LinkedIn messaging problems

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If you regularly use LinkedIn Mail, you’ll soon realize that its functionality is limited. As we are really cool, we have grouped the main problems of LinkedIn messaging, and we propose an alternative that combines ergonomics and efficiency!

LinkedIn messaging, limited ergonomics and functionalities

Many LinkedIn members (if not all) agree that LinkedIn messaging is not pleasant to use. Its ergonomics don’t make you want to use it on a daily basis, especially if you manage several messages per day and its loading time is too often very long.

Bored Cabin Fever GIF

In terms of functionalities, you quickly feel restricted because you can only:

  • Access the latest messages.
  • Sort read, unread, archived messages.

From LinkedIn’s mobile application, the only additional features are:

  • Sending voice notes.
  • Availability sharing (as long as you synchronize with your calendar).
  • Sharing a place if you are waiting for your contact at a specific location, for example.

We agree, the LinkedIn messaging system is underwhelming at best. If you use this social network to generate leads, expand your network and if you need to exchange many messages per day, you’ll need to find an alternative! Well, look no further…

Inbox waalaxy, the only alternative to LinkedIn messaging

If, like us, you manage a large flow of private messages on LinkedIn, let us introduce you to Inbox waalaxy – your new best friend! 😎

In addition to the basic features of LinkedIn messaging, Inbox waalaxy allows you to:

  • Schedule messages.
  • Create pre-recorded and personalized messages.
  • Hide a conversation.
  • Access a person’s contact information from within the conversation.
  • Add a memo.
  • Create tags to easily find your contacts.
  • Download the contact information in CSV file: ideal for adding it to a Waalaxy campaign.
  • Send the pre-recorded email from a keyboard shortcut.
  • A dark mode (Who said we couldn’t link efficiency and comfort to use?)

In addition to the additional features, Inbox waalaxy facilitates exchanges and doesn’t exploit any data (GDPR friendly).

Get your first customers this week

Take advantage of the power of Waalaxy to generate leads every day. Start prospecting for free, today.

waalaxy dashboard

Facilitate your lead generation with Inbox waalaxy and Waalaxy

Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly interface and facilitate your lead generation. How do we do this? By combining Inbox Waalaxy with Waalaxy for example. You don’t know Waalaxy? 😲

Waalaxy, allows you to save a considerable amount of time prospecting on LinkedIn. How can you do this? By creating a campaign where you add contacts to your network. You can use this tool to program a welcome message. Waalaxy is the ideal tool to target your actions and address the right people.

As all actions are fully automated, you save time and focus on your core business. Are you afraid of being banned by LinkedIn? We’ve thought of everything! Waalaxy simulates human behavior by limiting the number of actions per day.

After creating the initial link with a member via a campaign, what better than using Inbox waalaxy to continue the conversation? A targeted campaign, simplified exchanges for qualified lead generation…

What are you waiting for? Test Inbox waalaxy and Waalaxy free today! 😜

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