LinkedIn Message Template: 13 successful approaches

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Do you want to contact a prospect on LinkedIn and don’t know how to create a successful teaser message? In this article, you will find the LinkedIn message template that fits what you are looking for. 🎯

LinkedIn is the Btob social network. In the United States there are over 167 million users and in Europe over 206 million.

LinkedIn was created in the US in 2009 (12 years ago). With more than 740 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn expanded from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media platforms.

That’s a lot of people surfing on one platform.

So it’s pretty hard to stand out when faced with the sheer number of people on the network – and it’s only getting bigger. In France, there are currently 10.7 million monthly active users on LinkedIn.

But LinkedIn is not only that, it is also the sector of career development and professional opportunities, with :

  • 94% of BtoB professionals registered on the social platform.
  • More than 30 million companies on LinkedIn in 2020.
  • A recruiter is hiring every 2 seconds worldwide through the network.
  • Untold numbers of prospects – as the number of registrants grows at a rapid pace – 50 million more users between 2019 and 2020 is no small feat. 😱

As you can see, I could give you an 8-hour essay on all the good reasons as to why to use LinkedIn, but that’s not the purpose of this guide. Here, you’ll find the best ways to stand out on LinkedIn. Ways to be different, even in your approach messages.

Using different marketing tactics, you will find the LinkedIn message template that is right for you. You’re going to be able to achieve your wildest goals on the network. 🎯

So, ready to stand out from the crowd?

A LinkedIn message template to increase your chances of accepting connection requests

To start, what is your first contact with your prospect going to be?

Should you send them a note in your connection request or send them a blank connection request?

When you send your connection request, you can choose to add a note to it, or not.

Linkedin message note

We have conducted a comprehensive case study to calculate the acceptance rate of messages sent without an invitation note.

The results are clear – out of 2000 messages sent for each, the acceptance rate is:

  • Empty note: 38%.
  • Unpersonalized note: 36%.
  • Personalized: 33%.
  • Complete note with no link: 32%.
  • Complete with link: 26%.

If you want more details, you can check out the case study here. 👀 So the first thing to understand is that it’s best not to send an invitation message with a note. ❌

Whether you use Waalaxy to send your messages automatically, or you do it manually, don’t put an invitation note, you’ll lose future customers along the way.

Think about it: a simple difference between 38% acceptance and 36% can really make a difference in sales. 💰 – Out of 2000 people, that’s 40 prospects who will never enter your marketing strategy campaign. 😱

Why these percentages?

Many users receive tons of spam messages on LinkedIn every day.

Linkedin message sponsored

In fact, LinkedIn ‘s “sponsored messages” offer is not at all popular. Using this type of strategy, you tell your contact:

Hello, I’m spamming you, will you read me?

We don’t recommend this at all. 🥱

In fact, LinkedIn is increasingly used for prospecting – and rightly so – it’s the key for propelling your sales. 🚀

LinkedIn is free, and filled with millions of qualified profiles. 99% of LinkedIn users are just consuming information, while only 1% are active on the network (brand development, sales, inbound and outbound lead generation). It is therefore in your best interest to use it to your advantage and stand out.

If you make your messages professional, friendly and give the impression of being genuinely interested in the people you connect with, the difference will be huge and positive.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter – you send a blank connection, then enter your prospect into a prospecting campaign. In the Campaign you will insert an automatic, or manual, prospecting message.

Here are the messages that work best to improve your marketing and sales results.

How to contact someone on LinkedIn?

There are two ways to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn. You can either :

  • Send them a message if they are already part of your connections.
  • Add them without leaving a note (if you have good copywriting skills, feel free to leave a note) and then send a message after a few days of acceptance 👄.

#1 LinkedIn message template – show people you have something in common

Sending a personalized message after the connection request has been validated is a good way to get noticed. You’ll need to show your interest in what people are doing and your desire to add value to them.

The idea is to find out what your prospects’ needs are so that you know how to meet them, and then argue for them later.

Here’s a nice example of how to achieve that goal. 🎯

Hello {{firstname}},

I came across your profile and was very interested in your experience in *Position* in Sector*.

How about we get in touch? I share a lot of content relating to *Profession* that I think you might find useful.

In this example, you’re highlighting the fact that you’re going to be helpful to her.

The word “helpful” is very important, as are the words “relevant” and “insightful”, which are not “aggressive” sales terms, but allow the caller to see that they have something to gain.

