Most Popular LinkedIn Job Titles + List of Job Titles + Tutorial

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Welcome in the LinkedIn job titles mastering class. 😁

  • What job title should I write ?
  • Does it really matter?
  • Does it make a difference in the end?

We all wonder if it’s a big deal, how to make the most out of it and which mistakes not to make.

In this article you’ll find everything you need to change, update and boost your job title on LinkedIn. Our bonus: The 13 Most popular job titles on LinkedIn updated for 2021!

Do job titles matter on LinkedIn?

The first question that I asked myself was this one. Yes, why would I write an article about it if it didn’t matter?

It’s super hard to find a study about the impact of job titles in our career.

I found out a 3-minute video made by a recruitment agency that will help you to get to know the importance of your title in your career progression.

I think it’s pretty obvious to say that your title is SUPER IMPORTANT careerwise… but in some companies, they would tell you:

“Oh it’s just a title, it doesn’t matter.”

Well, that’s false. ❌

For 3 important reasons:

  • Imagine yourself looking for a job in the future. 😍 You’ve been managing 10 employees, but on your title it’s written “assistant.” You’ll need to explain why you had different missions but your title didn’t change. It could be harder to tell your potential employer to give you the job and the “Manager” title you really deserve. It’s quite stupid, but it reassures employers and job seekers that you have qualities of a leader, even though it’s only a name on a piece of paper. You need to understand that recruiters are as scared as you while recruiting. IIf they make mistakes in the hiring process, the quality of their work could be reevaluated and they could even be laid off.


  • Let’s take another example. You go online and you seem several great employment opportunities. It’s a job offer as a graphic artist and you’ve been doing visuals in the company for years, but you got hired as a community manager.  You don’t have a degree or qualifications from a school but you learned the information yourself. It’s your dream job. ✨ But you don’t even have the right work experience to write on your resume. Now, if after doing graphic design for a while you requested to have your job title changed to “graphic designer and communication manager,” then, you’d have something to fight for. Getting this new job makes more sense for talent hunters.


  • Climbing the ladder of your new career. 🚠🗻You deserve this promotion, you worked so hard for it. But, how would your bosses knows this if you haven’t got a relevant job title? In some companies there are way too many steps before you get to the big boss, that sometimes they don’t even know who you are. Sometimes they know, but they don’t know what you really do. Don’t miss out on career opportunities or/and a higher salary in your own company.


The only study I found as an indication of how important job titles are is this one, which demonstrated that many people would rather have a better title than a bigger salary. 70% of people asked on the survey would respond that they prefer a better job title over more money— even going up to $10,000 less!

It means one thing, well, maybe 2:

  • The whole world is so self-centered and gives so much importance to a title. It’s like a black mirror episode. 😂
  • Everyone cares about LinkedIn job titles.

+8% acceptance rate with this LinkedIn Title!

Since I found few studies on the subject. I decided to create my own A/B testing. 😜

I chose two profiles and changed the titles.

Unoptimized title:

Optimized, punchy, custom title:

Next, I ran 50 LinkedIn connection requests to the same target and automated the process.

I defined the target as “Community manager, France, Communication sector”.

Community managers tend to want to grow their network and therefore, accept requests more easily😀

I launch the test with the two LinkedIn accounts, of and Jason on 50 people.

Result: a well optimized LinkedIn headline will bring you better visibility and boost your acceptance rate. ✅

Want to see?

Jason got an 18% acceptance rate on his application.

I got 26% acceptance rate. 🥇

Conclusion: +8% acceptance is a huge number in terms of prospecting. Out of 5000 people, that’s 400 potential clients.

Put all the odds on your side, and follow the rest of the guide to get the best examples!

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What should I put as my job title on LinkedIn?

Please, make sure you’ve got a shiny new profile. 👇

Create the Best LinkedIn Profile 🔥


Should I put on LinkedIn my official job title or the title of what I am really doing?


Very good question, sir (or madam). 🤓

Here is a list of examples you can apply to your title:

  • Job Title | Specific Achievement.
    • Sales Expert | +31% ROI At {Name of your company} Do You Want to Know How ? 🤯
  • Job Title | Years of Experience in Industry | Ice breaker.
    • Customer care manager | +5 Years Experience at {Name of your company} and not replaced by a robot yet. 🤖
  • Job Title | Unique Value You Bring.
    • Brand Content Expert | Create amazing creative content to share on LinkedIn. 🎨
  • I help ___ (type of client) get___ (desired result)
    • I help freelancers to get over 10 clients to kickstart their business.

