LinkedIn Message Template: How to make a success of your approach?

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Do you want to prospect on LinkedIn and don’t know how to go about it? In this article, you’ll find a LinkedIn message template that’s just what you’re looking for. 🎯


LinkedIn Message Template

First, you should know that LinkedIn is the BtoB social network, on which France ranks 6ᵉ of the market worldwide and second in Europe, in terms of number of users.

LinkedIn opened in France in 2011 (already 10 years ago), with 2 million registered users at the end of 2011. In May 2020, LinkedIn passed the 20 million user mark in France. I don’t know if you realize it, but that’s 69% of the active population.

That’s a lot of people surfing on a single platform.


So it’s pretty difficult to stand out from the sheer number of people on the network — and it’s only getting bigger. In France, there are currently 10.7 million monthly active users on LinkedIn.

But there’s more to LinkedIn than that: it’s also the sector for career development and professional opportunities, with :

  • 94% of BtoB professionals registered on the social platform.
  • More than 30 million companies on LinkedIn by 2020.
  • The network recruits new staff every 2 seconds worldwide.
  • An incalculable number of prospects — since the number of registrants is growing at breakneck speed — 50 million more users between 2019 and 2020, that’s no mean feat. 😱

As you can see, I could give you an 8-hour dissertation on the good reasons to use the network, but that’s not the purpose of this guide. Here, you’ll find the best ways to stand out from the crowd on the LinkedIn social network, to be different, right down to your approach messages.

Thanks to various techniques, you’ll find the LinkedIn message template that’s right for you. You’ll be able to reach your wildest goals on the network. 🎯

So, are you ready to stand out from the crowd?


A LinkedIn message template to increase your connection requests

To begin with, what will your first contact with your prospect?

Should you send him a note in your connection request, or send him an empty connection request?

When you send your connection request, you can choose whether to add a note.

We have carried out a complete case study to calculate the acceptance rate of messages sent without an invitation note.

The results are indisputable – out of 2,000 submissions for each note, the acceptance rate is :

  • An empty note: 38%.
  • Non-personalized score: 36%.
  • Personalized: 33%.
  • Full score without link: 32%.
  • Complete with link: 26%.

For further details, please consult case study here. 👀 So the first thing to understand is that it’s best not to send an invitation message with a note. ❌

Whether you use Waalaxy whether you send your messages automatically, or do it manually, don’t include an invitation note — you’ll lose future customers along the way.

Think about it: a simple difference between 38% acceptance and 36% can really make a difference to your sales. 💰 — Out of 2000 people, that’s 40 prospects who will never enter your marketing strategy campaign. 😱


Why these percentages?

Many users receive tons of spam messages on LinkedIn every day.

Moreover, the “sponsored messages” offer from LinkedIn is not at all popular. With this type of strategy, you tell your contact :

Hi, I’m spamming you, will you read me?

We don’t recommend it at all. 🥱


In fact, LinkedIn is increasingly being used to prospecting– and rightly so — it’s a veritable goldmine for boosting your sales. 🚀

The network is free and filled with millions of qualified profiles. 99% of LinkedIn users simply consume information, while only 1% are active on the network (brand development, sales, lead generation). So it’s in your best interest to make the most of the network and stand out from the crowd.

If you make your messages professional, friendly and give the impression that you’re genuinely interested in the people you’re connecting with, that you give the impression of having the same interests, the difference will be huge and positive.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter — you send an empty connection, then enter your prospect in a prospecting campaign. This is where you insert an automatic or manual prospecting message.

Here are the messages that work best to improve your results from sales.


How do I contact someone on LinkedIn?

There are two ways to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn. You can either:

  • Send him a message if you already know him.
  • Add it without leaving a note (if you have good copywriting skills, remember to leave a note), then send a message a few days after acceptance.


#1 LinkedIn message template — show people you have something in common

Send a personalized message after the connection is a good way to get noticed. You’ll need to show that you’re interested in what people are doing, and that you want to help them. Added value.

The idea is to identify your prospects’ needs, so you know how to meet them, and then argue for them later.

Here’s a nice example of how to achieve that goal. 🎯

In this example, you’re emphasizing the fact that you’re going to be useful to her. The word “useful” is very important, as are the words “important” and “relevant”.

These are not “aggressive” sales terms, but allow the other person to see that he or she has something to gain.


#2 to #5 Give them a reason to talk about themselves

We all like to be the center of attention. I’m not talking about wanting to be an orator in front of a 500-strong audience, but simply that people are interested in us and care about us.

