LinkedIn connection message template : 12 examples to shine

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LinkedIn, a real wonder when it comes to BtoB prospecting. But you have to know how to do it. Today we’re going to show you some LinkedIn connection message template. 12 to be exact, and tailored to your use cases. Let’s go 🔥!

Ever been canvassed with a bland, flavorless, colorless message? Kind of like everyone else. And you were interested in these LinkedIn messages? No, just like everyone else. What we want? Personalization.

So, we’re going to try to get it right with the goal of making your prospecting as amazing as possible.

12 LinkedIn connection message templates

We’re going to show you that depending on your use cases, we’ll be able to give you a concrete example, why it works and how to set it up. Of course, you can (and we advise you to) use one of the automation software available on the market. Here, we will use Waalaxy✨.

What to say a LinkedIn connection request?

When you decide to add someone on the professional network and decide to send a connection request, it can be for various reasons such as :

  • Getting leads on LinkedIn.
  • Creating a business on LinkedIn.
  • Finding a job.
  • Recruiting someone.

We cannot tell you what you have to say to people in a message because it will greatly depend on which situation you are in.

The best way to know what to say is to try different LinkedIn messages in various situations. That is what we are about to see now.

#1 Template for reaching out on LinkedIn: Connection request to a member of a LinkedIn group

If this person is active on the group, has put up a post or commented on a post, you can very well use this template 😊 for a connection request.

Copy/paste template

Hello {{firstname}}, Your activity on the {{LinkedIn group}} group has piqued my interest. I found your intervention on {{firstname}} post very relevant. We could certainly exchange on {{common topic}} in the future.

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. By sending a message like this, you have shown :

  • That you have an interest in that person’s field of work.
  • That you are interested in a post or comment they made on LinkedIn.
  • That you are part of the same group and therefore have similar topics.

Once you have a topic in common and you point out ☝️ something concrete about that person, you have every chance of being accepted.

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#2 LinkedIn Connection Message Template: Humor

If you’re good at puns or making great jokes, this template of connection request is for you.

Copy and paste template

Hi John, I saw that you work with animals and losing your feline friend can be a cat-astrophe. I’d love for you to join my network to talk about this industry I’m in too.

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

It works because:

  • Your approach is unusual.
  • Even if your target is not receptive to this humor, you stand out by being original.
  • Because, me, I accept directly the person who sends me a message like this (yes, it is a real argument).

#3 Sample LinkedIn messages: Request a connection to grow your network

This one comes into play mostly when you’re new to LinkedIn 🌱 and don’t have a real visibility and/or prospecting strategy in place. If your goal is simply to gain visibility on your posts, to grow your network, you can use this prospecting message and grow your network.

Template to copy/paste

Hello Mickael, I’m new to LinkedIn and I see that we have some things in common like {{commontopic}}. So I would like to join your network , what do you say?

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

You can definitely use this template because it will show the person that :

  • You’ve taken an interest in what they do.
  • There’s no product to sell and you explain that you want to expand your network.

#4 LinkedIn connection message template for alumni or teacher

You can totally bring in people you knew through schools (it works with a former colleague too).

Copy/paste template

Hello Stefany, I see you’re thriving in your new job and that my subject matter didn’t give you a cold sweat! What do you say we add each other to discuss your activity and reminisce about the school years?

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

The reasons why this type of invitation works are:

  • You are familiar with someone, so you are more likely to be accepted into their network.
  • We like to reconnect with a student or a trainer who has revealed a trade or a passion.
  • Personalization is at the heart of this model since you have been able to target precisely.

#5 Connect message to recruiter on LinkedIn

When you’re a recruiter, you can sometimes forget that the candidate has a choice. If you want to recruit that special gem 🦪 you need to know how to talk to them too for a connection request.

Copy/paste template

Hello {{firstname}}, I see that you are looking for a job in the {{sectorsought}} field. Our company {{companyname}} is looking for {{jobname}}. If you are interested, we can discuss this in a future interview.

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

It’s an approach that works because:

  • Going directly to a candidate shows that you are interested in them (yes, you went to see their LinkedIn profile)
  • You have inquired about their background and skills.
  • You make a very personalized connection request.

