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Looking for the Best Cold Email B2b Templates? Β You are at the right place! What is the difference between a sales email that works and a prospecting email that flops? πŸ€” Well, the sales email, also known as “cold email” meets very specific marketing rules, that’s why we give you here our 25 best examples of prospecting emails. Let’s go ! ⚑

The definition of a Cold Email

There are several types of emails:

  • Marketing email = generally, it is a newsletter to which the prospect has subscribed.
  • Transactional emails = when the prospect fills out a form or downloads a white paper, he receives several transactional emails intended to make him buy the product or service.
  • Cold Email, or prospecting email. In this case, you get a list of professional email addresses, you will contact this list while they have not subscribed or filled out a form, it is an email that aims to create a first contact to break the ice, and sell quickly.

πŸ’‘ To put it simply: Cold emailing refers to the practice of sending an email message to a target business prospect without having had any prior contact or engagement with them and without them having requested it. It is frequently used in B2b prospecting strategies. However, it should not be confused with other cold rich practices, such as cold calling. πŸ“ž

Cold emailing, in a nutshell, involves sending an email to a person with the aim of creating a connection with them. The purpose of these emails is to build a relationship with the prospect. 🀝 So try not to scare them away, haha! πŸ˜‚

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πŸš’ = When used incorrectly, cold emailing causes marketing pressure and could lead to deliverability issues.

Examples of Cold emails

Now let’s see 30 more templates that you can copy/paste from this article to improve your B2b cold email sales. We will show you the example prospecting email that our Waalaxy team uses in order to find new customers. πŸ‘½ This is top secret, ok? 🀫 So make good use of this sample prospecting email presented here….

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How to write THE Best cold email B2b templates?

We’ll take a look at 10 templates for lead generation, and explain the key points to keep in mind, in order to write successful cold emails πŸ‘‡ 1. Use a catchy subject line. πŸ‘€ Since the subject line is the first one your prospect will read, you should spend half of your email time writing and A/B testing alternative subject lines. You want to create an intriguing subject line, but avoid sounding too spammy or salesy. 2. Add an enticing offer. πŸ€‘

Give your customers a reason to respond and a direct call to action. For example, “Find out how to get 100% of your customers via inbound marketing,” who wouldn’t want to know that? 3. Write copy that is as personal and natural as possible. 🌱

Use personalized emails and give suggestions to the reader, instead of sounding too pushy. Proofread your writing before sending your email to ensure it has a natural, casual tone. 4. Back up your words with social proof. 🌟 Remember, no one wants to be the first user of a product/service that lacks reputation…. πŸ˜“

Mentioning your social media, contact information and if possible a link to your online reviews reduces the risk of scaring away potential customers. Without further ado, here are the best sample prospecting emails I promised you! πŸ€—

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25 Examples of THE Best Cold Email B2b Templates

There are several methods to succeed in your approaches, some are more direct than others, we let you choose the one that speaks to you best! Of course, you will have to adapt the message according to the solution you have to offer on the market.

1) Talk about the problem + the solution

πŸ’‘ This is a very direct approach, it is easier to use when you are in Beta testing or have a free product.

2) The problem + the explanation

πŸ’‘ The goal here is to educate the user on best practices by offering more information about the problem. We help him to understand why he is facing such a problem and in a second message, we will provide him with the solution.

3) The added value thanks to the Newsletter in a Cold Email

πŸ’‘ Here, we don’t sell a tool, but a Newsletter, which allows us to keep the prospect in a process of “lead nurturing“, that is to say that we will continue to feed the prospect with high added value content.

4) Talk to your core target

πŸ’‘ With lead nurturing segmentation, you can create ultra-personalized emails like this one. The more you talk to your target, the more divisive you can be. There, the little “PS” at the end reminds the reader that it’s in their best interest to learn more, because it’s part of their pro goals.

5) The recovered prospect

πŸ’‘ Thanks to some tools like Waalaxy, you can create sales campaigns, in which you get the email addresses of people who commented on a post on LinkedIn, and you contact them automatically, it gives you ultra precise emails, like this one (we give you the method a little bit further down!)

6) The student > mentor email

πŸ’‘ The goal here is to break the ice, create a link, but above all to know more about the problems of the future client, in order to better answer them. Even if you’re not a student, it’s still a good fit. 😁

7) Ask for your target’s expertise in your Cold Email

πŸ’‘ In this email, we clearly express that we’re going to end up proposing a solution to our target, we’re “preparing” it. But we also ask him for expert information, and that often works!