We’ve all had a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves and gives you a complete monologue on their 15-volume life story.

I know exactly how you reacted in this situation: you turned your brain off and waited for it to stop.

Well, in the LinkedIn prospecting messages, it’s all the same. You don’t want your prospect to get tired of reading your message. Especially as he’s not standing in front of you to — at least — pretend he’s listening.

Here’s how to capture attention with an example of a relevant LinkedIn message template:


LinkedIn message template #2 “Flatter the ego”


LinkedIn message template #3 “Fishing for information”

Important: Colloquial language can only be used in certain sectors or with certain age groups. Generations X and Z prefer to be on first-name terms. This is less the case for senior profiles.


#4 The “win or lose” LinkedIn message template

I like this one the least because it’s a bit too aggressive and immediately says something about the brand. It’s handy if you want to go fast. But, above all, think about long-term results and do A/B testing to make sure you don’t lose any customers with this sales technique.


Why is it more “aggressive” than the others? 🤔

  • You talk about your company right away.
  • You talk about your solutions right away.
  • You sell the merits of your products.

You need to use it with a very specific target of prospects that you consider to be already warm and if you’re sure your solution will meet their expectations.


#5 LinkedIn message template: Relaunching a prospect on the network


I love this reminder message, which I find extremely relevant. Let me tell you why:

  • You use strong words like “useful”, “new”, “best method”, “relevant”.
  • You speak the language of sales thanks to “generate new leads” and “find your prospects”.
  • You’re emphasizing a magical feeling in sales: pride. Telling your contact that you have the best solutions and techniques for their sector makes them want to embrace that knowledge: you’ve piqued their curiosity — they want to be the best, too, just like you. 😎
  • You ask a question he can’t say no to, and it’s a real turn-on. It’s a key in sales. 🔑 — If he says no, he doesn’t want to improve. But the question is subtle enough not to sound arrogant, and that’s crucial.


Things to remember 💡

  • Use the right sales language.
  • Use relevant words.
  • Encourage curiosity.
  • Ask a question the prospect can’t say no to.

And, since we’re at the heart of technology, let me tell you more about it.


LinkedIn message template — Get new customers with a proven method

When it comes to getting new customers, your message will probably fail if you start with a simple pitch.

Keep in mind that your personalized message should show a willingness to connect, not just your personal interest.

Use the AIDA method to start prospecting

AIDA is an acronym that stands for:

  • A for “Attention”.
  • I for “Interest”.
  • D for “Desire”.
  • A for “Action”.

Use the B.A.B. method when you want to get straight to the point

B = Before.

Start by stating your prospects’ current pain points (fears). Clearly state the need and shake it up. 😱

A = After.

Continue with imagination. Face the prospect’s needs. What are the solutions (heads) for the needs (tails)? Paint your prospect’s dream. 🎨

B = Bridge.

Finish by bridging the gap with your solution, which will ease his tensions and help him meet his professional goals. 🌈


#6 Get new customers by mentioning a mutual connection

Having friends in common gives the prospect the impression that you already know each other a little.

There’s a well-known saying:

My friends’ friends are my friends.

In fact, you really need to realize one thing: prospecting it’s very similar to the interaction between two people on the street, at a party or at a dinner party.

We feel the same way:

  • Need to belong to a group — a friend of a friend is the same social group.
  • Need to share common values — we look for things in common with the person we’re interacting with.
  • Need for other group members to provide solutions to our problems.

If you’re chatting with a friend of a friend, as a general rule, you’ll pay more attention to them and try to get to know them. You’ll assume that you have things in common, since you’ve got a lot in common. connections with the same individuals. 🤟

So if you’re contacting prospects on LinkedIn and you have contacts in common, put it forward. 👌


Here’s an example:

I think it’s perfect as a first approach message in this case. You shouldn’t say too much or put too much emphasis on your solutions.

Wait until you’ve had some feedback and created a link before adding more information about your products. Be patient.


Later, in a reminder message, you can include :


#7 #8 Win customers by expressing admiration for their work

There’s nothing like speaking from the heart. There’s always something to admire in the work of others.

All you have to do is find out what it is in your prospect.

We’re not asking you to kiss their ass 👞. But rather to identify what speaks to you, and bring it to the fore.

For example: whether you’re for or against fast food, all you can say is that fast food is a genius of communication, Burger King.

Burger King Deletes 'Women Belong in the Kitchen' Tweet

As in this example, there’s always something to admire in a prospect. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that 95% of the time, you have to have something to admire. Otherwise, you’re not curious or open enough to find inspiration. ✨

Of course, if you use an automated prospecting, then your messages won’t be as personalized.

