5 LinkedIn Invitation Message Samples

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LinkedIn is THE social network if you want to generate leads in BtoB/B2B. 80% of BtoB leads generated on social networks are generated via LinkedIn. However, what makes a prospecting strategy effective is not always evident, and of course the first impression is crucial when you’re trying to connect with someone! Here are 5 LinkedIn invitation message samples to find new potential customers on LinkedIn. 🔥

How to write an introduction message on LinkedIn?

Intro – The classic LinkedIn networking messages (avoid this)

You have probably already received this kind of invitation:

“Hello firstname,
I’m Toinon from Waalaxy. We help companies like yours generate new leads on LinkedIn. I think you might be interested. Let’s get in touch.”

Obviously, this is not what I’m going to recommend in this article. While this approach may work, it results in very low conversion rates. It requires a good fit for the product-market and an exceptional LinkedIn profile to work well.

The invitation note, which is not a message (see the difference between note and message), it’s pretty thought to master as it is limited to 300 characters. However, it is crucial to get in touch with your prospect: if they refuse, you will not have a second chance. Hence, the importance of sending original invitation notes on LinkedIn.

So where possible, avoid this LinkedIn invitation message sample.

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Now, we’re going to have a look at how to write a super-efficient and personalized message


How do you write a good invitation on LinkedIn?

Before writing your LinkedIn invitation message, all the boxes in this checklist must be checked. These are the essential prerequisites for your acquisition strategy.

Sample 1 – Reach out a professional LinkedIn group

LinkedIn groups are a gold mine for commercial prospecting.

They allow you to:

  • Develop your clients database and expand your professional network on LinkedIn.
  • Attract potential customers (leads) to your website.
  • Benefit from the option to target qualified profiles in a specific sector.
  • Benefit from a better conversion rate on your landing pages.
  • Boost your visibility and personal branding to become an industry leader.
  • Find new leads and put them in your buying path (funnel).
  • Fill your CRM/prospect emailing list to build customer loyalty.
  • Find a job post and hiring manager.

Users group together on interests that you can use to target them. We have already written an article about LinkedIn campaigns that got an above 50% acceptance rate using this method. I will summarize the basic principle here as an example.

You want to approach Marketing managers. Join groups around marketing and then use the group export functionality through Waalaxy, or via a filter on Sales Navigator if you have a Premium plan.

You can use the following LinkedIn invitation message sample:

“Hello {{firstname}},
We are both members of the group {group name}. As a member of this group on {group topic}, what do you think of {problem you are solving}?

I’m currently doing some work related to this, and it would be a pleasure to discuss it with you”

When filled in, it would look something like this:

“Good morning John,
We are both members of the group “BtoB prospecting: good practices” . As a member of this group on lead generation, what do you think of the LinkedIn acquisition channel and its strategies?”

I’m currently doing some work related to this, and it would be a pleasure to discuss it with you”

Please note: groups can bring together several nationalities and languages. If you don’t have the Sales Navigator option to filter the search by language, choose English.

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How to message someone on LinkedIn about a job?

Sample 2 – Best targeted approach via the University path

If you’ve been to a university or school with a large alumni network, this approach is pure gold. You just need to contact the alumni of your school who are in your target audience and put forward your common ground, business interest and mutual connection.

You can use two methods: the follow-up method or the direct method.

How to write a LinkedIn message to connect?

The “connect” and follow-up

The connection message:

“Hi {{firstname}},
First things first, we both went to {schoolname}. We were not in the same year, but I thought it’d be nice to get in touch.

The follow-up message:

“Thank you for accepting me into your network {{firstname}},
I work for {company name}. I’m not sure if that speaks to you, but we are developing {product}. If that’s in-line with your busines interests or if you’re simply interested in knowing more, feel free to click on the link to our website: {website link} “

You can automate the sending of a connection message and a follow-up message using Waalaxy’s sequences.

The direct connect

“Hi {{firstname}},
We both went to {school name}. We were not in the same year, but I thought that we could discuss our background and our respective professional activities and see if we could help each other. At the moment, I’m working on {product}.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if that might be something you’re interested in, or if there’s anything I could do for you.”