8) The Direct Meeting

πŸ’‘ This email is more for headhunters or people who want to propose professional partnerships.

9) The prospecting email test

πŸ’‘ Nothing like this to get a response and get to know your target better.

10) “Thank you in advance.”

πŸ’‘ Nothing like accompanying the prospect to answer you, than to say thank you in advance for his time. Moreover, in this complete email, you explained the problem, the solution and offer to discuss it, so it is complete.

11) Propose a “Cold Calling” call

πŸ’‘ Proposing a call is always perilous, like a parachute jump. In these cases, it is better to add a short time notion (10 min max). Moreover, we advise you to wait for 2 or 3 messages before proposing the call.

12) The search for partnerships

πŸ’‘ The two digital channels that we recommend to look for partnerships, are emailing and LinkedIn. Still, give preference to LinkedIn, as the potential partner has access to information about your company very easily.

13) The search for providers for an agency

πŸ’‘ Sometimes, you need a helping hand to launch a project. In order to find the right profiles, do a search via LinkedIn, then scrape the email addresses or contact them directly on the network in an automated way (we explain how below!)

14) The personalization of the prospecting email by the business

πŸ’‘ Nothing better than identifying the target’s profession directly at the entrance of the email, it proves that you are talking to the right person!

15) A quantifiable objective in your prospecting email

πŸ’‘ In this email, you tell the prospect what they’re going to gain in a quantitative way: those first 10 customers. In the same way, you can say “100 euros per day”, “+10% turnover”. Be careful though, to have proof of what you are saying.

16) Prove your value in an email

πŸ’‘ Proving your added value is essential. Especially for someone who knows you neither from Eve nor Adam. So: testimonials, reviews, articles, will be your allies.

17) Know how to seize your chance

πŸ’‘ You didn’t get his contact from a lukewarm person but you know he uses a competing product. So why not act like someone told you. It’s easy to find out the first name of a college or a provider. If you don’t even want to bother, use a generic first name like “Paul” or “Sarah” and it will go over just fine πŸ˜‰

18) Golden argument

πŸ’‘ Find the key information, look for the hardest argument to counter, and you get this type of prospecting may from it. You’ve posed the problem and are answering it, simply.

19) Spark curiosity

πŸ’‘ Turn the problem into a riddle or question to get your reader curious, this type of format works great for direct messages on LinkedIn too.

20) Take the temperature in an initial email

πŸ’‘ Sometimes, it’s better to let the prospect come to you, get to know their plans and create a connection before proposing a solution.

21) Build on commonalities

πŸ’‘ Commonalities are the easiest way to create connection. In the pro, it’s kind of like in the personal. If you prove to the other person that you understand each other, then they are more likely to listen to you.

22) The list of benefits

πŸ’‘ Sometimes, depending on what you’re selling and to whom, a list of benefits is enough to tip the scales in your favor.

23) Contact recovery via an event

πŸ’‘ With Waalaxy, you can retrieve contacts who have attended events on LinkedIn, are part of groups, or have commented on posts. Great for learning about your prospects’ needs quickly.

24) The give and take

πŸ’‘ Sometimes you have to give in order to receive. This is often the case with executive profiles or busy people. Offer them a mutual exchange.

25) Engage the prospect with an open-ended question

πŸ’‘ Open-ended questions are a salesperson‘s friend. The more the prospect talks, the more they engage with you.

Bonus: The email subject line and signature

After reading these 25 prospecting email examples, I bet you’re thinking “umm, there’s still something missing…” 🧐 Well, I’ll tell you what it is! It’s missing a killer email subject line and a custom email signature of course. πŸ‘ˆ Now you have all the elements to create the best Btob cold email templates for yourself. You can thank me later! 😜

How do I create a database for my prospecting emails?

If you are looking for where to start your B2b prospecting, then let me give you a tip…. πŸ’‘ Use your LinkedIn connections, πŸ‘ LinkedIn is your biggest ally when trying to connect with B2b clients, since it’s the biggest professional network out there, you need to make the most of it. πŸ’° To do this, you can start by “scraping” the emails of your LinkedIn connections to create a mailing list that you can grow little by little. 🐣 If you want the emails of your LinkedIn friends, the process is very simple! However, aren’t you a developer who knows how to scrape data? πŸ˜₯ No problem, I will teach you how to scrape LinkedIn in a few simple steps using Waalaxy:

