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What’s the difference between a sales email that no one reads and reacts to and one that brings in hundreds of new customers? 🤔 Well, thankfully you won’t have to figure that out by yourself. With our help you’ll be able to send your next cold email using the best cold email B2b templates. It’s all in this article. Let’s go! ⚡

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Introduction of the Best cold email B2b templates

The term “cold emailing” refers to the practice of sending an email message to a target professional prospect without having had any previous contact or engagement with them and without them having requested it. 🥶

When utilized incorrectly, cold emailing causes marketing pressure and might result in deliverability issues. It is frequently used in B2b prospecting strategies. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken with other cold reach practices, like “cold calling“. 📞

Cold emailing, in short, is when you send an email to someone in order to create a connection with them. The purpose of these emails is to build a relationship with the prospect. 🤝

So try not to scare them away, haha! 😂

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Why use cold prospecting email templates?

If you’re looking for where to start your B2b prospecting, then let me give you a hint… 💡

Use your LinkedIn connections, of course! 👏

LinkedIn is your biggest ally when trying to connect with B2b customers, since it’s the biggest professional network out there. You need to make the most of it. 💰

For this, you can start by scraping the emails of your LinkedIn connections in order to create a mailing list that you can grow little by little. 🐣

If you want the emails from your LinkedIn friends, the process is very simple!

But I’m not a developer and I don’t know how to scrape data, you say 😥. No need to panic! I’ll teach you how to scrape LinkedIn in just a few simple steps using Waalaxy:

  • Begin by downloading Waalaxy from this link, (if you haven’t done so yet).
  • Go to LinkedIn and select “My Network” followed by “Connections.”
  • You’ve arrived to your relationship’s page. Click on the Waalaxy button in the upper right corner of your browser (if might be hidden when you first download it, so make sure to pin it using the “puzzle icon”),
  • Then click on “Create,” then select the “Number to import,” and lastly “Validate/confirm.”

Once the profiles have been exported in Waalaxy, all you have to do is download the information from your contacts in a CSV file from the Waalaxy CRM:

  • To access it, click “Open Waalaxy” from your extension to log into your CRM.
  • Select the newly created prospect list by clicking “Prospects”, in the left hand menu.
  • Click the “Import” button, then “Import CSV file” to get the file with their information.
  • You’ll get a CSV file with the first name, last name, email address, company, position, LinkedIn premium status (if applicable), geographical area, LinkedIn profile link, and phone number.

I told you this was an easy method of exporting emails, didn’t I?! 😉


Examples of the Best cold email B2b templates

I have even more good news for you…

Ready? 😁

You can now use Waalaxy to send email and LinkedIn campaigns automatically, so you can run both types of campaigns using the same tool! 🎉

Isn’t that amazing? 🥳

Go ahead and test our Waalaxy tool now, I’m sure your life will be changed for the better!

Find out more 🔥


Furthermore, if you need some more inspiration and want to check out our templates repertoire then you can check out these 2 articles: 🙏

There you go, now you don’t have any more excuses if you don’t know how to write your first cold messages! ✍️

Now let’s have a look at 30 more templates that you can copy/paste from this article in order to improve your cold email B2b sales. We’ll show you the templates that our Waalaxy team uses in order to find new customers. 👽

This is top secret, ok?? 🤫 So please use wisely our best cold email B2b templates that we’ll be presenting here…

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How do you write a cold email for B2b sales?

We’ll have a look at 10 templates for lead generation, and explain the key points to keep in mind, in order to write successful cold emails: 👇

1. Use an eye-catching subject line. 👀

Since the subject line is the first thibf that your prospect will read, you should spend half of your email time writing and A/B testing alternative subject lines. You want to create an intriguing subject title, but you also want to avoid sounding too spammy or sales-y.

2. Add a tempting deal. 🤑

Give your customers a reason to respond and a straightforward call to action. For example, “Find out how to get 100% of your customers via inbound marketing,” who wouldn’t want to know that?