#6 LinkedIn Connection Request: Connecting with a Client

May have worked with someone in the past and would like them to think of you on a future project? This is the place to do it 👇.

Copy and paste template

Hello Sarah,

I was delighted to be able to contribute to the {{projectname}} project and to see it take a nice growth. I would like to add you to see its progress and why not collaborate again on a new project. Looking forward to exchanging.

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

When a relationship has gone well with a client, it is recommended to add them on LinkedIn, and they will definitely accept you because :

  • You have worked together, so he knows you.
  • It will be easier to contact you again through LinkedIn if he wants to work with you again.
  • He knows he can trust you ✅.

#7 LinkedIn Teaser Message: Add someone you met at an event

Your approach message is also the time to solidify a step when you go to write an invitation note to someone on LinkedIn that you met at an event.

Copy and paste template

Hello David,

I was delighted to meet you at the climate conference on {{date}}. I particularly enjoyed your presentation. I was really inspired by our exchange on human issues. Maybe we can exchange more on the subject on LinkedIn?

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

This message template will work because:

  • You are in the ultra-personalized.
  • You are interested in him and his activities (you have common interests).
  • He’s met you before at the event (if he hasn’t, it will show that you’re interested in what he’s saying and doing, and that’s flattering).
  • You’ve talked about a date, a topic that your interviewer is passionate about.

#8 LinkedIn Connection Template: Applying for a Job

There may be times when you need to send an application through LinkedIn. It is possible as long as you do it right.

Model to copy/paste

Mr/Ms {{lastname}},

I’ve been reading about your {{companyname}} and I see that you are looking for a Data Analyst. Perhaps we could consider a discussion around your recruitment? I would greatly appreciate you joining my network. I look forward to hearing from you.

Example on Waalaxy


Why does it work?

This type of message for a connection request will work because:

  • In fact, you show interest in the company.
  • You know who you’re talking to ✍🏻, so you’ve asked around. You went to the LinkedIn profile of the person in charge of recruiting.
  • You prefer to speak directly with the person, so you have a more direct approach, which can be appreciated.

When sending messages to recruiters, do not show your resumes or cover letter just in the first message. Try to really connect and understant the company’s need before.

#9 Connecting on LinkedIn: You have a mutual connection

Getting in touch with someone isn’t rocket science 🪄 and it’s even easier if you have someone you know in your mutual connections. Here is the LinkedIn connection message template to use when you have a relation in common.

Copy/paste template

Hello Gerald,

I see you knew Stephan. We are in the same industry and have worked together many times. I see that you also work in the same field. We could exchange on this topic, what do you think?

Example on Waalaxy


Why does it work?

This model works because:

  • You refer to someone the person already knows (mutual connection).
  • You show interest by pointing to the person’s field of activity.
  • It’s reassuring to add a new person through someone you know.

#10 LinkedIn Outreach Message: Add the author of an article or post

When you make a connection request on LinkedIn, you want that person to accept you. And sometimes you run into people who are good at writing, especially LinkedIn articles and posts.

Copy and paste template

Hi {{firstsname}},

I was lucky enough to come across one of your articles and found it fascinating and very inspiring! I do have a question regarding the {{subjecttheme}} though. I’d love to have you join my network so I can get a better grasp on this. Hope to see you soon.

Example in Waalaxy


Why does it work?

This model is great because:

  • You show interest in their work, especially a post.
  • You’ve clearly defined a common ground.
  • Asking a question also shows your interest in the author.
  • This is a great method 🙂 to continue the discussion with a passionate person and you can connect to that person easily.

#11 LinkedIn networking Messages: Making contact with a prospect showing interest in your product or service

You’ve finally decided to start selling a product or service. You talk about it on LinkedIn and, it happens that a lead asks you a question in a comment on it? It’s time to add them to your network.

Copy/paste template

Hello {{firstname}},

I noticed your interest in my last post. Your question seems very relevant to me and I would like to discuss it with you, if that is ok. I would like you to join my network for this.

Example on Waalaxy


Why does it work?

