How To Write A Professional Thank You Email

Want to learn how to write a professional thank you email? But you don’t know what to say… 🙈

Saying “thank you” is not always easy, especially since it depends so much on your interlocutor.

In this article, we help you find inspiration with 38 examples and our 5 expert tips! 🤓

How To Write A Professional Thank You Email

A thank you email, as the name suggests, allows you to express your gratitude to a person or organization that has helped you, supported you, offered a gift, or provided a service.

A thank you email is more than just a polite message. 🤝

The primary goal is to express your gratitude to those who took the time to welcome you, whether it was for a business meeting, a collaboration, a discovery call with a sale prospect, or even a job interview. 👀

However, too few candidates or companies take the time to send thank-you emails.

For it to be well received, your “thank you” must be sincere. 🧐

Thank-you emails also serve as a reminder of things discussed with your interviewer and a reaffirmation of your motivation.

13 Examples of Professional Thank You Emails

Here are 6 sample emails to help you write your thank you emails if you’re in need of a little inspiration. They are adapted to different situations, and they’ll save you a lot of time. 💎

You can choose a thank you message from the free email templates below: 👇

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1. Professional Thank You Email Example After a Job Interview

If your internship or job interview went well, why not send a thank you email? 🧐 This type of action is always highly appreciated by recruiters.

For an internship, it will reinforce your position as a future professional and after the job interview, it will only strengthen your motivation to join the company and boost your application in a subtle way. 🚀

So how to write a thank you email in this case ?

Example of a thank-you email for a job interview:

Example of an internship thank you email:

Example of thank you email for work-study interview:

👉 If your interview went well, the last thing you want to do is ruin things by making a faux pas.. 🙈

The best practices for sending professional thank you emails are simple: ⏬

  • Don’t go overboard by exaggerating or using an overly enthusiastic tone (for example: “I’ve never been so motivated to work in my life”).
  • Don’t be indifferent either 😨 (for example: “Hello, thank you for yesterday, and have a nice day”).
  • If you’ve already sent an email to which you haven’t had a response, don’t resend another one. You risk being perceived as too pushy!
  • Finally, read it again. Receiving an email without mistakes is a rare but joyous occasion for a recruiter. ✅

2. How To Write a Professional Thank You Email

Here are some sample emails if one of your colleagues is about to leave the company for one reason or another. It’s always nice to send them a little thank you note before they leave. 🥲

The kind of email you might send to a colleague who’s leaving after a short time at the company may differ from the one you’ll write for a colleague who’s been with you for a number of years and is leaving for retirement.

Let’s look at two examples! 🔎

Example of a thank-you email for leaving a job:

Example of a thank-you email for retirement:

3. How to Write a Professional Thank You Email to Boss

Sending a thank-you email to a recruiter after the interview is a must. It’s almost as important as the job interview itself. 😰Thank you emails allow you to increase your chances of getting a job, show professionalism, prove your motivation, and more. These emails are always appreciated by your recruiter!

Showing your motivation is one of the keys to success in the hiring process.

Not sending a thank-you email can work against you. Employers will think you are passive, unmotivated, or simply not that interested in the open position. 😮

However, sending a bland, stereotypical thank you email that you may have just copied and pasted is not the best way to stand out from your competitors…

In fact, recruiters always appreciate receiving thank-you emails from optimized profiles. So it’s worth taking the extra time to proofread and personalize them. 🎁

Example mail to thank a recruiter or boss:

4. Example of Thank You Email for Your Partnerships

Here are some message templates following a partnership or professional collaboration. 🤝 This gesture shows your partners or clients that you have a real interest in collaborating with them.

Example of a thank-you email for a business partner:

Example of a professional thank-you email for a client:

5. Example of Thank You Email for Your Help and Support

Did you receive a gift from a loved one or colleague for your birthday? 🎂 Were you touched by the presence of friends at your wedding, or do you want to thank someone for looking after your cat while you were on vacation? 😻

Here’s how to do it:

Thank you email for a gift at work:

Sample wedding thank-you email:

6. Example of a “thanks in advance” email

Have you ever needed to ask a colleague for help with an important report? Or perhaps you’ve had to ask a supplier for crucial information? 🤔 In these situations, using the phrase “thanks in advance” can greatly facilitate communication by showing your anticipated gratitude. How to write a thank you email in this case ? Here are a few examples with “thanks in advance”. 📧

Mail requesting a report from a colleague

Mail requesting information from a supplier

Mail inviting a superior to a meeting

How to say thank you in email professionally

👉 Use these general thank-you phrases appropriate for both personal and business emails:

  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you very much.
  • I appreciate your consideration.
  • I appreciate your guidance.
  • I appreciate your help.
  • I appreciate your time.
  • I sincerely appreciate ….
  • My sincere appreciation.
  • My sincere gratitude.
  • My sincere thanks.
  • Thank you for your assistance.
  • Thank you for your consideration.
  • Thank you for your encouragement.
  • Thank you for your guidance.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  • Thank you for your time.
  • Thank you in advance for your availability.
  • Thank you in advance for your reply.
  • Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Thanks in advance.