#2 to #5: Give them a reason to talk about themselves

We all like to be at the center of attention. I’m not talking about wanting to be a speaker in front of a room of 500 people, but rather that people are interested in us and care about us. We’ve all had a conversation with someone who only talks about themself and gives you a monologue about their life story. All 15 chapters.

I know exactly how you reacted in that situation: you turned your brain off and waited for it to stop.

Well, with LinkedIn prospecting messages, it’s the same thing. You don’t want your prospect to get tired of reading your message. Especially seeing as they are not in front of you to – at least – pretend to listen to you.

Here’s how to capture attention with a relevant LinkedIn message example:

LinkedIn message template #2 “flatter the ego”

Hello {{firstname}},

I saw that you are *Position* at *CurrentCompany*.

I’m looking to connect with *Position* professionals like you so as to better understand the challenging in your field.

Sample message #3 “fishing for information”

Hi {{firstname}}, thanks for the connection!

I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. Where do you find most of your customers at *current company*?

Important: The use of familiar language can only be used in certain industries or with certain age groups. Generations X and Z largely prefer conversations to be casual. This is less so for senior profiles.

#4 The “win or lose” template message on LinkedIn

This is my least favorite because it’s a little too aggressive and talks about the brand right away. It’s handy if you want to move fast. But think about the long term results and do some A/B testing to make sure you don’t lose customers with this sales technique.

Hello {{firstname}},

I saw that you were in the middle of developing your network on LinkedIn.

At Waalaxy, we develop tools that can help *Company* generate more leads, especially through the automation of your actions on LinkedIn. Would you like to know more?

Why is this method more “aggressive” than others?

  • You talk about your company right away.
  • You talk about your solutions right away.
  • You sell the merits of your products.

You should therefore use it with a very specific target of prospects that you consider as already hot, and if you are sure that your solution is likely to meet their needs.

#5 LinkedIn message template: follow-up with a prospect on LinkedIn

Hello {{firstname}},

I haven’t heard back from you yet. If you are still interested in learning new techniques, I have some useful tips on how to generate new leads.

I compiled the best strategies for finding your leads on LinkedIn in an article. Let me know if you find it relevant as a *Role*?

I love this follow-up post, which I find extremely relevant. Let me explain why:

  • You use strong words such as “useful”, “new”, “best method”, “relevant”.
  • You speak the language of sales with “generate new leads”, “find your leads”.
  • You emphasize a magical feeling in sales: pride. Telling your prospect that you have the best solutions and techniques for their industry makes them want to embrace that knowledge: you’ve piqued their curiosity – they want to be the best, too, like you. 😎
  • You ask a question they can’t help but want an answer to. That’s the kicker. Knowledge to improve is the golden key in sales. 🔑  If they say no, they don’t want to improve. But the question is subtle enough that it doesn’t come off as pushy, and that’s key.
What to remember 💡
  • Use the right business language.
  • Use relevant words.
  • Inspire curiosity.
  • Ask a question the prospect can’t say no to.

And since we’re in the thick of tech, let me introduce you to a proven method.

LinkedIn message template – Getting New Customers with a Proven Method

When it comes to getting new customers, your message will probably fail if you start with a simple pitch.

Keep in mind that your personalized message should show a willingness to connect, not just your personal interest.

Apply the AIDA method to your prospecting efforts

AIDA is an acronym that stands for :

  • A for “Awareness”.
  • I for “Interest”.
  • D is for “Desire”.
  • A is for “Action”.

Use the B.A.B. method when you want to get to the point

B = Before.

Start by stating the current pain points (fears) of your prospects. Clearly state the need and shake it up. 😱

A = After.

Next step is to capture their imagination. Put the prospect in front of their needs. What are the solutions (tails) for the needs (heads)? Paint your prospect’s dream. 🎨

B = Bridge.

Finalize by bridging the gap with your solution, which will ease their tensions and help them meet their business goals. 🌈

#6 Get new clients by mentioning a mutual connection

Having friends in common gives the prospect the impression that you already know each other a little.

There’s a well-known French expression that goes:

The friends of my friends are my friends.

In fact, you should really realize that prospecting is very similar to the interaction between two people on the street, at a party or at a dinner party.

We all have the same desires:

  • The need to belong to a group – a friend of a friend counts as the same social group.
  • The need to share common values – we look for commonalities with the person we are interacting with.
  • The need for others in the group to provide solutions to our problems.

