How To Find Clients On Linkedin In 7 Steps ?

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LinkedIn, it’s the premier btob professional social network par excellence but, how to find clients on LinkedIn? 🤔 While some like the direct approach with a “pitch” to sell their products or services, others prefer the softer approach.

While the two aren’t mutually exclusive, here are 7 steps to get seen by your prospects on LinkedIn withoutshowing that you’re trying to sell your product at all costs.

LinkedIn is known as the number 1 professional social network 🥇in the world. With more than 850 million users, you’re sure to find your match! 🌍

Nevertheless, whether you’re a freelancer, a recruiter, a recent graduate, or a company, you’ve probably already asked yourself the following question: how to find clients on LinkedIn? 🤔

So, without further ado, here we go with the 7 steps that will help you find your future clients! ✨

#1. Know your target

This may seem trivial to you but, it is essential to define your targets as well as your objectives. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is its age range?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is her budget?
  • In what sector of activity does she work ?
  • What are her motivations and barriers?

Then, you will be able to create personas, which will be your “typical potential customers”. On LinkedIn, you will try to know your target, similar to the one you just defined. To know how to create your buyer persona, it happens in this article! ⬅️

Don’t hesitate to carry out audits or competitive intelligence that will allow you to understand your future prospects better. ✨

Find your target on LinkedIn

Once you have defined your targets, it is essential to find them on Linkedin. To do so, you will use segmentation.

To explain, you will segment your actions in order to find your target! Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything right here! ⬅️

#2. Visit and follow profiles

Once you know your ideal client, you need to go visit profiles and most importantly, follow them. 😇

When you visit profiles on LinkedIn or use the “Follow” feature, a significant portion of users are notified. This digital prospecting feature gives a higher notification rate than the visit feature, but the maximum recommended volumes are slightly lower.

When the prospect is notified that he has been visited or followed, his curiosity may be aroused. He will then go to your profile. If your profile is well optimized, you have a unique opportunity to convert them or have them add you by themselves.

Obviously, you can do this manually (very time consuming) or define your lead lists via LinkedIn searches and use a tool to automate this process. 🤫

Use an automation tool to help you

As stipulated earlier, automation and sales prospecting takes time and, I think you’d rather save that precious time for finding future leads so, how do you do that? Well, it’s time to introduce you to our little gem: Waalaxy. 👽

Thanks to our tool, you will be able to:

  • 🔵 Find your customers without special technical skills,
  • 🟣 Get email addresses,
  • 🔵 Send personalized messages with the possibility of a follow up,
  • 🟣 Launch and track campaigns in real time.

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#3. Send content with added value

A really effective way of direct prospecting is to simply get in touch with your prospects without sending an invitation note. This already gets your prospects’ attention on LinkedIn and often results in a profile visit. 🦋

Once they’ve accepted you, share 2 or 3 articles on one of your topics of expertise that should resonate with them.

It’s very hard to determine if we’ll get many qualified leads, but, it’s a b2b prospecting opportunity to engage without being “blunt” and get seen by prospects. 👀

#4. Writing on LinkedIn

Publishing on LinkedIn is the royal road as a means of prospecting and getting known to a targeted audience, on a large scale 🪜.

The algorithm is lenient (yes, like the first name), so the potential to reach large volumes of audience (we’re talking tens of thousands of views for free) is very high. 📈

You can share your b2b news (don’t overdo it) but mostly content about your expertise topics, the problems your service/product deals with, market trends, big industry news etc. In short, anything related to your area of expertise and more. 😇

If you ever post on LinkedIn but don’t get the results you want, don’t panic, we invite you to read our latest article on how to make 75k views per week in 30mins per day.

#5. Comment on posts

During your btob prospecting, if your first customers communicate regularly on LinkedIn, interact with these potential new customers via relevant comments on their LinkedIn posts. This is a unique opportunity to pique their interest and subsequently acquire new customers. 💟

Be careful though, avoid “Great post” comments that don’t really put you in the spotlight.

However, you can use LinkedIn emojis to react to certain posts, this will help you find the right approach and increase your active prospecting.

#6. Maintain your network

We tend to forget it but, network is one of the most important things if you want to find new clients on social networks, especially LinkedIn. 👀 First of all, there is prospecting, such as:

  • The search for new emails,
  • Phone prospecting,
  • Contact via keywords,
  • Word of mouth,
  • The use of a CRM to perform emailing,
  • The use of an e-commerce site.

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn prospecting in general, it’s all in our guide, available by clicking the button below! ⬇️

All about LinkedIn prospecting 🚀

Let’s get back to the point 🐑. To maintain your network, don’t hesitate to check who are part of your network (former colleagues, fellow students, family etc). Don’t neglect them, because since you already know them, the contact will be easier. 🫱🏼🫲🏽

However, don’t go right away to talk to them by selling your product or service, it could backfire and do the opposite effect. Then, don’t hesitate to check in on your contacts with kindness, exchange on some topics you may have in common and why not, propose a possible meeting or appointment, depending on what you sell. 😇

#7. Bonus step for attracting customers: get the credit card warmed up

We purposely called this last one bonus because, it is paid. Yes, we’re talking about advertising on LinkedIn, which is called LinkedIn Adwords (Ads to the folks). 👀

As on every social network, such as Instagram or Facebook, you have the possibility to promote a publication according to the segmentation that you will have previously defined, this is called sponsorship. ✨

For example, you can use it when you spread an important post and you want it to be more viral, that is, to reach more users. Also, you can use it when you have an event or a product to promote and you want to reach a specific target.

Know that there are different types of LinkedIn Ads formats, here they are! ⬇️

How about a recap?

Well, after detailing each of the steps to answer the question how to find clients on LinkedIn, here’s a little recap list 👇🏼

  • 1 : Know your target.
  • 2 : Visit and follow profiles.
  • 3: Write on LinkedIn.
  • 4: Send content with added value.
  • 5: Comment on posts.
  • 7: Bonus step: use LinkedIn Ads.

Once these steps are done, you need to succeed in convincing new clients, which is not always an easy task. All you have to do now is get started! 😇

Common questions

We’ve identified the questions that came up most often vis-a-vis customers on LinkedIn, so let’s get to the answers! 🥰

How do you find leads on LinkedIn?

Just like with your customers, to find hot prospects on LinkedIn, you need to define them first and then, use LinkedIn segmentation.

And above all, the most important, we no longer hide it, make a prospecting plan as well as an effective prospecting strategy according to your targeting, made beforehand.

To learn more about the subject, it happens in this article! ⬅️

What are the 4 types of customers?

Therefore, sometimes and depending on the situation, you may encounter several types of customers. But, do you know for each, what the difference is? 🤔

Onward to explanations:

  • Potential customers ➡️ one of the most well-known, this is a prospect, i.e. someone who is potentially interested in your service or product but has not yet taken the step🐾 of buying.
  • Current customers ➡️this is a person who has moved on to purchase and is consuming your product or service.
  • Loyal customers ➡️as the name suggests, this is a user who has gone through the purchase several times, and continues to consume your product or service.
  • Former customers ➡️little moment of nostalgia 🥲, this is a person who formerly ordered from you but hasn’t bought for a long time. Maybe he’ll come back one day, maybe with a good sales strategy!

Why is prospecting difficult?

Prospecting can sometimes be complicated, because in general, the most difficult thing is to succeed in the personal representation. Like a mirror, it reveals the relationship we have with ourselves. So, the more comfortable you are, the more successful your prospecting will be. 💟

Now the question“How to find clients on LinkedIn?” no longer holds any secrets for you! 🦋

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