  • By continuing the conversation with your prospect about a query, he or she will certainly accept your request to know the answer to his or her question.
  • This will also give you a better understanding of your target 🎯.
  • You are referring to a real question he asked, so you are showing interest.

#12 Connect request LinkedIn: The partnership

A message approaching a potential partner must be clear in order to make them want to collaborate with you.

Model to copy/paste

Hello Joan,

I am very impressed by your expertise in tech field. You talk about it with a lot of pedagogy. I have actually followed some of your tutorials and my growth is really taking off. I would like to talk to you about a project that might interest you. Why don’t you join my network?

Example on Waalaxy


Why does it work?

This model works because:

  • You are showing interest in this person and their work.
  • By piquing his or her curiosity by the fact that you’ve tested his or her advice.
  • Even if this person doesn’t want to do a collaboration with you, they may accept you to get feedback on some of their tips 🔥.

How do you make a connection request?

You have noticed that our templates are relatively short. We try, in fact, at most, to attract the reader’s attention among the first lines of discussion with the target. But first of all, how do you invite someone on LinkedIn? We show you the extremely easy tuto:

  • Log in to the platform.
  • If you’re looking for a job title or a specific person instead, type in your keywords in the search bar.


  • Click on “Connect.”
  • You will have the choice to add or not, an invitation note.
  • You can also use automation software to make it easier to send a large number of connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedInn connection message template : With or without a note?

If we talk about this topic, it’s because it comes up often. If we only refer to the statistics (because we made some LinkedIn campaigns with Waalaxy), we see that out of 2000 invitations:

  • An empty note will get 38% acceptance.
  • A non-personalized note will get 36% acceptance.
  • A personalized one gets 33% acceptance.
  • A complete note without a link will get 32% acceptance.
  • A full note with a link has 26% acceptance

But you have to understand that this is a statistical reality. You can besides go to 👉 this article to understand. It is imperative to look at the global picture. The first things to take into account are:

  • Did you do your targeting right?
  • Did you segment it well?
  • Did you capture your target from the first lines of your message?

Absolutely! If you answered “no” to these questions, then there is a good chance that your invitation will not be accepted. On the other hand, if you are not very sure of your copywriting, send invitations without a note.

On the other hand, if you have done a good job of segmenting your audience, if you have succeeded in captivating them from the very first lines of your message, then you should keep your invitations with a note. If you want to know what works best for you ❤️, experiment and do some A/B testing.

If you see a better acceptance rate from your potential customers when you add a score, then you’re headed in the right direction.

Article Conclusion: LinkedIn Connection Message Template : 12 Examples to Shine

This article is coming to an end and we’ve shown you different message templates to connect with someone and increase your response rate. As a reminder, according to our study, it would be better not to send a note when you send a connection request to someone…

In theory. Yes, because it’s when you have bad copywriting, that you don’t know how to talk to your target that you are most likely to get rejected. If you absolutely want to send a message to your prospect, you can first send them an invitation that will not include any notes, and then, send them a message in which you can talk about your product, your service 💰 or a topic that is important to you. Keep in mind that you need to customize your messages.

So, we could see how to send a connection message with one of the automation software that you know well Waalaxy:

  • To a member who is part of the same group as you.
  • Through humor.
  • To expand their network.
  • To a former student or teacher.
  • As a recruiter.
  • By adding a client.
  • To someone you met at an event.
  • To apply for a job.
  • When you have a mutual connection.
  • To the author of an article or post.
  • With a prospect.
  • For a possible partnership 👌.

We also saw how to make a connection request on LinkedIn with a tutorial.

Article FAQs: LinkedIn Connection Message Template

Throughout this article on LinkedIn connection message templates, we’ve seen several invitation templates on LinkedIn.

There is no universal message that would fit all situations for connections on LinkedIn (otherwise it would be too easy and most importantly it wouldn’t be that personalized ). So, the best advice we could give you is to personalize your messages.

However, before you start sending out connection messages and before expanding your network, you should go through some important steps such as defining your persona and optimizing your profile.

Prerequisites before launching invitations

Whether you’re on the LinkedIn network to prospect, increase your visibility 👀 or simply to learn about new opportunities, you’ll need to imperatively define your ideal target, we’re talking about your persona. Yes, you’re going to have to wait a little longer before sending your very first outreach message.