If you’re interacting with a friend of a friend, as a general rule, you’re going to pay more attention to them and make an effort to get to know them. You assume that you have things in common, since you have connections with the same individuals. 🤟

So, if you’re reaching out to prospects on LinkedIn and you have connections in common, put it out there. 👌

Here’s an example:

Hello {{firstname}},

Nice to meet you! I noticed that we are both connected with *MutualConnectionsName*.

I see that you *are in the same industry/share the same interests* as *MutualConnectionsName*, so I thought it would be nice to connect. How well do you two know each other?


I think that’s perfect as a first approach message in this scenario. You don’t want to say too much or put too much emphasis on your solutions.

Wait until you get their feedback or/and until you create a connection before adding more information about your products. Be patient.

Later, in a follow-up message, you can include:

We have a new tool that solves *Prospect’s pain point*. I think *YourProduct* could help your team by *Value of using it*. Would you like to discuss it?

#7 and #8 Get clients by expressing admiration for their work

There’s nothing like speaking from the heart. There is always something to admire in the work of others.

You just have to find what it is in your prospect.

We’re not asking you to suck up to them 👞. But rather to identify what speaks to you, and put it forward.

For example: whether you’re for or against fast food, you can’t help but point out the genius of the communication at Burger King.

burger king communication

As in this example, there is always something you can admire about a prospect. In fact, I would say that in 95% of cases, there is something to admire. Otherwise, you’re not curious or open enough to find inspiration in them. ✨

Of course, if you’re using an automated prospecting tool, then your messages won’t be as personalized.

But, they can still be a little bit, if you do qualified research on LinkedIn. (I’ll explain how soon. 🤫)

I will give you 2 examples:

The first one about a person you want to contact with directly #7

Hello {{firstname}},

My name is*YourName*, I am *YourPosition* at *CompanyName*. I came across your post about *Subject*, and I just had to get in touch with you 😀

You seem like exactly the type of person I want to interact with on LinkedIn. I admire the work of *CompanyName* as *Reason for your admiration*.


I also saw that you had worked on *something that shows why they might be your ideal client*, and I have something that I think you might benefit from in the future.


No aggressive sales manipulation, I promise, I just want to network with you and share our expertise. 😊

What we love about this post is that it speaks honestly about your prospect’s work.

It’s not aggressive and overly “sale-sy”, with a sentence explaining that we won’t try to manipulate them into selling something.

You can use it when you have found out something interesting about your prospect, let’s say by looking through their posts on LinkedIn.

The second, if you are using an automated prospecting tool #8

Hello {{firstname}},

My name is *YourName*, I am a *YourPosition* at *CompanyName*.

You seem to be exactly the type of person I want to interact with on LinkedIn. I admire the work you do as a *Position*.


I myself am fascinated with *Prospect’s industry/job type* and am always looking for solutions. 🎯

I actually have something that I think you could benefit from.

No aggressive sales techniques, promise. I just want to network with you and share our expertise. 😊

Here, you remain a little more vague, as when sending hundreds of automated messages daily, it’s not feasible to do in-depth research to get to know each one of your prospects 🤑

Automate my LinkedIn prospecting messages

With an automation tool coupled with good research on LinkedIn, you can:

  • Create prospecting campaigns where you upload thousands of leads every day, in just a few minutes.
  • Launch customized Scenarios to nurture your potential leads. These Scenarios are composed of different actions that you can predefine and that are launched automatically. (definition: lead nurturing)

Here’s an example of a Scenario you can use. We nicknamed it “Invitation.”


  • #1 – The connection request is launched automatically.
  • #2 – Either the prospect accepts or refuses the connection request (you can define here the delay between the passage from step 1 to step 3. So let’s say one day after the prospect accepts the request, we go to the next step. 🔥)
  • #3 – Your automated message is sent to the prospect.
  • #4 – If they respond, you receive the information here in your LinkedIn messaging CRM 💌 and you can start the conversion phase. 🤑)

How do I get started automating my actions on LinkedIn?

With a LinkedIn search, you get qualified leads.

  • #1 – You type in your search “writer”, “developer”, “CEO”.
  • #2 – You click on “people” then “filters” to refine your search.

In order to master your search on LinkedIn, you need to know everything about it and how to best target your leads. 🎯 To help you achieve that, we’ve compiled all that information here 👀 (if there’s one article you need to read on prospecting, this is it).

