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Let’s find out the tags on Waalaxy. A very simple feature, but one that, when used properly can allow you to optimize your prospecting and its follow-up. Indeed, these little tags can save you precious time, by allowing you to organize, sort, define your prospects and, your prospecting strategy.

Let’s go. 😍

What is a tag?

A tag is a small label by definition. A tag allows you to identify people on social networks, but on Waalaxy it simply allows you to put a little note next to your prospect. This is very useful to identify your prospect since it is possible on Waalaxy to filter by a tag. Clever huh? 👀

Learn more ➡️ Using filters on Waalaxy.

How to tag a lead from a lead list?

Go to the relevant prospect list, select the profiles and click on the “Tag” section, create the tag and link on it. That’s it. 👌

How to tag a lead from a campaign?

You can tag leads directly from a running campaign. Pretty handy to know who to follow up, who responded, who doesn’t want to hear from anymore etc. We’ll see this a little further down in the Users Cases.

Go to the “Campaign” tab, select your campaign, select the profiles manually or through some filters, then click on the “Tag” section. 👌

How to modify a tag?

It is indeed possible to modify a tag, we mean here, modify the name of the tag. Go to the list of prospects concerned, select the profiles, click on the heading “Tag” and on the 3 small dots that are next to the tag concerned. 👌

How to delete a tag?

Go to the list of prospects, select the profiles, click on the heading “Tags” and click on the small cross next to the concerned tag. 👌

How to change the color of a tag?

Ouch. Unfortunately this is not possible, the colors are automatically generated when the tag is created. 🙄

Can a lead have multiple tags on Waalaxy?

Absolutely, you can put multiple tags on a single prospect. 👇

Can I sort my leads by tag order?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to sort your leads by tag order, nor on the basis of any other criteria.

How do I filter by tag?

Just go to the list of prospects and click on the “Tag” filter. 👌

What is include and exclude tags on Waalaxy?

Include a tag

You can in your prospect list include a tag, the tool will show you all the people who have this tag. Example: You have in a prospect list of 150 people, tag 12 people with the tag “Answered”, you select “tag” in “Filters”, “Include tag Answered”, you will have the list of people who have this tag.


On the other hand, you want to find in your list, all the people who do not have the tag “Answered”. Select the “Tag” filter in your list of prospects, “Exclude responded tag”, you will have the list of people who do not have this tag.

Can we tag prospects from LinkedIn?

It is not possible to tag a prospect directly from LinkedIn. However, you can tag your leads from the LinkedIn messaging system using Inbox waalaxy, a messaging 2.0 tool we developed. Be careful though, these tags are not synchronized with Waalaxy. To tag from Inbox waalaxy, put yourself on the conversation, click on the tag. 👇

Can I automatically add a tag based on an event?

This feature is not yet possible in Waalaxy, it will come with the addition of more auto-imports. 🚀

User cases

The purpose of Users Cases is to give you use cases, tips to use tags well.

Identify the people you want to re-tweet

You’ve done an Invitation + Message campaign. The campaign is still running and you see that some prospects have accepted your invitation but they have not responded to your message. You want to launch a new message campaign to relaunch them. How do you identify them?

  • Go to your campaign, in the “Prospects” sub-tab, filter by “Responded”, select the profiles that appear and click on Tag “responded”. 👇

We have here all the prospects of the campaign who responded.

  • Go to the list of prospects. Filter by “Exclude” tag “Responded” and “More filters” “Is active in a campaign”.

You will have the list of prospects who are active in your A campaign and who have not responded to your message. You can tag these prospects to identify them with the tag “To be reactivated”. Once the campaign is over, you will just have to go back to the list of prospects, apply the “To be re-launched” tag, select the profiles and launch them in a new campaign to send them one or several messages again. To choose your sequence you can read this article. 🌟

Send a message with Mr. and Mrs

You want to make a message campaign and personalize your message with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”. Problem. LinkedIn does not require civility in the profile, we are not gendered eh yes, so it is not possible for a tool to automate retrieving this information.

Obviously, the Waalaxy team has two little tricks to help you personalize your messages in this way. To do so I invite you to go and have a look at this article. 🤸

Easily identify connected, unconnected and pending prospects

Connected, not connected and waiting people can’t all be put in the same campaign, indeed the sequences depend on the status.

Why? ➡️

People are people who are not in your network, you can’t chat with them until they are in your network. You will necessarily have to include an Invite action in a sequence for these people.

People on hold are people who already have an Invitation action pending, they have neither declined nor accepted it yet. You cannot send an invitation back to them and they cannot be included in all sequences.

👀 The sequences dedicated to pending people are the Laika, Sputnik, and Uranus sequences.

Connected people are part of your network, they can receive messages, but not a new invitation.

  • Go to your list of prospects. Filter by “Connected” status and tag these profiles with the “Connected” tag, do the same with “Pending” status and “Not Connected” status.
  • Choose the campaign you want, click on “Add Leads”, here you can easily choose the profiles that match the required status for the campaign. 👇

Identify new leads in a list

There is noimport date filter on Waalaxy. You have a list with 50 prospects that you have called “Sales Managers”, these people have already been in a campaign, so you want to do a new import of Sales Managers from Linkedin into this same list and add them as they come in. Two tips to be able to differentiate these two categories 👇.

Tag existing leads to differentiate them

Quick and easy tip. Before you make a new import, tag the existing leads already in your list. When you do your new import, you can then easily differentiate between old leads (those that will be tagged) and new ones that are not.

Create a new list, transfer and tag the leads

You can import your new search into a new list, once those profiles are in that search, tag them. Then you can easily transfer these prospects to the right prospect list, this will allow you to differentiate the old ones from the new ones, thanks to the tags. To transfer your leads from one list to another. 👇

Tags on Waalaxy : Conclusion

The tag is a small, underside feature that can be very powerful when used well, indeed, as part of your prospecting strategy, we seek to identify, organize our campaigns and prospects as best as possible, in order to optimize our time.

And this is where tags are very interesting as you have seen in the Users Cases above. There are obviously as many users cases as there are users, it’s up to you to figure out how to use tags on Waalaxy! 🚀

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