Why Use Automated LinkedIn Messaging?

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Automated LinkedIn Messaging can be a complex topic… 🤔 I bet you must have heard by now how beneficial it can be for your outreach and lead generation.

It may save you lots of time messaging individuals and substantially boost your social selling. 💡

However, you might be wondering what precisely you will be automating? Is it really safe? But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you all the tips for LinkedIn messaging automation right here. 🤩


How to send mass messages on LinkedIn?

First, let us go back to the beginning. What exactly is mass messaging? How can you reach out to a large number of individuals on LinkedIn? 🤨

Contacting several potential clients is possible without the use of any software, extension, or app, but you are limited on a daily basis. ✋

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The basic LinkedIn messaging tool allows you to send a message (not customized, but we’ll get to that later) to many individuals in your first degree connections or groups. 👥

Automation tools, on the other hand, will allow you to send mass LinkedIn messages without fear of spam and, more importantly, personalize them by identifying the basic info like name, company, etc. of your various contacts. 😉

👉 If you want to know how to send messages using our automation tool Waalaxy, then follow this tutorial video:


LinkedIn automation using a Chrome extension

Chrome extensions are LinkedIn plugins that you get from the Chrome app store and install on your browser. 🔍

However, mostly are inefficient or insecure. 😫

Take, for example, Dux-Soup: you have high risks of getting your account banned when using this tool because it modifies the HTML code of your LinkedIn page. 🚫

Whereas, Waalaxy is also a Chrome extension, but you can use it safely since it doesn’t affect the coding, nor it surpasses the number of actions set by LinkedIn. ✨

Waalaxy is made to imitate human behavior when performing automated actions on LinkedIn, and it has daily quotas, so you don’t go over the limits. 👌

Pretty great, huh?! 😍

Discover Waalaxy 🪐


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waalaxy dashboard

Free LinkedIn automation tools 2022

If you’re in the B2B marketing industry like me, LinkedIn is one of the finest (if not the best) venues for distributing information and generating leads. 🎰

You can find almost anyone there, and the site as a whole is a limitless pool of sales potential. 🌌

Having said that, many individuals believe LinkedIn automation is spammy and unproductive. 😮

After all, if it’s automated, it has to be spammy, right? 🤷‍♀️

No, not exactly. 😊

Being authentic and honest is the key to LinkedIn automation. 💡

Therefore, we want to present to you our Top 3 of automation tools that you should be using right now, if you want to start the year with the right foot! 🦿

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Zapier: to connect all your apps

Zapier is a must-have solution for linking disparate apps. You can, for example, immediately send attachments received from emails, directly to your Dropbox. 📩

Zapier is also interoperable with a variety of apps, including: Gmail, Slack, WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Trello, and more.

Which makes it really easy for you to collect data from the different apps you use to work and become more efficient! 🤑


Hootsuite: to program your social media

Last but not least, Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on several social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 🕊️

You can examine your publications from its dashboard since you have access to the amount of views, comments, and shares, and you can respond to comments and messages straight from the platform. 👏


Waalaxy: to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

Okay, you guessed it. First of all, we have Waalaxy! 🎉

We’re off to a wonderful start with Waalaxy, the must-have for your LinkedIn and email prospecting. What are its strong points? 💪

The automated visitation of profiles, the sending of tailored messages, its functional dashboard, it has the lowest price for optimum efficiency, and, most importantly, it has scenario functionality. You design an automatic messages and a series of actions, called campaigns, based on your needs and goals! 🏹


Definition of Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Automation technologies, as a general rule, are used to automate repetitive, manual operations. ✍️

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Therefore, LinkedIn automated messages mean that you can use an automation tool in order to send several connection messages without having to do it manually for each one of your prospect‘s profiles. 🥱

In fact, sending messages one by one can be rather time-consuming, and it can lead to making spelling or name mistakes… 🙈

I’m pretty sure everyone has already received a message on LinkedIn saying “Hi Pedro, I would love to connect”, when actually your name is Maria! 😂 You could be losing lots of customers by doing that kind of mistakes.

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That is why marketing automation tools are used to save time and money. Why do something yourself when it can be done automatically? 🚀

You can personalize your connection messages and every other communication as well, so you don’t sound like a machine. 🤖 I promise you, with the right prospecting messages, your potential customers won’t ever notice that you didn’t reach them manually. 😏

Let’s have a look at the pro’s and con’s of automated LinkedIn messaging, below!


Advantages of Automated LinkedIn Messaging:

LinkedIn automation is a powerful tool for automating particular operations, such as: 👇

  • Sending mass connection request messages.
  • Personalizing your messaging depending on your target’s profile.
  • Developing a prospecting funnel that includes follow-ups.
  • Selecting a specific target demographic for your outreach.
  • Extracting crucial insights from your campaign findings.