3. Copywriting that is as personal and natural as possible. 🌱xxx

Make use of personalized emails and give suggestions to the reader, instead of sounding too pushy. Proof-read your copywriting before sending your cold email in order to ensure that it has a natural and laid-back tone.

4. Back up your words thanks to social proof. 🌟

Remember that nobody wants to be the first user of a product/service that lacks reputation… 😓 Mentioning your social media, contact info and if possible a link to your online reviews reduces the risk of scaring off potential customers.

Without further ado, here are the best cold email B2b templates I promised you! 🤗

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10 B2b emails for lead generation

Hi {{firstName}},

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Hello {{firstName}},

Wondering how to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn?

A pod, or “engagement group”, is a group of people who organize themselves, either automatically or manually, to comment on and like the posts of other group members. To make the algorithm increase the reach of the latter publications.

We are developing an automated pod for LinkedIn, and we are looking for beta testers, let me know if you are interested 😉

Hi there {{firstName}} 😎,

My specialty is BtoB lead generation! We recently released some just crazy content with best practices for finding buyers via LinkedIn.{{firstName}}

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Other than that, what can I do for you? 😁

Hi {{firstName}},

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Podawaa allows you to schedule your posts in advance, but more importantly to significantly increase the number of likes and comments received on your posts, by joining groups like marketing automation for example.

The tool has a freemium version and two premium versions. You can of course download it for free to test it. 😀

To learn more:

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Hi {{firstName}},

I saw your comment on XXX’s post a month ago about content strategies.

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I thought you might be interested in it.{{firstName}}

Hi {{firstName}}

Maybe you missed my previous post. I’m interested in junior biz dev issues in order to create content on the topic (and why not provide solutions).

What would be your top 3 ? (ex: find the decision maker, write the right message, use the tools, enrich your lists…)

Looking forward to chat! 💪

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Hello {{firstName}},

I’m trying to understand how experienced business developers manage to find the decision maker of a company to contact him?

Do you have a magic recipe for this?

This is one of the main problems faced by young biz devs.

I’m looking to write an article on the subject to give them some answers.

I’d be super interested to hear your best practices in terms of lead research/segmentation/enrichment.


PS: I don’t have anything to sell. 😁

Hi {{firstName}},

Thanks for accepting my invitation {{firstName}}. How about chatting over a virtual coffee to get to know each other and maintain a more “human” LinkedIn network?

Looking forward to meeting you.

Hello {{firstName}},

I am trying to improve my prospecting messages and need your help.

What would be the probability that you would respond to this message (between 0 and 10)? If less than 5, why?

“Hello {{firstName}},

As a business management consultant, how do you estimate the value of the companies you support?

At XXX, we help management experts to better accompany their clients thanks to an online solution to estimate the value of their companies that takes less than 5 minutes…

If this makes sense to you, I’d love to discuss it.

Do you have any availability soon?”

Thank you in advance for sincere feedback, it will help me tremendously.

Hello {{firstName}},

I could see on LinkedIn that you are self-employed as a Graphic Designer. ✨

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Can we schedule a 📞 (10 min max) to see how these features apply to your Graphic Designer activity?



How do you write a good cold sales email?

Here are 10 more B2B cold email templates, using several marketing methods. 🤓

Such as the AIDA method, that we’ll explain below: 👇

  • “A” for Attention, to attract the attention of your target.
  • “I” for Interest, to relate to their interests and keep them engaged.
  • “D” for Desire, to arouse desire by showing how they will benefit from your offer/product.
  • And finally, “A” for Action, to request that they click, respond, or purchase.

The ultimate aim is to get a response! 💥

It succinctly summarizes the sales process, outlining the path from catching someone’s attention to encouraging them to act. 🦾 The AIDA formula is used in almost every cold email, landing page, or advertisement you ever see (in different variations).

Before And After GIF

You can also apply the BAB email formula below: 👇

  • “B” for Before, to describe the present issue or problem that your target is dealing with.
  • “A” for After, to draw a picture of the problem being solved or the situation being better.
  • “B” for Bridge, to show how your solution solves the problem and improves your prospect’s life.