Obviously, this method requires that the alumni of your school is a target of interest. However, do not underestimate the power of alumni and use your mutual connection: they can use word of mouth to promote you or/and your message with the decision-makers in their company.

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How to connect with someone on LinkedIn?

Sample 3 – The catchy approach that breaks generic codes

“Hey {{firstname}},

Your profile crossed my path whilst mindlessly scrolling through the black hole that is LinkedIn. Your open position and your rank stood out to me seeing as I am the Superman/Wonder woman of solving the problems of {profession} around {subject}. Interested in finding out more? You know where to find me!”

Obviously, this approach is not suitable for every prospect: if you target CEOs or accountants of an S&P500, you might run into a brick wall. Go for this note if you’re addressing a young audience, or if you want to put forward a relaxed and fun image and stand out from the many bland/standardized approaches.

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How to ask someone to connect on LinkedIn?

Sample 4 – A personalized approach for business

Do you want to create a real relationship with your prospects and understand their needs? Use this type of personalization in your notes:

“Hello {{firstname}},
I saw that you are in {sector OR title}. I seek to understand the industry’s needs so I can offer a tailormade solution. What do you think are the 3 most important issues in {subject matter}?

Looking forward to discussing it with you”

Which would look something like:

“Dear John,
I see that you are in the marketing business on LinkedIn. I seek to understand the industry’s needs so as to provide a leads generation solution. What do you think are the 3 most important obstacles in finding BtoB clients on the internet?”

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What to say in a LinkedIn connection request?

Sample 5 – The perfect approach to request advice to an executive

This approach is optimal if you have a blog. You get to kill two birds with one stone: generate leads and accumulate content to distribute it. The idea is to ask for advice on a subject and provide a backlink that sends people to your site.

“Hello {{firstname}},
I’m writing an article on {subject} and I’m looking to incorporate expert advice. As a {job title}, what advice would you have for {question}?
The site link:
Looking forward to hearing from you. “

Which would look something like:

“Dear John,
I am writing an article on burnouts, and I am trying to integrate advice from people who may have come across this issue. As a manager, what advice would you give to professionals to avoid a burnout?
Here’s a link to our site for a piece of information or if you would like to have a chat: managingishard.com”


“Dear John,
I am writing an article on lead generation. As a Growth Hacker, what advice would you give regarding finding BtoB leads? If I feel your advice would be beneficial to my readers, I’d be happy to include your name and a link to your website in the article.

Here is the link to our website if you want to have a look: https://waalaxy.com/fr
I’m looking forward to discussing the issue with you”

These LinkedIn invitation message samples are just ideas. The purpose of this article is to give you a kick-start, so you can go on to find your own original approach. One that is adapted to your profile, your product, and your target.

You can also choose not to send a note and to only use follow-up messages.

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Already discovered a killer approach? Feel free to share it with us! 😁


Conclusion: What to say in an invite in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn message templates & examples here!

In this article, we have seen several LinkedIn invitation message examples, which you can use at any time! ✍️

Here are the key templates we covered:

  • The Intro: Have a good catchphrase.
  • Template 1: Using the LinkedIn groups strategy.
  • Template 2: Get your alumni network to play.
  • Template 3: Have a catchy tone to stand out.
  • Template 4: Use personalization to get closer.
  • Template 5: Seeking expert advice.

All the same, remember to add your original touch and not just copy/paste to stand out from the batch of connection messages that your prospects receive daily in their LinkedIn messaging. 🥵

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FAQ of the LinkedIn Invitation Message Samples

How do I send an invitation on LinkedIn?

To send an invitation on LinkedIn, go to the people’s profile and click on the blue “Connect” button. Then wait for your recipient’s acceptance or refusal.

It’s that simple ! 😉

Demande connexion sur Linkedin


How to send a personalized invitation note for recruiters on LinkedIn?

Use our Waalaxy tool to add personalization when sending a note to the recruiters. 👽

Here is an article on how to send a message to a recruiter on LinkedIn, without being refused! 🤗

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I hope you’ll put these 5 LinkedIn invitation message samples to good use! 🦾


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