Weekly limit on invitations sent on LinkedIn

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If you’re prospecting on LinkedIn, this probably hasn’t escaped your attention. For the past few weeks, LinkedIn has been rolling out an update limiting the number of weekly invitations to 200 or so per week. 🤪

Its goal: to put an end to agressive prospecting and automation tools that abuse its policies. ❌

Yet LinkedIn remains the best qualified B2B lead database in the world with 700M users.

So is this the end of the El Dorado?

Certainly not. A new era has simply just begun.

And you are in the right place…


Does the limitation of LinkedIn invitations concern everyone?

In principle, yes. By statistically analyzing our data, we have been able to confirm that this limitation update was propagated at the beginning of May 2022 to almost all users.

It doesn’t matter your acceptance rate, your profile, if you publish or not… Only a few accounts seem to be spared.

In our opinion, it’s only a matter of time. The update has well and truly rolled out to ALL LinkedIn users. 👊


Why limit the number of weekly invites on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is first and foremost a network of people. However, in recent months, the popularity of automation tools and the health crisis have significantly increased the volumes of invitations sent on LinkedIn and the use of the network as an acquisition channel.

No one likes to receive 10 marketing and sales invitations (often poorly written and poorly qualified) per day on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has therefore decided to strike a blow by reducing the number of possible invitations to about 200 per week, compared to more than 500 previously.

With two objectives: reduce sales solicitations and put an end to automation tools.

But if they thought that would stop us, LinkedIn doesn’t know us at all 😂 (actually its true our tool is still undetectable 😜). But what we’re saying is, LinkedIn is still a real gold mine.

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waalaxy dashboard

Is it possible to get round LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit?

The problem for a social network when it wants to put an end to slightly abusive practices is to prevent bots from operating while maintaining a normal user experience for a “normal” user.

So if you really do meet a lot of people in everyday life, this limit of two hundred invitations per week can quickly become restrictive, even for someone creating a quality network.

So there’s no getting around LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit.

You can, however, use other techniques, such as the “message request” function.

The ‘message request‘ feature is dedicated to people who share your LinkedIn events and groups, allowing you to send them a message without having to request a connection – pretty crazy, isn’t it?

Waalaxy allows you to send up to 80 per day! 🚀

How does it appear on Waalaxy when I am restricted?

From your campaign

You’ll see some of the leads in your campaign have been “Postponed”.

This means that the next invitation action has been postponed until next week, because your weekly quota of LinkedIn invitations has been reached (200 per week).

You can find the prospects concerned by activating this filter in the campaign 😊

From your queue

You’ll see “Invitations” actions with the same “Deferred” status.

This is also written on your Invitation quota, on the right, in orange.🧡

You will see the “Invitations” actions with the same “Deferred” status.

This is also written on your Invitation quota, on the right, in orange.🧡

Why was I getting 2,500 invitations a month before, and only 800 now?

Until now, Waalaxy had a hidden feature that allowed you to exceed LinkedIn’s weekly invitation quota of 200 per week.

This allowed us to send 2,500 invitations per month instead of the default 800 authorised by LinkedIn.

Following recent technical changes on the LinkedIn side and with this desire to restrict commercial ads, and automation tools: the invitation bypass system in all automation tools (including ours) no longer works. 😕

So everyone is now limited to 200 invitations per week.

This change only affects invitations, so it’s still possible to use Visits, Messages, Emails, Message Requests, etc. to their full potential, as well as all the other Waalaxy features 👌


The restriction of LinkedIn Invitation actions is pushing us even harder to have ultra-targeted prospecting strategies in order to avoid spam, or any other form of prospecting that is indigestible for everyone.

With 200 invitations a week now, you need to find and select your best prospects in order to maximise your chances of prospecting and then converting.

To help you target and segment your prospects, Waalaxy has launched its Lead Enrichment using AI functionality.

To find out more, click here. 💥



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