How Does LinkedIn Groups Work?

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LinkedIn is a professional social network with millions of members in which you can distribute content in the form of articles or posts, but also join or create a LinkedIn groups! In this article, you will know:

  • What a LinkedIn groups is,
  • 3 reasons to create one,
  • How to create a group,
  • How to find a group and how to join one.

Are you ready to know everything about LinkedIn groups? Yes ? Perfect! 🥰

What are LinkedIn Group ?

Just like on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter, LinkedIn Groups allow professional users to connect and form a community, but also to :

  • Sharing similar interests, 🤝🏼
  • Sharing experiences and training, 🎓
  • Ask for advice on certain topics. 💡

As you can see, it is a place of exchange in which discussion groups and mutual support are the two most important points for its proper functioning.

The different types of groups on LinkedIn

Did you know that there are two types of groups on the professional network LinkedIn? Yes, and here they are:

  • Groups listed ➡️ they appear in the results via LinkedIn ‘s search bar and are visible to all LinkedIn users, much like a professional profile or public personal profile after all. 🥰
  • Unlisted groups ➡️ as the name suggests, they don’t appear in the search results via LinkedIn’s search bar for the good and simple reason that, to access them, you need to have either, been invited, or via a direct link that one of the group members has sent you. 🔗

Still not convinced by the LinkedIn group? Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to create or join a group! ⬇️

3 reasons to create a LinkedIn groups

As said before, a LinkedIn groups allows people to come together around a common field. Once a group has been created, the creator can identify and analyze the profiles of its members, which is a real advantage!

#1. Improve your network

The more your group grows, the more qualified members you will have in it. Who says qualified members, means potential leads or well business opportunities without even doing anything. 😇

It’s like an advertisement on TV, the more you see it, the more you have it in your mind and you will want, maybe one day, to go and search on the internet what that product is.

Here, it’s exactly the same with your first and last name, the group members will wonder who you are and one day click on your profile on the LinkedIn media! 🥰

#2. Position yourself in one or more domains

Before you even create your group, you need to think about what topic your group will focus on. To do this, ask yourself the following questions: 👇🏼

  • On which topics do I want to exchange?
  • On which areas can I give my expertise?
  • What areas are useful to me for my career path?

Once you have asked these questions, all you have to do is define a general theme on which you will position yourself as an “expert” and in which you can give your advice.

#3. Promote your product or service

Branding is essential, especially on LinkedIn. In the group you just created, don’t hesitate to encourage dialogue with your community, invite them to share their opinions and interests. ✨

By doing this, you will build trust, and as a brand, when your potential customers trust you, you have won everything! 🥰

That’s why, if you’re a freelancer for example, you need to promote your digital strategy and therefore, your personal branding. To do this, you need to have a polished LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about how to improve your personal branding, it happens in this article. ⬅️

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How do you create group on LinkedIn ?

Once you’re connected on LinkedIn, know that this step only takes a few clicks. To create a group, simply:

  • Click on the “groups” tab available in the left column from your home page.

  • Then click on the “create a group” button.

  • Fill in the information such as the name of the group, a description, the sector and finally the rules.

There you go, you know how to create a group! 😇 You surely noticed when creating that, you have the option to choose the visibility rules related to your new group. For example, by activating the “Listed” button, the group will come up in searches or be visible directly from the members’ personal profiles.

If, on the other hand, you choose to activate the “Unlisted” button, the group will not appear in searches, nor from the social profiles of the group’s member users. In other words, your group will then be hidden. 🤫

It is also up to you to manage the permissions of entries in the group. For example:

  • By deactivating the option “Allow members to invite their contacts “, this means that only administrators can add members. They can only add1st level contacts from their respective network.
  • If the “Require admin review of posts” button is active, each post will have to be validated or not within 14 days.

And there you have it, you now know how to create a LinkedIn groups ! 😃

3 tips to optimize your group on LinkedIn

Optimizing a LinkedIn groups is an essential step to attract more people via the search tool on the B2b professional network. With these 3 tips, you’ll have all the keys 🔑 in hand to know how to optimize your group.

1) Use the right keywords to strategically name your LinkedIn groups

This may sound like a very simplistic and obvious recommendation, but we noticed that the first mistake many group admins make on LinkedIn, is that they didn’t think about using keywords and preferred to restrict themselves to the company name.