  • Start by downloading Waalaxy from this link, (if you haven’t already).
  • Go to LinkedIn and select “My Network” then “Connections.”
  • You have arrived at your relationship page. Click on the Waalaxy button in the upper right corner of your browser (it may be hidden when you first download it, so be sure to pin it using the puzzle icon),
  • Then click on “Create”, then select the “Number to import”, and finally “Submit”,

Once the profiles have been exported to Waalaxy, all you have to do is to download your contacts’ information in a CSV file from the Waalaxy CRM:

  • To access it, click on “Open Waalaxy” from your extension to connect to your CRM.
  • Select the newly created prospect list by clicking on “Prospects” in the left menu.
  • Click on the “Import” button, then “Import CSV file” to get the file containing their information.
  • You will get a CSV file containing first name, last name, email address, company, position, LinkedIn premium status (if applicable), region, LinkedIn profile link and phone number.

I told you this was an easy way to export emails, didn’t I! πŸ˜‰

How to write a professional first contact email?

In these 10 sample emails, we use several marketing methods. πŸ€“ Like the AIDA method, which we’ll explain below: πŸ‘‡

  • “A” for Attention, to get your target’s attention.
  • “I” for Interest, to relate to their interests and keep them engaged.
  • “D” for Desire, to create desire by showing how they will benefit from your offer/product.
  • And finally, “A” for Action, to ask them to click, respond or buy.

The ultimate goal is toget an answer! πŸ’₯ It succinctly summarizes the sales process, outlining the path to getting someone’s attention and prompting them to act. 🦾 The AIDA formula is used in almost every cold email, landing page or ad you’ve ever seen (in different variations).

Before And After GIF

You can also apply the BAB email formula below: πŸ‘‡

  • “B” for Before, to describe the current problem your target is facing.
  • “A” is for “After”, to illustrate the resolution of the problem or improvement of the situation.
  • “B” for Bridge, to show how your solution solves the problem and improves your prospect’s life.

Our motivations, as well as those of any potential customer, stem from two overriding drives: πŸƒ

  • Pleasure seeking,
  • Or the avoidance of pain.

The before-and-after bridge method uses incentive to build engaging B2B cold emails that deliver results. It presents your product as a way to deliver the “pleasure” the customer is looking for. 😊 Take a look at the following sample prospecting emails, and apply them to your business! πŸ’Ό

How to write a business prospecting letter?

Continuing with the different email writing formulas you can use for your cold email templates, ❄️ here are a few more that can be very helpful in building new relationships and partnerships with your potential clients. Here is the PAS email formula: πŸ‘‡

  • “P” for Problem, to focus on a problem that gives your prospect a pain or irritation point.
  • “A” is for Agitate, to explain what would happen if the problem continued.
  • “S” is for Solution, to give a better way to alleviate/avoid the suffering caused by the situation.

The BAB formula we saw earlier takes a positive view, while the PAS formula takes the opposite approach. πŸ™ƒ The “avoid pain” impulse is then used to get a reaction from the prospect. Animated GIF

Finally, we have the SAS email method πŸ‘‡

  • “S” is for Star, to introduce the star of your story. This could be you, a client, or other companies or individuals.
  • “A” is for Arch, to describe the star’s journey, which is – or should be – facing a similar problem as your lead.
  • “S” is for Success, to explain how the star is doing or doing better in the end (of course referring to your own product/service).

People like to be told stories. πŸ₯° We rely on stories to educate us, warn us, and entertain us. All of our senses light up when we are immersed in a story, we are moved by the words we read and we identify with the characters we meet. Therefore, the SAS technique allows you to energize your cold email model by creating a story around your product. It is especially effective with case studies and success stories of your buyers! πŸš€ Below are 10 more sample prospecting emails that you can use immediately for your B2b email prospecting. πŸ•Ί

Conclusion: Write THE Best Cold Email B2b Templates

It can be difficult to write an ideal prospecting email, but I hope these guidelines and 30 templates can help you achieve your prospecting goals. πŸ”₯Before anything else, remember to stay direct and have a clear intention. You’ll manage to break through the clutter in your prospect’s inbox and truly stand out as a solution-oriented business partner if you avoid making these mistakes in your sales email πŸ‘Œ

  • Fill the email with too many ideas and CTAs.
  • Make it too long (no one has time for that!).
  • Instead of celebrating the consumer, only talk about your company.
  • Don’t use personalization.
  • Use too much jargon.
  • Write like you’re a robot.
  • Use an excessive number ofemojis and other special characters.
  • Make multiple grammar and spelling errors.