Let’s check out 2 examples that I particularly like! applies the following sequence : Job Title | Expert at (…) | Provides high quality content about (…).

What should I put as my job title on LinkedIn?

Here, Pauline applies the following strategy : I help – target – to (…) | Provide (…) results.

Find out how to describe your job online. You can even ask us below and we can give you a little career advice. 😁

What does title mean on LinkedIn?

A well-written job title on LinkedIn will appear to people like

  • You’ve got a long-term career path going on (if you’re a manager, people value more your experience and your tips).
  • They will trust you and your skills better if your job title is appealing and punchy.
  • They will connect and talk to you easily if they feel like you are very active on the Network.
  • They will accept your connection request and be more friendly with you if your profile is well updated.
  • It helps the job search engine and recruiters to find you. With the right title, you’re more likely to be contacted. That’s amazing if you’re looking for work !

How to change job title on LinkedIn?

It’s super simple :

  • Go on your profile.
  • Click on the editing pen.
  • Profile title.
  • Change the LinkedIn job title.
  • Scroll to the bottom, click to confirm all changes.

Step 1 :

how to change job title on LinkedIn? step1

Step 2 :

how to change job title on LinkedIn? step 2


LinkedIn job title while unemployed

Learn How To Approach Recruiters 🔥

Getting a job can be super hard:

  • If you’ve had a long period of job searching or unemployment.
  •  If you don’t have any experience or professional training.
  • If you’re working  in a very niche industry that you find only 2 jobs available in the whole country. 😂
  • If you’re like me and love career exploration and changing jobs quite often, it can get even harder to explain why you’re jumping around the labor market as if you’ve got fleas.

Well, let’s see what we can do to help you to find a job in which you’ll be happy and fulfilled. 🥰

LinkedIn headline examples if you’re looking for a job

You’re looking for a new job ? Two things you should be doing:

  • Note your goals, not your unemployment. You have value ❗ Bring it up ❗.
    • Not “searching for a job” but “Product owner with 2 years experience.”
    • You’re not “job hunting” you’re “offering your services as a Sales Expert.”
  • Resist using non-work activities to fill the gap. You’re not a full-time Lego master. 😂
    • Please make sure you’re only talking about what brings value to your resumes (personalize them for each company you’re applying for).

So, here are a few examples of sequences depending on your needs:

  • You’re got experience : Expert in (…) | I am offering my (…) years of experience in (sector).
  • You don’t have experience in the specific job : Passionate about (…) I am offering my views, motivation and digital expertise to – (type of company targeted).
  • You love to change job quite often : Swiss Knife in (area you’re looking for) | I have got 5 successful years in a range of business | Ready for someone full of creativity and ideas?

It’s quite simple to understand the process, you’re going to advertise yourself. To do so, you need confidence. I promise you, with this, you can get any job you want.

Here is a little trick I found and practised before getting this job. It worked. (I had no experience by the way. 😉)


LinkedIn headline for student

Hey there ! Looking for a student employment ? I know very well the work-study path. I’ve done 4 years of internships. 🤓

It’s so hard to get a nice company to work at and a manager hiring you with no experience.

I made a lot of mistakes when I started.

  • Sending hundreds of depersonalized resumes.
  • Looking for jobs no matter what, even if I didn’t like the company or the values.
  • Having a single resume and cover letter (boring to read by the way).

Please don’t make the same mistakes as me. Be confident about the value you can bring and who you are. Don’t trade 2 years of your life making coffee. Life is too short and you’re too talented, even if you don’t see it yet!

Well, let’s get to the examples part:

  • Your studies are your work experience : 3 years experienced in (…) | Passionate about (…)
  • You’ve done an internship already ?  It’s a job : Ex (name of the job) at (name of the company) | Very skilled at (note your best work abilities).
  • You want something spicy? 🍜 Stand out!  I am a creative and joyful worker dedicated to (name of the area you’d like to work at). | I have it in my blood

Don’t forget: If you’re looking for a job, always talk about yourself as a worker and not as a student.

Now, if you’re not looking for a job yet, you can write:

  •  Student at (school) | Aspiring to be a leader in (area).
  • Want to do big things at (job/passion) | Student with time for side projects | Let’s chat 💌.
  • Student at (school) | Going to be on the job market in X Months | Let’s chat 💌.