The persona

If you’re selling a particular product or service, this is an essential step that you must take. We’re talking about your target audience. If you don’t know the person who is likely to buy your products, then chances are you won’t sell anything. Think about persona and segmentation.

Super Jamy but how do you make a good persona? We’ll explain it to you right now. You will need:

  • Define the demographics of your potential target such as:
    • Age.
    • Gender.
    • Her location.
    • Marital status.
    • Her position or function.
  • Describe her motivations and frustrations 😥. This will help you understand the problems your solution can alleviate and allow you to make effective decisions when designing for example.
  • Create scenarios to test your potential leads on LinkedIn against the problems they may face and how to successfully unlock those problems.
  • Update your persona data (if your solution evolves or if your solution is oriented towards another target).

LinkedIn connection message template: Optimize your profile on LinkedIn

Before you start prospecting on LinkedIn, sending connections on LinkedIn and before you send any messages, you will need to optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to make a big impact. What we mean by this is that you will need to take care of:

  • The profile picture (professional, we agree on that. No bikini, no underwear, no glass of alcohol in hand, we said professional).
  • Your banner or cover photo of your LinkedIn account.
  • Optimize your Url.
  • Put a punchy headline that relates to your position. Your potential clients need to understand what you do.
  • Describe your interests.
  • Set up a description in which you talk about your values, your story.
  • Fill in the experiences you may have had professionally, the name of the company you work for, your educational background…

The goal of optimizing ✨ your profile will help you with your branding. We don’t specify it but make sure the spelling is good when you write.

It looks more professional and contributes to your image. If you want a complete course on this, we advise you to check out this article. You should also remember to update your profile as soon as there is a change.

LinkedIn connection message template: What should I say in a message on LinkedIn ?

If your copywriting is on fleek, then you should definitely send LinkedIn messages to potential prospects when you request connections on LinkedIn. The key is personalization and knowing how to tease the curiosity of your lead or reader. Remember you will have a one shot to make your first impression amazing.

When you add personalization to your connection request, you will have the opportunity to start really impactful conversation (don’t hesitate to customize then) with the person. But keep it brief, and try to capture the attention of the person in the two first lines.

LinkedIn connection message template: Best message for LinkedIn connection

There is no perfect message, no perfect connection request on LinkedIn network. It depends on a lot of factors like:

  • Your objective on LinkedIn.
  • What are your targets on LinkedIn.
  • What you really want to achieve on LinkedIn.

And then there’s also the fact that depending on your prospecting funnel, you won’t send the same message. There are, however, rules to follow when you want to approach someone like :

  • Politeness (this goes without saying, but we prefer to remember it).
  • Showing interest ❤️ in whoever is reading you (so you don’t talk about your little self in the first lines of the message).
  • Personalization. Good messages are personalized messages (which therefore, show your interest to the target).

The most important thing to remember is that automated messages should be personalized as best as possible on large volumes and that the best practices you will get by experimenting with different types of messages with LinkedIn users.

Don’t be afraid to A/B test, to research, to experiment (and also to personalize) to see what works best for you and your prospects on LinkedIn. Thanks to experimentation, you’ll be able to find the ultimate messages that work for you.

How to remove a linkedin connection request ?

If you wish to remove a connection request, it’s easy to do : ⬇️

  • Click on the Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage,
  • Under Invitations, click on To manage,

  • Now click on Sent, and remove the request you want!

How many characters on LinkedIn?

When you are new to marketing strategy, you need to know how to use the different tools available to you. We’re going to talk about the number of characters you can put on the different channels of LinkedIn.

For a post, the limit is 3000 characters to express yourself on a subject that is close to your heart, to tell what you had for lunch or to write an inspiring message based on facts that don’t exist. In reality, we just want to tell you that you have enough space to potentially attract new customers.

But you also have limits regarding :

  • First name: 20 characters.
  • Your name: 40 characters.
  • The abstract: 2000.
  • Your title: 120.
  • Recommendations: 3000.
  • Article / Blog: 40 000.
  • Interests: 1000.

Now you know all about LinkedIn connection message templates 🚀.


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