How to delete LinkedIn messages ?

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Do you want to delete your LinkedIn messages but you don’t know how, and you don’t know whether what happens after you’ve deleted it?

In this article we will tell you all the secrets of your LinkedIn messages. ✨

How to send a private message on LinkedIn?

If you want to send a message, you’ve got 3 options :

  • Typing the name of the person you want to contact on the search bar.
  • Going to your LinkedIn messaging.
  • Using the free LinkedIn messaging C.R.M. Inbox waalaxy.

For the first option, you can type the name of the person in the search history bar, then on his/her account page, clicking directly on “message.” If you’re not connected on LinkedIn, you may want to send them a welcome message first.

Your second option is to use the LinkedIn Messaging. (We don’t really recommend LinkedIn messaging because it’s really full of  problems.)

If you don’t see what I am talking about, just look at the next screenshot. 😂 Our CTO’s name has changed from Rayan to Simon. That’s a typical bug of the LinkedIn messaging. Depending on who you’re contacting, it can be quite awkward to call them by a complete different name. 😰

I am going to give you the steps to follow to use the LinkedIn messaging anyways :

  • Click on “Messaging,”
  • Type on the search bar the name of the person you want to contact. (It only works if you’ve already contacted them at least once.)
  • Type your new message,
  • Send it.

send message linkedin

Last but not least : Using a Free CRM as Inbox waalaxy.

The third option allows you to install a plug-in that will help you to manage your LinkedIn messaging.

Inbox waalaxy looks like Messenger (messaging app), with some high quality features.

You can schedule a conversation and create reminders.

send message linkedin inbox waalaxy

You can also use a filter to find your last conversations, or to see who did not yet answer you. You can also manage and classify your contact list. 🤩

send message linkedin inbox waalaxy

How to find sent messages on LinkedIn?

Here you got 2 options.

  • On LinkedIn : using LinkedIn messaging.
  • On Inbox waalaxy : Using filters.

If you choose the option one, you’ll have to scroll in your messaging because LinkedIn’s filters doesn’t allow you to see the difference between send and received messages.

filters linkedin messaging

By using the second option, you can :

  • Click on Filters,
  • Then, “last message sent by,”
  • After that you can choose “Me.”

The feature will allow you to see sent and received messages on LinkedIn.

filters linkedin inbox waalaxy

How to delete my LinkedIn messages?

Here is the million-dollar question : how do I delete a message from my LinkedIn messaging?

  • Go on your profile page,
  • Click on messaging,
  • Click on the message you want to delete,
  • Click on the 3 dots.
  • Press “delete.”

delete message linkedin

Then, you can delete an entire conversation if you want to.

Here is how :

  • Click on the 3 dots, on the top right corner.
  • Click on “Remove.”

remove linkedin message

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waalaxy dashboard

What happens when you delete a message?

That’s what you see, and that’s also what your contact’s view is :

Not all social media allows you this option, but it’s a great one ! When you are deleting or editing the message on your side, your contact will not see what you’ve written in the first part.

Why can’t I delete LinkedIn messages? 

You cannot delete a message ?

It’s too late. 😥

LinkedIn allows you to delete a message you’ve sent within 1 hour.  Passed that hour, your message is permanently on LinkedIn, and you cannot delete it anymore.

For example, if you’ve sent the message 2 hours ago, you won’t have the option to delete it or edit it anymore.

can't delete linkedin message

What can you do then?

You can use the archive if you want to make it a bit clearer.

That’s it. The message won’t be deleted from your contact’s messaging. 😱

Where are archived all messages on LinkedIn?

How do you get to your archived messages on LinkedIn :

  • Click on “Messaging,”
  • Then the icon “Filter,”
  • Click on “Archives.”

filters linkedin messages

If you want to restore them, it happens here :

  • Click on “Archives.”
  • Click on the three dots in front of the message.
  • Then, click on “Restore.”


restore archive message linkedin

How to edit a message on LinkedIn?

It’s simple.

  • Click on the 3 dots in front of the message,
  • Click on “edit,”
  • Edit your message,
  • Click on “Record.”


edit linkedin message

Again if you’ve sent the message more than 1 hour ago, you don’t have the option to edit it anymore. It’s like throwing a ball 🥎, there is no coming back.

The edit and delete button have disappeared !

How private are LinkedIn messages?

Your comments on a post are not private, and all LinkedIn users can see them. In the opposite way, your messages from your LinkedIn messaging are completely private, don’t worry, no one except yourself and the person you’re talking to can see them.

Of course, except if you’ve shared your password and id to other people.


So let’s resume the situation :

  • You can send messages through a LinkedIn contact page or your LinkedIn messaging.
  • You can use Inbox waalaxy to organize your messaging (reminders, tags, contact information and memos…).
  • You have the option to delete a whole conversation or a specific message.
  • You can edit your message.

Important : If you’ve sent the message more than 1 hour before you want to delete it, LinkedIn won’t give the option anymore. 😓

FAQ Of the article

Can I delete LinkedIn messages for both sides? 

Yes, you can :

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right corner of the message.
  • Click on “Remove.”
  • Your contact will see a notification “This message has been deleted.”

How do I manage my LinkedIn’s contacts?

You can use Inbox waalaxy (free Messaging CRM 💌) to :

  • Set Reminders,
  • Create tags and memos,
  • Organize your Messaging.

If you want to send multiple messages on LinkedIn, here is a good article to start with.

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