LinkedIn job titles for directory

You want to appear in LinkedIn search criteria as a director? Here are the top examples :

  • CEO > Chief Executive Officer. (Here is ours) of …
  • COO > Chief Operating Officer of …
  • CFO > Chief Financial Officer of …
  • CTO > Chief Technology Officer of …
  • CMO > Chief Marketing Officer of …
  • CHRO > Chief Human Resources Officer of …
  • CDO > Chief Data Officer of …
  • CPO > Chief Product Officer of …
  • CCO > Chief Customer Officer of …
  • Team Leader | Number of employees under your lead of …
  • Manager | Name of the company of …
  • Director of | Name of the company of …
  • Head of | Name of the sector of …
  • Chief | Name of the sector of …
  • President (same as CEO but a bit more old fashion) of …
  • Lead at (area of work | Name of the company of …
  • Director of Inside Sales | Name of the company of …


I found a study on LinkedIn 🥳 on the most in-Demand jobs of 2021!
After a few other searches, I found 2 categories. The first one is with qualifications and the second one without.

13 Most popular job in 2022 – qualifications required

  • Data Protection Officer.
  • Artificial intelligence engineer.
  • Real estate agent.
  • Customer Success Specialist.
  • Community Manager.
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).
  • Cybersecurity Specialist.
  • DevOps Engineer.
  • Data Engineer.
  • Data scientist.
  • Data Consultant.
  • Recruitment manager.
  • Big Data developer.
  • IT Recruiter.
  • Private Equity Analyst.

Most popular job in 2022 – no qualifications needed

Are you looking to find a new job right now? Are you seeking a role with an fairly quick start dates, and that don’t require much training or experience?

Here is the list:

  • Early childhood care.
  • Elderly care.
  • Logistics.
  • Support staff in health care facilities.
  • Medical and specialized professions.
  • Supermarkets and retail trade.

List of Job title on LinkedIn

Before reading the job listings, I found some nice statistics about the different jobs we can find on LinkedIn profiles.
It already gives you an idea about what is up there. 😁
List of Job title on LinkedIn
OK, let’s zoom in on the most popular search results on LinkedIn !

Tech, web and telecom job title list

  • Database administrator.
  • Information system architect.
  • Business analyst.
  • IT project manager.
  • Community manager.
  • Web designer.
  • SEO consultant (MO/SEO consultant).
  • Data scientist.
  • Front end developer.
  • Developer.
  • Digital learning manager.
  • Web designer.
  • Hotline rIngenieur(e).
  • Cybersecurity engineer.
  • Io IT network engineer.
  • Network engineer.
  • Security engineer.
  • Technical sales engineer.
  • Telecom installer.
  • Motion designer.
  • Referencing technician.
  • Industrial computer technician.
  • Telecommunications technician.
  • Traffic manager.
  • UX designer.
  • Motion designer
  • Microcomputer salesperson.
  • Webdesigner.
  • Webmaster.

Communication, marketing jobs

  • Communication assistant.
  • Press attaché.
  • Communication officer.
  • Director of communication.
  • Corporate journalist.
  • Marketing research manager.
  • Direct marketing manager.
  • Promotion officer.
  • Product manager.
  • Advertising manager.
  • Designer/editor.
  • Art director.
  • Account manager.
  • Creative Director.
  • Marketing Director.
  • Advertising layout artist.
  • Media planner.
  • Database manager.
  • Merchandising manager.

Sales and distribution on LinkedIn

  • Buyer.
  • Sales agent.
  • Export assistant.
  • Business manager.
  • Head of department.
  • Sales representative.
  • Profit center manager.
  • Store manager.


Q&A about LinkedIn job titles

CV title and job position

If you want to go further in the job search process, you need to put your resume on your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Write your resume with the right job title.
  • Upload your resume on LinkedIn.

Here is how to do so > Link. 👈

how to update job title in LinkedIn

Remember :

  • Go on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Click on the editing pen on the right-hand side of your profile picture.
  • Click on profile Title.
  • Change the LinkedIn job title.
  • Scroll to the bottom, click on confirm at the end.
  • Boom, it’s done. 💥

How to change job title on LinkedIn with notification

It’s very simple. Just a few steps:

  • Go on your profile, scroll a bit to “Experiences”.
  • Click on the pen (edit).
  • Change your “Job” Title.
  • Activate the notification (number 2).
  • Confirm the changes. A popup will appear. Confirm again.

how to change job title on LinkedIn with notification

LinkedIn search by job title

Online tutorial and secret hack: Mastering the LinkedIn search.

  • Use the Title field to find your target.
  • Go on the search bar, type your key word.
  • Go to all filters, scroll to the bottom.
  • Write the title you’re looking for and delete what you have written in the search bar.

Use "title" to qualify your prospect

Here you go, you’ve learned so much about LinkedIn Job Titles that you don’t need any more info. I hope I’ve helped to make things clearer for you. 🌞


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