Customer acquisition channels : What is the best strategy?

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Customer acquisition channels are constantly improving, there are many ways that you can reach your leads and communicate with them in an efficient way.

In this article, you will discover the best channels for acquisition, their cost, some exemples and much more… 💡

Customer Acquisition channels : the future is here

There are several channels you can use to acquire new leads, the most common ones are emailing or cold emailing, social media like LinkedIn, paid ads etc…

Indeed, the more diversified your channels are, the more chances you have of acquiring new customers or retaining the old ones. 🔐

It’s important to keep constant marketing communications with your leads and clients, so they don’t forget your products, they can learn about new promotions or features coming up.

Therefore, you should review your channels according to the marketing strategy you want to adopt for your business growth. Here’s an article of all the methods you can use to improve your prospection.

Let’s start from the beginning, okay? 😉


start from the beginning


What is a customer acquisition channel?

Let me start with a quick definition and an article to show how multi channel strategies work. 🤓

Customer acquisition channels are the ways in which you attract new customers, these can be organic or not, online or offline.

Here’s a list to be a little be more extensive :

  • Direct traffic to your site.
  • Paid search on search engines.
  • Referral or ambassador programs.
  • Organic search on the web.
  • Social media marketing campaigns.
  • Paid social sponsorships or ads.
  • Events, meet and greets.
  • Email marketing campaings.
  • Direct mailing campaings.
  • Cold outreach (phone, mails).
  • Word-of-mouth marketing.

Set up a customer acquisition plan

There no right or wrong of choosing your customer acquisition channels, so the best advice I can give you is to experiment as much as you can !

It might be confusing, even scary in the beginning to choose the right path to follow, but don’t worry you will find out fairly quickly which channels work best for your target audience. 🎯

Depending on your industry some channels may be more relevant than others, and that’s completely normal. Not all businesses are built the same. 💪🏻


the force will be with you


Customer acquisition channel strategy

In the end, you need to keep and boost the ones that gave you more ROI and have the biggest impact for your brand.

For exemple, let’s say your business is selling energy drinks right? ⚡ I don’t think that setting up a coldmailing campaing for people who loves sports is the way to go…

In this case, you should participate in sponsoring sport competitions, to sponsor the best athletes that might have influence on their followers, organize free tastings in supermarkets and so on.


sport sponsoring


However, in case you own an SaaS company like ours, the best way to go is to reach your clients via email marketing campaings. For instance, you can send emails with tips and tricks on how to use the tool, special promo codes… 📩

Also, via social media like LinkedIn where you can find many professionals that be in your field of knowledge, engaging with your clients via posts and articles, creating a referral program, etc.

These are some of the channels we use, and that proved to have had great success for our business growth, in creating a presence to differenciate ourselves from the competition. 🚀


How to choose your customer acquisition channels?

Like I said before, the best channel for you may vary depending on the type of business you’re developing.

None the less, here’s a quick matrix you can apply in order to choose the best marketing channel. 👌🏻

  • Firstly, create this matrix in any spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets.
  • Secondly, put the potential channels in your line item headers and the attributes to compare each one in the column headers (or switch it up).
  • Thirdly, fill in the values with “Low, Medium or High”.

This will help you have a better visual comparison of the acquisition channels you could use, this could be proven wrong at any point so be sure to adjust it as you start your campaigns. 👀

You can make it as easy or as complicated as you desire, so here’s a preview of what you could use :


acquisition channel matrix


How do you calculate the cost per channel of acquisition?

This is a question often asked by decision-makers, because all ideas are nice but sometimes you need to go for the most practical solution, depending on the cost of customer acquisition. 💸

CAC or Customer Acquisition Cost, is calculated this way :

CAC (monetary result) = Marketing Costs (MC) / Customers Acquired (CA).

You can even go deeper and do this quick calculation for each channel, but know that the results may not reflect benefits right away. If for exemple, you spend money for an upcoming event you will see the results until it’s done.

This will help you determine a little bit better the marketing budget needed for each channel, and which ones you should drop if they’re not giving you enough ROI.



The best customer acquisition tool

Now that you know the basics, let’s get to the netty writty shall we?

Let me explain what Waalaxy is and what it can do to help you expland your acquisition channels. 🤯

First of all, you need to know that Waalaxy is an extension to your Chrome browser that creates a CRM for you to handle your LinkedIn leads. It is completely safe as we do not touch the HTML code of the page and we have put in place securities to protect your LinkedIn account. Most importantly, daily quotas and human-like actions.

With Waalaxy you can create sequences to interact with your prospects, called Campaigns. These are completely automated, so you just have to choose your targeted audience, export it from a LinkedIn search, set up the Campaign and voilà!

ongoing waalaxy campaign


Secondly, it is a multichannel tool ! Meaning that you can handle other acquisition channels like emails from the same platform.

Isn’t that great? 🤩

This will save you time and effort setting up your campaigns and you can control the results in one place. All you have to do is synchronize your email account, and choose an advanced sequence, then start the multichannel campaing directly from your CRM.


List of marketing acquisition channels

Acquisition via YouTube

This one might be a little bit more complicated than the rest, but the results are very good. However, it takes time to create quality video content in YouTube. But, if you manage to do so you will find that it’s a great way to boost your Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

Why, you ask? 🤔

Because users of these platforms will spend more time watching them, thus more time to view your profile, your company page and the algorithm of these platforms will reward you with more views thanks to that! By the way, slides or any other visual content, like PDF, images attract more leads too.

Watch The Demo 🪐


Acquisition via Facebook

Acquisition via social networks is very effective as you know, when you create quality content it will attract more leads and will build up your branding. They have their own leads ads that can be synchronize with Instagram, if your prospects use that communication channel as well. 🔈

You can build a community by engaging in Groups and Messenger, which make the customer experience even more delightful since have as many channels as possible is a great asset for you. Clients will be happy to be able to reach you on any platform as well as they can share or react to your piece of content for their own connections to see.


Acquisition via LinkedIn

Finally, this is our favorite one because it allows you to have a network of qualified prospects. This channel is well-known for it’s quality of content, so make sure that you use it properly. Here’s a quick article on why LinkedIn is indeed a gold mine!

Therefore, the acquisition strategy we have decided to take on LinkedIn is to post from all of our company’s accounts almost daily in order to have a bigger audience. 🤗

We share our knowledge on prospecting as well as show our company culture. All this contributes to diversify your customer acquisition strategy and social media presence.


customer acquisition channels

(image from


As you may have guessed it, we use all three channels (and more) regurlarly to acquire new customers. To sum up, the results are pretty good, this month we make 16,5K from our blog alone!

So now you know what do to. 😎

The idea is to be as diversified as possible, to nurture the current relationships with your customers, thus acquiring even more prospects.


FAQs for customer acquisition channels

How customer acquisitions channels work ?

Customer acquisition channels are the several ways in which you can reach your potential customers, some are online like email marketing, blogs, social media… and some are offline like meetings, events etc. 🗓️


How to choose my customer acquisition channels ?

To choose your customer acquisition channels you need to define your targeted audience, compare the channels by cost, time x channel matrix, and test!

In order to calculate customer acquisition cost, you can use the CAC = MC / CA formula and apply it to each channel.

You guessed it! 👽 The best multichannel tool for customer acquisition is Waalaxy, you can automate your actions on LinkedIn and use emails to enrich your customer approach.