Example on the keyword ” Growth Hacking”, the first results have the keyword “growth hacking” in their group name.

Note that the more specific your niche, the more interesting your group might be to people searching for it. 👀 So, this is going to help you grow your network and visibility totally organically!

⚠ Be careful, it is important to note that the name of a group is limited to 100 characters, and you can’t have two groups with the same name on Linkedin.

2) Don’t hesitate to personalize your group with visual elements

It is good to remember that a group, like a LinkedIn account well filled with graphic elements, promotes interaction and makes it more professional in the eyes of future members. 😇

A few reminders for dimensions, use 400 x 400 pixels for the logo or profile picture and the recommended size for the banner is 1,776 x 444 pixels, in PNG or JPEG formats.

3) Improve the natural referencing of your group on LinkedIn thanks to the “about” section

After the group name, there is another element that helps optimize your visibility organically. The “About” section of a group is the space you can use to optimize your SEO on LinkedIn. 🥰 It is then important to choose the right words to optimize your visibility but also to seduce future members of your group.

Indeed, you have to keep in mind that referencing a group is an important thing, but not at the expense of the arguments whose goal is to convince them. For example, you can explain the reasons that pushed you to create this group, and the information they will be able to find there. 👀

Also, the first 200 characters of this heading will be displayed when searching for groups. Do not hesitate to work well on the tagline so that it is visible from the beginning. 🪐

How to find groups on LinkedIn?

If you are looking for a job, want to increase your notoriety and e-reputation, carry out prospecting among the millions of LinkedIn users, joining a group related to your field of activity for example will help you in your quest. Moreover, it is easy to find a relevant group via keyword search. As mentioned before, putting the keyword that corresponds to your industry is crucial. ✨

To find a LinkedIn Groups, simply:

  • Type on the LinkedIn search bar, the name of the group you want to join or the keyword corresponding to the industry. In our case, we will choose SEO and then click on the “Groups” filter.

  • Now you have only groups with the keyword SEO coming up, 13,000 results.

Now you know how to find a group! But how do you join one? We’ll get into that right away! 🥰

How to join a group on LinkedIn ?

Once you’ve found the group you want to join, just click on its name and you’ll arrive on this page.

And there, you just have to click on the “Rejoin” button and wait for one of the moderators to accept your request and you will be able to join the group! 😇

How to publish on a group?

When a moderator has accepted your request, you can now post on the group in question. To do so, go to the group of your choice and, as with your LinkedIn posts, simply click on “Start a post in this group”.

And there, you can post a photo, video, and even make a poll! 💟


Conclusion of the article: Linkedin groups

With LinkedIn social media platform, you are going to be able to target a wide range of customers, whether you are a recruiter, content marketer, web marketer, student, influencers or even freelancers. Moreover, with the groups, you will be able to get in touch with new clients, active others users and thus, improve your professional contacts and develop its network. 🌐

Networking on LinkedIn requires a certain know-how. Indeed, you have to optimize your LinkedIn profile, have a LinkedIn company page, carry out a marketing strategy, have your own digital identity and above all, use digital communication to find a job, find clients or even improve your professional experiences.

We’re almost done, we have a few more questions to answer and then we’re good to go! 🥰


Frequently asked questions

Who is LinkedIn’s competitor in France?

Did you know that LinkedIn has a competitor? Well, it is Viadeo, currently Viadeo by JDN with, at the time, 50 million members in 2071. Since their receivership, Viadeo is not used as much as it used to be and LinkedIn has become the number 1️⃣ professional social media marketing in the world.


How to delete a group on LinkedIn?

Sometimes it may happen that for X or Y reason, you want to delete a LinkedIn groups. Well, it is possible, here is how to do it:

  • In the search bar at the top right, click on “Products” and then on “Groups”.


  • Click on the group you want to delete.
  • Now click on “Edit Group”.


  • Finally, click on “Delete this group” at the bottom left.


A confirmation message will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the group? Click on “Delete Group” and your group is now deleted.


Which group does LinkedIn belong to?

Since 2016, the social network for professionals has been acquired by Microsoft. The reasons? To expand the Office 365 suite as well as its range. Thanks to this, the group will be able to recover all the information of LinkedIn and these services will become complementary with Skype and Outlook.

That’s it, that’s all about the LinkedIn groups ! See you soon. 🥰



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