Save time

This is one of the primary advantages when you want to be more efficient while prospecting online. 🤓

Automated LinkedIn Messaging may save you hours upon hours of time spent writing the same outbound cold messages and targeting the right audience. 🎯

Prospecting can sometimes mean doing a lot of useless and uninteresting lead generating chores. 😴 These are the tasks that should be automated in order to keep you fresh for more demanding tasks! 🦾

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Better outreach

Often times, you already know where your target audience is, but you have to manually send a connection request to each of them by copying and pasting their names into the LinkedIn search… 🥵

Or, as you may have guessed, you can completely automate this! ⚡

For instance, you can get as much as 51% acceptance rates🔥simply by detailing your ideal client profiles and writing a well-versed messages that feature their pains and needs, as well as the solution your product or service will provide.

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Inconveniences of Automated LinkedIn Messaging:

Well, there simply aren’t any! 💯

Nah, just kidding. 😋

There is one thing to consider in order to use automation tools safely, though, and that is… 👀


LinkedIn restrictions

Before setting your account to the adventure of automation, you need to keep a few guidelines in mind! 🚢

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In this support article, you will find tips of how to warm up your profile in order to avoid being banned by LinkedIn from the start. 🥶

For example, having an optimized profile is the first step to appear legit to your audience as well as the LinkedIn auditors. 🧐

Also, make sure to have at least 300 connections before you start reaching potential customers outside your network, and reach for qualified leads to prevent getting marked as spam! 🙏

If you want to know what else you can do in order to avoid LinkedIn restrictions, then follow this link. 👈


Examples of Automated LinkedIn Messaging

It’s simpler to contact any decision-maker on the LinkedIn platform than on any other, and you are only one search away from a filtered list of your audience.

Here’s a quick article to show you how to import leads to your Waalaxy CRM. 💥

People imagine automation, and they assume you must be sending 100+ LinkedIn messages every day, wreaking havoc in your leads’ inboxes. 🥵

Now, here’s the deal:

On LinkedIn, there ARE individuals who do this. People who relentlessly bombard you with the same, dull copy-and-paste templates in order to elicit a response from their leads. 😵‍💫

We have all already received this kind of automated messages on LinkedIn… so try to avoid this practice at all costs!

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Therefore, if you need some inspiration, here are 3 bulletproof templates 🚀 that are proved to increase your acceptance rates!

I’m sure that at the end of this article, you’ll know just which outreach LinkedIn connection message templates to use to connect with almost anybody. 👍


Try using Waalaxy Auto-imports (ex “Triggers”)

For example, you can use LinkedIn message automation to target members from a LinkedIn group and scrap them to your Waalaxy CRM. 🛸

You can even join groups of your competitors (like Dux Soup), and find already qualified leads to contact! 🤫 Automate your outreach by scraping the whole group automatically.

Guess what is the best part? 😉

It takes less than 20 minutes to complete this task. ⌛

Remember to keep your message simple and always personalize it, like this:

“Hello {{firstName}},

I noticed you are also a member of the LinkedIn Group “Dux Soup users.”

It would be fantastic to connect with someone like-minded to see if there is any potential for partnership.

Best Regards,

You can use Waalaxy to import directly the group members into your prospecting campaigns, or you can even use a CSV file to import the prospects using their profile’s URL. 💼

It’s wonderful, don’t you think? 🥰

👉 If you want to know more about how to use auto-imports, here’s a quick tutorial video:


Combine Sales Navigator and Waalaxy to go a bit further!

Do you want to improve your LinkedIn automation skills? 🧐

Until now, we’ve just discussed surface-level automation — communicating with your audience, responding, following up, and so on using our Waalaxy campaigns. 🌠

You may add LinkedIn Sales Navigator to the mix, pair LinkedIn with email marketing, integrate with your CRM, become multichannel and more, using some advanced features. 🤗

Here’s an article to show you how to do a good LinkedIn search using Sales Navigator. 👌 You will be surprised at the difference it makes in the quality of your leads!

There are so many more growth strategies to think about that detailing them all would take an eternity… ♾️

But, for the most part, you can use Zapier to connect your favorite LinkedIn automation tool, a.k.a. Waalaxy 🤩 with other applications in order to significantly increase your marketing efforts.

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The idea is that there are several ways to leverage LinkedIn automation! 😜

From a basic LinkedIn search result outreach to using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for deeper filtering, LinkedIn is now the biggest B2B network there is. In this article we explain why you should be exploiting this. 🥳

If you want to be successful with LinkedIn lead generation in 2022, you must develop innovative ways to customize your approach. 🦄


Best practices of automated LinkedIn messaging

Always personalize your approach

Personalization, as previously said, is essential to succeed at online prospecting. 💻

If you want to start producing qualified leads using LinkedIn automation, you need to start customizing your messages 💝 asap.