Our motivations, as well as the motivations of any potential customer, derive from two primordial drives: 🏃

  • Looking for pleasure,
  • Or, Pain avoidance.

The before-after-bridge method uses incentive to build appealing B2B cold emails that get results. It pictures your product as beign a way of procuring the “pleasure” that the customer is looking for. 😊

Take a look at the following cold email templates, and apply them to your activity! 💼


10 Best cold emailing B2b templates

Hello {{firstName}},

I could see that you work in the wine industry. 🍷

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Do you use LinkedIn as an acquisition channel for XXX?

Have you heard of Waalaxy? Our goal is to help optimize your prospecting through multichannel automation! 🚀

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Hello {{firstName}},

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Are you using LinkedIn as an acquisition channel for XXX?

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Hi {{firstName}},

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Hello {{firstName}},

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There is a 3rd way: prospecting.

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How to write a cold email for a partnership?

To continue with the different email copywriting formulas that you can use for your cold email templates, ❄️ here are a couple more that can be very helpful when building new relations and partnerships with your potential clients.

Here’s the PAS email formula: 👇

  • “P” is for Problem, to emphasize a problem that gives your prospect pain point or irritation.
  • “A” is for Agitate, to explain what would happen if the problem keeps going.
  • “S” is for Solution, to give a better way to alleviate/avoid the suffering caused by the situation.

The BAB formula that we saw earlier takes a positive point of view, whereas the PAS formula takes the opposite approach. 🙃 The “avoidance of pain” drive is then used to get a reaction from the prospect.

Animated GIF

Lastly, we have the SAS email method: 👇

  • “S” is for Star, to introduce the star of your story. It may be you, a customer, or other companies or individuals.
  • “A” is for Arch, to describe the path of the star, who is — or should be — confronting a similar problem as the one that your lead has.
  • “S” is for Success, to explain how the star comes out on top or is better off in the end (of course, referencing your own product/service).

People love storytelling. 🥰 We rely on stories to educate, caution, and entertain us. All of our senses light up when we’re immersed in a tale, we are moved by the words we read and identify with the characters we encounter.

Therefore, the SAS technique helps to boost your cold email template by creating a story around your product. It’s especially effective with cases studies and success stories from your buyers! 🚀

Below you’ll find 10 more templates, that you can use immediately for your B2b email prospecting. 🕺


10 Cold email templates for potential clients

Hello {{firstName}},

How are you developing at XXX ?

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Hi {{firstName}},

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Waalaxy automates your LinkedIn actions:

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🔷 Messages

etc …

The tool has a freemium plan, so no cost to you!

Want to know more about it?

PS: We have specific Templates for this use, so don’t hesitate to ask! 😉

Hello {{first name}},

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After reading these 30 cold email templates, I bet you’re thinkg “humm, there’s still something missing…” 🧐 Well, I’ll tell you what it is!

It’s missing a killer email subject line and a personalized email signature of course. 👈

Now, you have all the elements to create the best cold email b2b templates for yourself.

You can thank me later! 😜


Conclusion: Best cold email B2b Templates

It might be difficult to write the ideal cold sales email, but I hope that these guidelines and that these 30 templates can help you achieve your prospection goals. 🔥Above all, remember to keep it straightforward and meaningful.

You’ll be able to cut through the clutter in your prospect’s inbox and genuinely stand out as a solutions-oriented business partner if you avoid making these mistakes in your sales email: 👌

  • Fill the email with too many ideas and CTAs.
  • Make it too long (ain’t nobody got time for that!).
  • Instead of celebrating the consumer, talk only about your company.
  • Don’t use personalization.
  • Use too much jargon.
  • Write as though you’re a robot.
  • Use an excessive number of emojis and other special characters.
  • Make multiple grammatical and spelling errors.

Write down this tips well, and make sure to add a personal touch to the templates in order to make them the best cold email B2b templates for you! 😍

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FAQ of the Best cold email B2b templates

How to write a cold call sales email?