  • #3 – Open your automation tool via the chrome extension. Create the name you want for your campaign.
  • #4 – Press validate. Then sit back, relax and watch the magic. (Well, by magic, I mean the developers who created the tool). ✨


Next, head to your B2b prospecting automation CRM! Choose your Scenario from a large selection.

Yes, prospecting is a bit like watching Netflix at Waalaxy. 😂

Once you’ve uploaded your leads into your Campaign and chosen your Scenario, you can copy and paste one of the sample prospecting messages. All that’s left to do is make slight modifications to suit your target.


Then you click validate. And it’s lift-off. 🚀

Your CRM will tell you that your action is running independently 😋


Here you can view:

  • #1 – The number of actions that are going to be completed in the day and how many days until the end of your campaign.
  • #2 – The actions that are happening and how long it will take.

There you go, you know how to launch your first automated campaign. I hope it helps you save time and clients as much as it does me, but a little birdie tells me it’s bound to 😉

Create partnerships on LinkedIn – grow your network!

One of the smartest strategies on LinkedIn that many don’t take advantage of is partnerships.

With millions of users on the network, you are able to build a Partner Network and get many new referrals.

This is a huge advantage for your brand or your employer brand. You prove to other members on the network that you can be trusted.

Trust and transparency are the two biggest strategic marketing drivers in 2020. It’s not even me saying it, it’s the Btob news giant, INC.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage new partnerships on LinkedIn.

#9 to #11: Templates for Partnerships – Finding Mutual Benefits

Linkedin message template to make contacts #9

Hello {{firstname}},

I am *Your First Name*, *Current Position* in *Field of Expertise*.

I see that you are *Position* in *Company*. I am also interested in *Company* and its impact on *Specific Topic*. I think we could connect on LinkedIn.

I will be happy to follow *Company*’s activities as well as your posts on the topic! I hope you have a great week 😁

This template is not aggressive, it’s a nice invitation to connect and it’s also personalized!

You can use it after your future partner accepts your invitation request to connect on the network.

Use it with connections with whom you truly share values, to establish partnerships that both parties could benefit from.

For example, if you are in marketing automation, you can find content experts, copywriters, communication agency managers or even growth hackers and SaaS experts.

The world of LinkedIn is rich and full of intelligent individuals, ideas and the best innovation. Use it!

LinkedIn message template to generate partnerships #10

There are a thousand and one ways to partner with someone. Often, there are even ideas that come to us by browsing profiles and companies on the network. If this is the case with you, here’s how you can approach your LinkedIn contact:

Hi {{firstname}},

It seems we both like *Industry*. I meet weekly with successful people in  *Industry* industry to talk about *Topic*, and we help each other find leads 😀

Are you interested in discussing how we can help each other?

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Generating powerful backlinks – for link experts #11

If you’re an SEO/SEA lover, “Backlinks” will speak to you right away. 😍

If not, I invite you to have a look at this article here. 👀

Creating great value-added content is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. ✍

Next, it’s up to you to get as many people as possible to notice your article.

Here’s a LinkedIn message template to get your articles cited as references.

Hello {{firstname}},

My name is *YourName* and I just came across your resource page for *Target Audience*:

(if you insert the link to their resource page, that’s even better).

I work with *Name of your company/client* which offers *brief description of what the company does*:

I wrote an article that might be of interest to your readers (insert link to corresponding article on their resource page).

It could be a good addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your visitors.

What do you think ? 😉 Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

The great thing about this template is that this strategy doesn’t cost you much, but can pay off in a big way. That’s because if you create valuable content that’s relevant to your chosen field, there’s no reason why the person you’re talking to won’t accept your content.

This model has resulted in tons of new backlinks for many companies.

We suggest you use it by targeting blogs dedicated to the same audiences as yours, but not offering the same solutions. If you are a competitor, they will never agree to advertise to you. 😂

#12 and #13: LinkedIn message template for a job search

LinkedIn is the social network where you can boost your career. 🚀 95% of recruiters use it to recruit their new talent. There are two types of people:

  • Type 1: They are on LinkedIn to find a job and are optimizing their LinkedIn profile to the max.
  • Type 2: They’re not on LinkedIn and are sending out handwritten letters in the mail. 😂

On a more serious note, this is the 21st century. You have no choice but to use LinkedIn. And between us, it’s so much better! It’s so much easier, ergonomic and pleasant.

