Why did we create Inbox Waalaxy?

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Why did we create Inbox waalaxy?

If you manage more than 10 messages a day on LinkedIn: you already know why. 😜

Test Inbox Waalaxy 💌 Once upon a time, Waalaxy was a particularly effective LinkedIn automation tool.

Used properly, they were dropping dozens and dozens of qualified leads into our LinkedIn messengers every day.

But the LinkedIn messaging system was not designed to take on such an army. So, faced with this buggy interface, the solution was quickly found! (Or the question quickly answered, as you see). Want to know more about the Waalaxy inbox? 👇

A considerable waste of time

At first glance, one might ask: what else can LinkedIn messaging do?

After all, the purpose of messaging is to respond to messages. What LinkedIn ‘s messaging does, after all…

Yes, but… We’re not talking about chatting with your girlfriend or the Messenger group with your buddies for your next vacation. LinkedIn is mainly known for recruitment and lead generation.

These are not the same issues as sending “I’m leaving work, I’m going to get some bread” to your partner before leaving work.

Managing dozens of LinkedIn messages per day is both very time consuming and frustrating:

  • The interface is not very ergonomic and especially very ugly,
  • The messaging system is full of bugs,
  • it does not integrate any other functionality than replying to messages. And still…

But the problem goes much deeper.

Limited functionality

When you manage more than 10 messages a day, it gets pretty messy.

You have to know who to resend and when. It is impossible to organize or sort your conversations: everything is sorted by date, without any other possibility.

You have to remember previous conversations or pull up your messages.

To retrieve the prospect’s information you have to open his profile, wait for the page to load, then click on “Contact information”. 80% of prospects ask 20% of questions. Which you have already answered at least once. That you didn’t keep. Or that you’ve kept in a Google Sheet and not personalized.

Finding the document in question, copying the answer, pasting it and sending it takes you 10 to 15 seconds. Which, multiplied by the number of conversations per day and the number of days per year, makes you lose time that we won’t calculate here, at the risk of getting scared.

When you have replied to the first 20 unread messages, you have to reload the page to display the others (yes, yes, I assure you, you can test it by yourself). Each answer brings the conversation to the top. So you have to go back down each time to reply to the next posts. 😅

As soon as a prospect replies that they are interested you need to update your CRM manually. To schedule an event on Zoom, Hangout or even Calendly, you have to open the page, fill out the form, enter the date and invite the person. Finally, if you manage several LinkedIn accounts, you have to connect to each of them to manage your messages.

How about we stop this massacre? 😅

Get your first customers this week

Take advantage of the power of Waalaxy to generate leads every day. Start prospecting for free, today.

waalaxy dashboard

Inbox Waalaxy, there for LinkedIn that solves these problems

At Waalaxy we hate wasting time. But really, we hate it above all else. So it was time to solve all these problems. To break down all that friction. To create a LinkedIn messaging tool that makes the “wow!” effect. With Inbox Waalaxy you can:

  • Program automatic reminders to never forget a prospect.
  • Tag your prospects.
  • Filter your conversations by tags and find your tags on Waalaxy.
  • Take notes on the prospect to keep track of exchanges as a “memo”.
  • Use recorded responses for LinkedIn, personalized by first and last name. To answer 80% of your prospects’ and candidates’ questions clearly, accurately and personally.
  • Load other unread conversations into an “infinite scroll” and automatically fade out the read ones to keep the focus on the ones that remain to be addressed.
  • Update your CRM automatically when you update a prospect’s information.

And most importantly save time to respond qualitatively to the remaining 20%. 🎉 🅰 Please note, the Waalaxy inbox must absolutely be associated with a Waalaxy account. If you don’t have the tool yet, you can look at the offers.

View offers 👀

What? Are you still here? 🤓 It’s time to test Inbox waalaxy!

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