These are the key practices for writing the best B2b sales emails: 💫

  • Instead of using your company’s name, the cold emails should come from a person. Cold emails are all about creating human relationships with prospects, and the “from” address is one of the first contact information you give. 🤲
  • Once again, the subject line of the email should be eye-catching. Subject lines are your greatest opportunity of getting someone to read or even respond to your email, so think about them carefully. ✍️
  • You should add a brief body content on the inside of the email, it’s basically your elevator pitch. Like I said, nobody has the time to read a book. You should be able to simply express the benefits of your offer/product without too much blablabla! 😖
  • You may develop trust with your prospect by listing any large clients you have that your prospect may know, in addition to actually caring about their goals. You might also mention having a large number of buyers. 🎯
  • Make sure your email has a clear call to action. Tell your prospect exactly what to do next, and make it as simple as possible for them to do it. Do you want them to test a product? Provide them with a direct link to your app. 📣
  • Finally, remember that having only one CTA is part of having a clear CTA. Don’t expect someone to test a product, and then fill out a quizz for you… You need to pick one. 🥇 Having one call to action will help you keep your email brief and clear.

I hope you apply these best practices for all your cold email B2b templates from now on! 🤩

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Can you send mass cold emails for B2b?

Of course! 😏 You can use an automation tool like Waalaxy, in order to send mass cold emails for your B2B prospecting.

The cool thing about reaching out to prospects online, especially with automation technologies, is that you can perform multi-channel marketing. 🧨

Indeed, approaching someone just through LinkedIn or via cold email increases the chances of you getting a response, but be careful with stalking your prospect! 🙊 You need to leave some room to breathe as well, so they have to do their own research on your product/service and do not feel harrased by you.

There’s a fine line between being persistant and being annoying! 😬

What we want to do is make many contacts with the appropriate person in order to increase conversion opportunities. In fact, cold emailing is not quite the same as mass emailing. You don’t need to send 10,000 emails a day, because there are some limits if you want to avoid landing on spam all the time! 🔕

Cold email is a sales email, thus you need language to make shorter emails and get right to the point, much like a commercial pitch. In order to create effective cold email campaigns, you can automate somethings like: 👇

  • Sending the same message to many people and creating personalized emails (after you’ve created the initial template, you’ll be able to send it to 100 people without having to create one for each).
  • You’ll be able to create campaigns, in order to send many sequences of emails to follow-up on your prospect until you get a good reply rate from them.

The more channels of communication you use to present yourself and/or your product, the more chances you’ll have of getting an answer! 😘

Try Waalaxy Now 👩‍🚀


How to send a cold outreach email for sales?

Like explained previously, you can use Waalaxy to implement cold email outreach in your B2b marketing strategy. ⛄

Cold emails allow you to show the benefits of your product in an easy way, remember that the approach doesn’t have to be overly formal! 🧑‍💼 You can use additional resources like automated LinkedIn messaging, in order to make your prospection even more effective.

To summarize, sending brief, highly targeted cold emails to a certain group is an effective way to build new business partnerships and bring new leads for your company. When you pair it with a series of automated follow-ups, you’ve got yourself a powerful lead generation machine! 🤖

Find out what you can do with your leads after launching your first campaign, in this blog post. 👈

PD: After reading all this, you might be wondering if cold emailing is legal… 😨 Well, in theory, yes, if you exclusively use professional email accounts… ✅ However, sending cold emails to personal addresses, on the other hand, is prohibited!

Cold emailing is most commonly done on rented, bought, or “scraped” email addresses, with the gathering technique varying greatly. It can also be done using addresses gathered through email enrichment and/or acquired manually. 👋

So it’s up to you to keep your mailing list as qualified as possible! 🏅

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Great guys, now you know how to write the best cold email b2b templates in order to generate responses from your leads. ⚡I know it’s a little bit of work, but with automation and these template ideas I’m sure you’ll succeed! 🤗