But they can still be a little, if you do a qualified search on the network. (I’ll explain how soon.) 🤫

Let me give you 2 examples:


The first concerns a person you wish to contact directly #7

What we like about this message is that it speaks honestly about your prospect’s work.

It’s not aggressive and too “salesy”, with a sentence explaining that we won’t try to manipulate him to sell him something.

You can use it when you’ve found interesting information about a prospect, or by consulting their publications on LinkedIn.


The second, if you use an automated prospecting tool #8

Here, you’re a little more vague, so you’re bound to have a little less information about your prospect because you send hundreds of messages a day automatically. 🤑


Automate my LinkedIn message template

Thanks to an automation tool coupled with good LinkedIn research, you can :

  • Create prospecting campaigns in which you download thousands of leads every day, in just a few minutes.
  • Launch personalized scenarios to nurture your prospects. These scenarios are made up of different actions that you can predefine and that are launched automatically (definition: lead nurturing).

Here’s an example of a scenario you can create, called “Invitation” (as simple as that).

  • #1 – The connection request starts automatically.
  • #2 – Either the prospect accepts or refuses (here you can define the time between going to step 1 and going to step 3, for example, one day after the prospect accepts the request, we go to the next step). 🔥
  • #3 – Your automatic message is sent to the prospect.
  • #4 – If he responds, you receive the information here, in your LinkedIn email CRM 💌 and you can launch the conversion phase. 🤑).


How can I start automating my actions on LinkedIn?

With a LinkedIn search, you can generate qualified leads.

  • #1 — You type in your search “copywriter”, “developer”, “CEO”.
  • #2 — Click on “people” then on “filters” to refine your search.

To master your search on the network, you need to know everything about the tool and the best way to target your prospects. 🎯 To that end, we’ve compiled the following here. 👀 (if there’s one article you need to read for your prospecting, this is it, you’ll really learn some things).

  • #3 — Open your automation tool via the Chrome extension. Create the name you want for your campaign.
  • #4 — Press “Submit” and let the magic happen. (Well, by magic, I mean the developers who created the tool). ✨

Then go to your CRM for B2b prospecting automation! Choose your scenario from a wide selection.

Yes, prospecting is a bit like watching Netflix at Waalaxy. 😂

Once you’ve uploaded your prospects to your campaign and chosen your scenario, you can copy and paste one of the sample prospecting messages and modify it slightly to suit your target.

Then click on “Validate” and you’re ready to go. 🚀

Your CRM will tell you that your action is indeed executing on its own. 😋

Here you can see :

  • #1 — The number of actions that will be carried out in the coming days until the end of your campaign.
  • #2 — What’s happening and how long it will take.

Now you know how to launch your first automated campaign. I hope it helps you save time and customers as much as it does me, but a little bird tells me it’s bound to. 😉


Create partnerships on LinkedIn — Expand your network!

One of the smartest strategies on LinkedIn, which many don’t take advantage of, is partnerships.

With millions of users on the network, you’ll be able to build up a network of partners and get plenty of new referrals.

This is a considerable advantage for your image brand or your employer brand. You prove to other network members that you can be trusted.

Trust and transparency are the two most important strategic axes for marketing in 2020. It’s not even me saying it, it’s the BtoB info giant. (Source: LSA).

Here are just a few examples of how she can leverage new partnerships on LinkedIn.


#9 #11 Models for partnerships — Finding mutual benefits

LinkedIn message template to make contacts #9


This model is not aggressive, it gently invites you to get in touch, and it’s also personalized!

You can use it after your future partner has accepted your invitation to connect to the network.

Use it for connections with whom you truly share values, and to build partnerships from which both parties could benefit.

For example, if you’re in marketing automation, you can find content experts, copywriters, communications agency managers or even growth hackers and SaaS experts.

The world of LinkedIn is rich and bursting with brains, ideas and innovation, so make the most of it!


LinkedIn message template to generate partnerships #10

There are a thousand and one ways to partner. Often, there are even ideas that come to us by leafing through LinkedIn profiles and companies on the network. If this is your case, here’s how you can approach your LinkedIn contact:


Generating powerful backlinks — for link experts #11

If you’re a fan of SEO/SEA, Backlinks will immediately speak to you. 😍

If not, I invite you to take a closer look at just what it is. 👀

Creating excellent, value-added content is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. ✍

Then it’s up to you to make sure as many people as possible notice your article.

Here is an example of a LinkedIn message template to have your articles cited as references.