Writing to a recruiter on LinkedIn

Here is an example of a LinkedIn message for a recruiter #12

Hello {{firstname}} my name is *Your name*. I saw the job posting *job reference*. It is exactly what I love to do, and what I am very good at doing as a *Your title*.

I would love to have more information on the role,

I promise it won’t take long. Could we have a quick chin-wag? 😁

What I really like about this example is that you are clear and concise. You talk about both your motivations and your expertise.

Of course, you still need to tailor yourself to your target audience. 🎯 it’s up to you to see if being on first-name terms is preferable or if a more standard greeting with Mr/Mrs/Ms. is required. To do this, find out about the recruiter and the company. 🔍

In order to provide you with all the necessary information, here is a second, slightly more familiar example you can adopt.

Example #13 for a more casual message

Hello *Recruiter’s name*,

Although we’ve never met or had a chance to work together, I’ve heard great things about *Company Name* from *Person of Reference*. I’m sure you’re very busy, but if there are any job openings in *your position* I’d love the opportunity to tell you why I might be the right candidate for you.  In all humility, I sincerely believe I fit the values of *Company Name*. 😊


Thank you and have a great day!

*Your Name*


If you need a little more help with your job search, especially making sure you stand out to the recruiter, there’s a summary guide on the subject. 👀


Hopefully, these LinkedIn message templates will be helpful and help you achieve the goals you had set for yourself before reading this guide. 🎯

We’ve provided specific examples that you can implement into your future automated prospecting Campaign right away.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective sites for finding opportunities beneficial to your business development: use it! 😁

Whether you use it to expand your network, get new clients or partners, or embark on a new sales strategy, these templates could increase your chances of success – I’m already buzzing for you. 🤭

Plus, you can use Waalaxy to automate all these actions.

With this tool, you can create campaigns, run Scenarios, and focus on the ton of messages you’ll receive without losing a lead along the way. That’s all we wish for you.

Use your LinkedIn account to grow your business.

FAQ summary of the guide

Add someone to join your network

If you don’t know how to do this, it’s very simple. When you’re on LinkedIn, you can type someone’s name directly and add them to your network. If you have several to add, you might want to consider using an automation tool.

With Waalaxy, you’ll have the opportunity to import many of your prospects (through keywords you type into the search bar). Once you’ve imported them, you’ll be able to launch a multiple invitation campaign.

What message should I send to the recruiter when making an unsolicited application? What to tell the recruiter?

LinkedIn is also and especially for finding a job. So, what type of message should you send to a recruiter?

Of course, you learn about the company, its culture, its goals and its vision. If the recruiter is not part of your network, you can add a note to your connection request. Here is an example you can use as inspiration.

Hello {firstname},

I was interested in your company and thought that you might need {jobname} and your company is a structure in which I see myself thriving. I could bring my skills to you and continue to learn in {jobname}. How about a more in-depth discussion so I can show you that I am the right person for you?

Some tips for your LinkedIn prospecting messages

No matter who your target is or what your message is about, there are rules that never change.

In copywriting, there are also guidelines to follow.

Some of them are easy to remember.

For others, a little reminder is needed.

  • Your texts shouldn’t be too long: consider tidying up, leaving space, and keeping important information separate.
  • Add emojis for visual appeal. 👀
  • Grab the reader’s attention, say just enough, but not too much, use the AIDA method.
  • Don’t use aggressive marketing campaigns techniques, or if you must, don’t overdo it. Your future customers want transparency and trust.
  • Develop your network and create partnerships to boost your brand image.
  • HAVE FUN. Stay curious, you will meet great people and have rewarding conversations. Don’t take the activity as a chore, but an adventure. 🤠

LinkedIn prospecting message templates

As a reminder, in this article you were presented with 13 LinkedIn message templates to boost your sales or help you with your career.

  • #1 – Show people that you have something in common.
  • #2 – How to stroke the ego of the person you are talking to.
  • #3 – Go fishing for information.
  • #4 – LinkedIn direct marketing example message.
  • #5 – LinkedIn message template: follow-up with a prospect.
  • #6 -Mention a mutual connection.
  • #7 – Get clients by expressing admiration for their work (manual).
  • #8 – Getting clients by expressing admiration for their work (automated).
  • #9 – LinkedIn message template to make contacts.
  • #10 – Create partnerships.
  • #11 – Generate backlinks.
  • #12 – Sample LinkedIn message for a job application.
  • #13 – LinkedIn message template for a recruiter (Startup).

Now you know all you need to know about LinkedIn message template! 🚀

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