Take note of these tips, and be sure to add a personal touch to the templates to make them the best B2b cold email templates for you! 😍

Bonus for your digital prospecting

I have more good news for you…. Ready 😁 You can now use Waalaxy to send email and LinkedIn automatically, so you can to both campaigns using the same tool! πŸŽ‰ Amazing, right? πŸ₯³ Go ahead and test our Waalaxy tool now, I’m sure your life will be changed for the better! En savoir plus πŸ”₯ On the other hand, if you need a little more inspiration and want to check out our template directory, then follow these 2 articles πŸ™

There, now you have no excuses if you don’t know how to write your first cold emails! ✍️

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FAQ: Best Cold Email B2b Templates

What are the characteristics of a good prospecting email?

Here are the key practices for writing the best B2b prospecting emails πŸ’«

  • Instead of using your company name, cold emails should come from a person. Cold emails are all about creating human relationships with prospects, and the “from” address is one of the first pieces of contact information you give. 🀲
  • Again, the subject line of the email should be catchy. Subject lines are your biggest chance of getting someone to read or even respond to your email, so think about them carefully. ✍️
  • You should add a brief body content inside the email, this is essentially your elevator pitch. Like I said, no one has time to read a book. You should be able to simply express the benefits of your offer/product without too much blah blah blah! πŸ˜–
  • You can build trust with your prospect by listing all the big customers you have that your prospect might know about, in addition to really caring about their goals. You can also mention having a large number of buyers. 🎯
  • Make sure your email has a clear call to action. Tell your prospect exactly what to do next, and make it as simple as possible for him. Want them to test a product? Provide them with a direct link to your app. πŸ“£
  • Finally, remember that having only one CTA is part of a clear CTA. Don’t expect someone to test a product, then fill out a quiz for you…. You need to pick one. πŸ₯‡ Having one call to action will help keep your email short and clear.

I hope you’ll apply the best practices shown in this sample prospecting email, from now on! 🀩

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Can you send mass cold emails for B2B?

Of course! 😏 You can use an automation tool like Waalaxy, to send mass cold emails for your B2B prospecting. The cool thing aboutreaching out to prospects online, especially with automation technologies, is that you can do multi-channel marketing. 🧨 Indeed, approaching someone only via LinkedIn or cold email increases your chances of getting a response, but beware of harassing your prospect! πŸ™Š You also need to leave room to breathe, so they have to do their own research on your product/service and don’t feel harassed by you. There is a fine line between being persistent and being annoying! 😬

What we want to do is make lots of contact with the right person to increase conversion opportunities. Actually, cold emailing is not quite the same as mass emailing. You don’t have to send 10,000 emails a day, because there are limits if you want to avoid landing in spam all the time! πŸ”•

Cold email is a sales email, so you need language to make your emails shorter and to the point, much like a sales pitch. In order to create effective cold email campaigns, you can automate things like πŸ‘‡

  • Send the same message to many people and create custom emails (after creating the initial template, you will be able to send it to 100 people without having to create one for each).
  • You will be able to create campaigns, so you can send several email sequences to follow your prospect until you get a good response rate from them.

The more communication channels you use to introduce yourself and/or your product, the more likely you are to get a response!

How to contact prospects via email?

As explained before, you can use Waalaxy to implement cold email outreach in your B2b marketing strategy. β›„

Cold emails allow you to show the benefits of your product in a simple way, remember that the approach should not be too formal! πŸ’Ό You can use additional resources like automated LinkedIn messaging to make your prospecting even more effective. To summarize, sending short, highly targeted cold emails to a certain group is an effective way to create new business partnerships and bring new leads to your company. When you combine it with a series of automated follow-ups, you have a powerful lead generation machine ! πŸ€–

Find out what you can do with your leads after you launch your first campaign, in this blog post. πŸ‘ˆ PD: After reading all this, you might be wondering if cold emailing is legal…. 😨 Well, in theory, yes, if you are exclusively using business email accounts…. βœ…

On the other hand, sending cold emails to personal addresses is prohibited! Sending cold emails is most often done on rented, purchased or “scraped” email addresses, the collection technique being very variable. It can also be done from addresses collected by email enrichment and/or acquired manually. πŸ‘‹

So it’s up to you to make sure your mailing list is as qualified as possible! πŸ…

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Great guys, now you know how to write your email, picking the Best Cold Email B2b TemplatesΒ to generate responses from your leads. ⚑ I know it’s a bit of work, but with automation and these template ideas, I’m sure you’ll get it right! πŸ€—

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