How to Send a Connection Request on LinkedIn?

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Today, we’re telling you all about the connection request on LinkedIn. What it is, how to send an automatic invitation or even how to cancel them. In short, you will know everything about this feature to build your social-networking. 😁


How To Send a Connection Request on LinkedIn? (Connect)

Don’t panic if you thought that connecting or networking via LinkedIn is the same thing as inviting them to join your network. You’re simply right! 😅

This action goes by many names: invitation, connection, to network… All of these refer to the same way to action.

Here is a tutorial video, on how to send invitations on networking sites like LinkedIn. 💥


How to Invite Someone With a Connection Note on LinkedIn?

To invite someone to join your LinkedIn network, you have several options. 👉 To start, you can easily go to their LinkedIn profile page and click the “Connect” button.

You can add a connection note to accompany your invitation. If you want to know what works best, we’ve put together a case study: Should you send an invitation request with or without a note? 🤔


💡 The person will then receive your invitation and a notification, 🔔 to let them know that you want to join their LinkedIn network. That person can then accept or ignore your invitation.


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How to Send a Personalized and Automated Connection Request on LinkedIn?

The automation from LinkedIn is a type of inbound digital-marketing automation used in BtoB networks. 🤝

With Waalaxy, you can create your own automated scripts to not only send requests invitation messages on LinkedIn, but also reply to messaging and create conversations with potential customers on LinkedIn. 💌

The goal is to do lead-generation in a fully automated way. 🤖 LinkedIn automation can happen at any stage of the funnel for commercial prospecting. You can use it to add to your contact-information database, start conversations, set up meetings or call a prospect, 📞 close sales, use call-to-actions, etc. It all depends on your B2b marketing strategy this technology is simple and comes in a free version.

Know your target audience and your “buyer personas” on LinkedIn and how to find them. 🔍 There are three options for sending your connection requests automatic:

  • Import profiles from a targeting market niche with LinkedIn search results into the free Waalaxy CRM.
  • Send from invitations and personalize your messages for the person who visit your public profile.
  • Send invitations to people who comment on your LinkedIn postings.

👉 Here’s a tutorial video with our full guide on how to write your prospecting campaigns with Waalaxy:


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How to Find the Invitations Sent on LinkedIn?

To find all the invitations you’ve sent, head to the “Network” tab. 🌐 Then, in your pending connection requests insert, you’ll find the “Manage” button.


👉 This will give you access to your pending invitations, which are your sent invitations that have not yet been accepted.


How To Cancel a Connection Request on LinkedIn?

Still in the “Manage” tab of your invitations, 📨 you can view your sent invitations.

Next to each name, you will have the “Remove” button that allows you to cancel your invitation request. 🚫

💡 If you want to remove multiple invitations, you can select the people and remove them all with one click.

If you are already connected with the person, but you don’t want them in your professional social network anymore, then go to their LinkedIn profile, then click “More” and finally “Remove Relationship”.


Now, let’s look at the flip side of the coin… 🪙 What do you do when you receive invitations on LinkedIn?

Read our tips on what to do, in the next part! ⏬

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How Do I Accept Invitations on LinkedIn?

When you connect to LinkedIn, you will receive notifications when someone replies to your messages, visits your social media profile, or sends you a connection request. 🔔 You have the ability to accept all the invitations directly on LinkedIn.

However, you can’t accept more than one at a time, so you have to manually manage each connection request. 😫

👉 To do this, you need to go to “Network” and click on the “Approve” button to add the person to your professional network.


How to Ignore an Invitation on LinkedIn?

On the other hand, you can also ignore invitations on LinkedIn when, you don’t know the person who is trying to join your social networks. Or, you simply don’t care to connect with them based on that first impression. 🤐

Just go to the part “Network” invitation and click on the “Ignore” button to not accept the connection request from that person, no notification will be sent.


Conclusion: What’s the Difference Between Connection Request and Invitation on LinkedIn?

In conclusion, “connecting” on LinkedIn is when you sent an invitation to contact you and the person accepted, or the other way around. 👏

Also, an invitation on LinkedIn is one connection request that has not yet been accepted. 🙏

To recap, in this article we answered the following questions:

  • How to send an invitation on LinkedIn?
  • How to invite someone on LinkedIn?
  • How to find your invitations sent on LinkedIn?
  • How do I cancel an invitation on LinkedIn?
  • How do I accept invitations on LinkedIn?
  • How do I ignore an invitation on LinkedIn?


👉 Also, a connection note and a message are different features. Although complementary, you will not be able to send a message without being connected with the person first. 🤔 You will be able to send professionally a connection note or message (templates to stand-out) to accompany an invitation, but it will be limited to 300 characters.

Here’s an article on the difference between connection and message in LinkedIn, to get help! 👀


FAQ of the article

How to Know If a LinkedIn Invitation is Accepted?

Little trick to get noticed and to know if your LinkedIn invitation is accepted: go to the profile, and you will see that you are connected and that the person belongs to your 1st level of relationship.

On the contrary, if your invitation mysteriously “disappears” when you reach-out, it’s simply that the person has ignored your invitation. Just the trending topic #ghosting. 🥲


Can I Edit/Remove a Pending Connection Request on LinkedIn?

Here’s how to remove a pending invitation message on LinkedIn:

  1. See the [number] next to Invitations at the top of the “Network” page. You will be redirected to the LinkedIn Manage Invitations page.
  2. Click on the “Sent” tab to Manage Invitations. Note: You will see those that are still waiting for a response.
  3. Click “Remove” next to the recipient’s name.
  4. Then confirm your decision.

👉 Or, you can do it automatically from your Waalaxy CRM:

  1. To remove your pending invitations on LinkedIn, you can use the button right under your optimized profile photo on the Waalaxy homepage (Icon 🗑️).
  2. Then you can choose the date from the drop-down menu, before which all invitations will be deleted.


How Many Connection Requests Can I Send on LinkedIn Per Day? (With Waalaxy)

Since the last update, all LinkedIn members have been limited to less than 100 invitations per week. If you’re prospecting to new clients, you know that’s not enough. ❌

Some tools continue to exceed these quotas by risking your LinkedIn account, because they don’t know how to get around this limit But not with Waalaxy. 🌌 With our online-marketing tool, you can send 500-700 invites per week, or 100 invites per day without any risk. Find out how we did it in this article! 🚀

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There you go, now that you know everything about sending a connection request on LinkedIn, all you have to do is grow and improve your network. It’s perfect for small businesses, so go for it! 😎


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