How to sync a Gmail account with Waalaxy?

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably just landed in a new Waalaxy. 😜🌎

And any uncharted Waalaxy can give a little bit of trouble.

Especially when creating a radio connection with Gmail.

No worries, our team of super Waalaxian people are here to help. 👽

Why should you synchronize Waalaxy with Gmail?

By setting up SMTP sync with Gmail, Waalaxy is going to be able to send emails to your prospects on your behalf, at no extra cost.

You will be able to establish contact via email, with prospects connected on LinkedIn, or through enriched emails found via DropContact, directly without Waalaxy.

You can send up to 500 emails per day.

Step 0) Enable two-factor authentication (pro only)

If you use a Gmail Pro account (ie you use Gmail but your address is not in “@” but in “@”), it is necessary that the administrator of your mailbox activates the double authentication.

If you are the administrator yourself, go to this page.

Then allow two-factor authentication.


If you are not the administrator, you will have to contact the service that manages this in your company and share this first step of the tutorial with them.

Step 1) Activate 2-Step Verification

Google is full of security features that make SMTP synchronization not very accessible. To make sure that Google allows Waalaxy to use your account, you need to activate the 2-Step Verification.

For that, go to this link.

Click on ‘Get Started’ and follow the process.

And Tadaaa! Check that your 2-Step Verification is ON.

Step 2) Create an App Password for Waalaxy

Once the 2-Step Verification is ON, the second essential step is to create an App Password.

To do this, go to this page 

Click on “Select App > Other (Custom name)” and enter the name you want (eg: Waalaxy)

Then, click on “Generate”.

Step 3) Use this new Password to link your Gmail account to Waalaxy

A new password has been generated by Google!

Simply use it instead of your real password when you link your Gmail account in Waalaxy.

Et voilà! Your Gmail account is correctly set up, secured by Google and ready to be used in Waalaxy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via chat. 🤩

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