The great thing about this model is that this strategy doesn’t cost you much, but can pay off handsomely. Indeed, if you create valuable content tailored to your chosen field, there’s no reason why your interlocutor shouldn’t accept your content.

This model has made it possible to obtain tons of new backlinks for many companies.

We suggest you use it to target blogs dedicated to the same audiences as yours, but offering alternatives. If you’re a competitor, they’ll never agree to advertise with you. 😂


LinkedIn is the social network where you can boost your career. 🚀 95% of recruiters use it to recruit new talent. You quickly do the math, there are two types of people:

  • Option 1: You’re on LinkedIn, and you’re optimizing your profile to the max.
  • Option 2: You’re not on LinkedIn and send handwritten letters by post. 😂

On a more serious note, this is the 21ᵉ century, you have no choice but to use LinkedIn, and between us, it’s so much the better! It’s so much easier, ergonomic and enjoyable.


Write to a recruiter on the LinkedIn network

Here is a LinkedIn message template for a recruiter #12


What I really like about this example is that you’re clear and concise. You talk as much about your motivations as you do about your expertise.

Of course, you always need to adapt to your target audience. 🎯 It’s up to you to decide whether it’s better to be on first-name terms, or whether it’s better to be on first-name terms. To achieve this, find out more about the recruiter and the company. 🔍

To give you all the information you need, here’s a second, slightly more familiar example you can adopt.


LinkedIn message template #13 for a more casual message

If you need a little extra help with your JOB SEARCH to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Recruiter there’s a brief guide on the subject. 👀


Conclusion on LinkedIn message template

We hope that this LinkedIn message template will help you achieve the goals you set yourself before reading this guide. 🎯

We’ve provided some specific examples that you can now use in your future automated prospecting campaign.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective sites for finding opportunities beneficial to your company’s development: use it! 😁

Whether you’re using it to expand your network, get new customers or partners, or embark on a new sales strategy, these examples could increase your chances of success, and that, I’m already all fired up about! 🤭

In addition, you can use Waalaxy to automate all these actions.

With this tool, you can create campaigns you’ll be able to run scenarios and concentrate on the tons of messages you’ll receive without losing a prospect along the way. That’s all we wish for you.

Use your LinkedIn account to develop your business.


FAQ guide summary — LinkedIn message template

Add someone to your network

If you don’t know how to do this, it’s simple. When you’re on LinkedIn, you can directly type in a person’s name, and it will appear on your screen. Add to your network. If you have several to add, you may want to consider using an automation tool.

With Waalaxy, you’ll have the opportunity to import several of your prospects (thanks to keywords which you type in the search bar). Once you’ve imported them, you can launch a multiple-invitation campaign.


What message should I send with my unsolicited application? What to say to the recruiter?

LinkedIn is also, and above all, about finding a job. So what kind of message should you send to a recruiter?

Naturally, you’ll want to find out more about the company, its culture, objectives, and vision. If the recruiter is not part of your network, you can add a note to your connection request.

Here’s an example to inspire you:


Tips for your LinkedIn prospecting messages

No matter who your target is or what your message is about, certain rules never change.

In any case, there are guidelines to follow in copywriting, folks.

Some of them are easy to remember.


For others, a brief reminder:

  • Don’t make your texts too long: remember to clean up, space out, separate important information and skip lines.
  • Add emojis for visual appeal. 👀
  • Grab the reader’s attention, say just enough, but not too much, use the AIDA method.
  • Use little or no aggressive marketing techniques. Your future customers want transparency and trust.
  • Develop your network and create partnerships to boost your brand image.
  • HAVE FUN. Stay curious, you’ll meet great people and have enriching conversations. Don’t take the activity as a chore, take it as an adventure. 🤠


LinkedIn message template for prospecting

As a reminder, in this article you’ll find 13 LinkedIn message templates to boost your sales.

  • #1 – Show people you have something in common.
  • #2 – How to flatter your interviewer’s ego.
  • #3 – Go fishing for information.
  • #4 – LinkedIn direct marketing sample message.
  • #5 – LinkedIn message template: Follow-up with a prospect on the network.
  • #6 -Mention a mutual connection.
  • #7 – Win customers by expressing admiration for their (manual) work.
  • #8 – Win customers by expressing admiration for their work (automated).
  • #9 – LinkedIn message template for making contacts.
  • #10 – Create partnerships.
  • #11 – Generate backlinks.
  • #12 – LinkedIn message for a recruiter.
  • #13 – LinkedIn message template for a recruiter (start-up).


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