting a profile even when you’re using an automated tool has 3 benefits:

  • Your approach seems more natural since it is closer to human behavior,
  • If the person has a premium subscription, they will be able to see that you have visited their profile. You will therefore no longer be a total stranger when you send them a connection request.
  • If the person sees that you’ve visited their profile, they might send you a connection request before you even send them one.

However, if the person doesn’t have a LinkedIn premium subscription, they won’t necessarily see that you’ve visited their profile.

The profile follow

Profile following is a little less “natural” action than profile visiting when using LinkedIn without automation. It corresponds to this button, right here:

Following a person also has 3 benefits:

  • Although you are not (yet) connected with this person, you will see their activity appear in your news feed (posts, comments made on other posts, post sharing, etc.)
  • Unlike a profile visit, the person you are following will SYSTEMATICALLY be notified that you have followed their profile.
  • When the person sees that you are following them, they might be tempted to send you a connection request before you send them one.

Given these elements, it seems quite likely that visiting or following a prospect’s profile before sending them a connection request will increase the acceptance rate.

What does it take to have a high acceptance rate on LinkedIn?

ProspectIn’s Scenarios feature allows you to sequence actions such as profile visit/profile follow/connection request/message.

Some of you might therefore be tempted to go for the “best of both worlds” by using a scenario comprising both a profile visit step AND a profile follow step before the connection request, like the scenario “Homeland “.

Well this scenario, although being amongst the best, is not the best performing. It has an acceptance rate of 29.41%.

So, what is the best performing scenario?

That would be the “Dexter” scenario. Although it only offers a profile visit before the connection request, it has an acceptance rate of 30.20%.

What if I want to send an invitation request without going through a profile visit or profile follow step?

It will cost you almost 2 conversion rate points. This is significant when you bring it down to a very large number of mailings. 🤪

The best performing scenario without visit or follow is the classic “Breaking Bad” scenario, with an acceptance rate of 28.88%.

So in the end, that doesn’t fundamentally change the game, does it?

When trying to optimize a conversion rate (or “acceptance rate”), a variation of 1.5 points is significant, seeing as mailing volumes are often very large.

Moreover, it should be noted that scenarios that include a follow and/or visit step can also cause the person to add you directly, meaning before you send them a connection request. This is not directly reflected in the rate of acceptance, but in the end it still equates to you having connected with more of your prospects. 👆

If you want to maximize the acceptance rate of your connection requests on LinkedIn, you know what you have to do 😉