Most people miss this step, and this is where they can go wrong… 😬

Usually, most people, personalize LinkedIn messages by including the first and last name custom field only, but it’s becoming a cliché at this point. 🙄

You must stand out from the crowd! 🪐

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Let’s take a look at the many personalization fields that may be used through Waalaxy, in order to get information from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile: 🥸

{{ firstName }}
{{ lastName }}
{{ company }}

All of them are self-explanatory, however with the “company” variable, you need to enter manually a “fallback text” in case we cannot find that information directly in your lead‘s profile. 😥


Bonus: With Waalaxy, you can use personalized tags to identify your prospects very easily inside your CRM campaigns. ✅ You can use the filters by default, in combination with the tags, in order to have more accurate prospecting lists.

👉 In this article, you will find all the info on how to use tags to have even more customization for your outreach. Also, you will know how to use blacklists to avoid contacting the same prospects twice, or how to remove them from your campaign/mailing list if they’re not interested!


What you need to prepare before prospecting

There is, in reality, a lot you can do to prepare before beginning an automated LinkedIn messaging campaign. Take note! ✍️

Here’s how to ensure that your campaigns receive the acceptance and response rates according to your goals: 🏆

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile:
    When individuals get your message, the first thing they will do is look at your profile. Check that your profile, job title, summary, and content are consistent with your brand image. 😎
  • Define your target audience:
    Having the correct target audience might mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful automated LinkedIn outreach campaign. People are sick of being retargeted with the same spammy outreach approaches. Make sure you have a defined target and understand what their needs are. 🎯
  • Messages and campaign templates:
    People frequently begin marketing themselves in the first connection request. LinkedIn users can spot spam from a mile away, so make sure to personalize your messages and avoid doing aggressive marketing. 😰
  • Join Zapier:
    As previously said, Zapier may be an extremely effective approach to increase your LinkedIn automation. You may connect it to your CRM to measure outcomes or to your preferred email outreach platform (Waalaxy, for example) to target your prospects through various channels. ☎️👩‍💻
  • Indicators and campaign results:
    Finally, the best approach to review your automated LinkedIn messaging is to examine your data. With Waalaxy, you just go to your “Homepage” and see all the Dashboards of your campaign outcomes (how many people accepted, replied, etc.). With this information in hand, you can then fine-tune your connection request messages and iterate to identify the best templates. 🔥

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There you have it, we’ve seen a lot of tips to improve your B2B prospecting on LinkedIn, and how to take advantage of LinkedIn automation tools. 🪄

If you use them carefully and with a good marketing strategy, you will have amazing results! 🤩


Conclusion: LinkedIn automation messaging

LinkedIn automation messaging does not have to be difficult. 😉

Setting up a campaign with Waalaxy takes less than 10 minutes, and you can reuse your outreach templates for different scenarios. 💘

We’re always sharing our views and case studies based on what works in this blog and social media pages. 🤲

Are you ready to begin producing qualified leads on LinkedIn? 😁

Add me on LinkedIn and let me know when you’re ready to multiply your leads using the world’s most secure LinkedIn automation solution: Waalaxy!

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FAQ of Automated LinkedIn Messaging

How to do B2B prospecting on LinkedIn?

If you want to begin producing leads using LinkedIn, if you already know who your target audience is and if you are ready to begin communicating with them, then there are two approaches you may take: 🤓

You may manually search LinkedIn for your target demographic and begin sending a customized message to each individual one by one. ☝️ You’d go to their profiles, click the “Connect” option, and enter your message.

But before you know it, you’ve squandered up to an hour and still have a long way to go… 🥱

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For example, if your target audience includes people in marketing and advertising, in the France, LinkedIn would provide you with a list of +10K people to contact! 👀

And there’s no way anyone is going to write 10K individual connection request messages and follow-ups. ❌

Fortunately, you do not have to do that. 🙏

The second option is a more effective method to approach lead creation. And, you got it, automated LinkedIn messaging is the solution!


Why automate your LinkedIn prospection?

Automation tools encompass all approaches that enable you to automate actions on LinkedIn, like send a connection request, a message, etc. 🤓

In order to expand your network and engagement more rapidly, particularly on social media networks like LinkedIn. But also via emails, using multichannel tools that implement both actions, like Waalaxy. 👽

These automatic processes should make your B2B marketing easier while also reacting to user response. This may be sending a confirmation email after subscribing to a newsletter, for example. In this instance, the email is delivered automatically, and your new subscriber is almost certainly fully enrolled; both sides benefit! 🥳


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I hope you learned a lot about automated LinkedIn messaging in this article, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you want to share your thoughts with me! ✌️


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