How to thank someone in an email?

👉 Sending a business thank-you note is not only professional, but it also helps you create relationships with your professional business contacts:

  • I appreciate your assistance and look forward to future collaborations.
  • Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.
  • Thank you for referring [individual name] to me for [services provided].
  • Thank you for referring us to {{CompanyName}}.
  • Thank you very much for the assistance you provide my business. I sincerely appreciate it.

There you go, 🤠 now let’s look at these 5 tips to write the best thank you emails at work!

5 Tips to how to say thank you in email professionally

Tip 1: Be Yourself

The golden rule for all your thank you emails is to be yourself. 🥇 Without overdoing it, a simple message is enough to demonstrate your motivation and confirm your interest in working at a company or collaborating with a partner.

Whether it’s a partnership, a job interview, or a business meeting, it’s important to be on the same page for a good collaboration. 🌈

Be honest and sincere. If you really want to work with someone, just express that desire in the simplest way possible.

Of course, you need to follow certain polite formulas but you’re free to take inspiration from templates, like the ones shown earlier, for a well-written email or from this. ✍️

Tip 2: Add a Clear Email Subject Line

Remember to add a simple and relevant email subject line! You should remain cordial while reiterating the reason for your message. For example, use basic phrases like, “To follow up on our business meeting,” or if it’s a job interview, “Following my interview for the role of [position]”. 🥸

If you want to stand out, use funny revivals in your message. 😝 However, make sure it still fits the setting and the person you are conversing with.

Tip 3: Confirm Your Interest

Don’t be afraid to show the person you’re talking to that you really want to get a job or sign a partnership. If you want the person in front of you to keep your resume in mind after an interview, then let them know you were paying attention by summarizing some key points discussed. ⚡

This not only shows your motivation but also shows that you are thorough and can retain information quickly. 💡

This applies when you are taking part in a recruiting process as well as if you are engaging with a potential business partner.

Tip 4: Show Your Motivation

A “thank you” is the best way to end an email.

If you recently had a job interview and you send them a thank you email, you are reaffirming your motivation. 😃

Show them that you are the ideal candidate. Tell them the different ways in which you fit the profile they are looking for. 🪶

In case it’s a business partnership, you should talk again about the common motivations for this partnership.

Tip 5: Put Your Contact Information

Whether it is a thank you email or a follow-up email, never forget to mention the name of the person who you spoke with, as well as the date of the interview. 🗓️

Lastly, make sure you sign off with your full name and contact information (phone number and links to your website or LinkedIn page).

This way, potential employers, employees, or clients have the elements to call you back quickly. 📞

A professional thank you email can make a big difference when you are competing with many candidates or service providers.

It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to write it and you’ll increase your chances of getting your dream job, a beneficial partnership, etc. 🤩 So don’t hesitate. Remember to be creative, keep it short and sweet, but most importantly…

Be yourself!

Conclusion: How to write a professional thank you email

Here’s a recap of the 5 thank-you email templates we saw in this article: 👇

  • After interview thank you email.
  • General professional thank you email.
  • Thank you email for a recruiter.
  • Thank you email for a business associate.
  • Thank you email after receiving help/support.

👉 Also, consider remembering our 5 tips for writing great thank-you emails:

  1. Be yourself,
  2. Add a clear subject line,
  3. Confirm your interest,
  4. Show your motivation,
  5. Put your contact information.

And there you have it! ✨

How to thank someone in an email

To conclude, it is essential to adapt your speech to the person or company you are exchanging with. You absolutely must choose your words carefully according to the recipient. 📨

Addressing an employer after an interview or during an internship is not the same as thanking a friend for a birthday gift or sending condolences to an acquaintance.

Adjust your greetings to suit your level of intimacy. 🤗

Start your email with “Hi” for a friend or “Hello” or “Dear Sir/Dear Madam” for a professional relationship. And to end your thank you email, use an appropriate level of politeness: reserve “hugs & kisses” for the most intimate of relationships and a more formal “sincerely yours” for business associates.

Remember writing a good prospecting message is a skill, so, if necessary, ask someone close to you to proofread it to avoid any mistakes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say thank you professionally in an email?

We recommend sending an email after a job interview, collaboration, or business meeting. 💼

When thanking your contact for a recent exchange, speak sincerely to the person involved while using a professional tone. Express your gratitude with simple phrases like “Thank you for your time.” ⌚

Don’t forget to mention their name at the beginning of the message and put a clear subject line like:

How to Reply Professionally to a Thank You

First, reiterate your gratitude, as you most likely already thanked them during your initial interactions. 😊

Mention what service was rendered or what you talked about, and then enthusiastically express the value of the conversation you had.

In this second message, you can write a thank you sentence like :

Remember, personalization is key when it comes to writing a good message! 💥

How and When to Send a Thank You Email

Now that your professional thank you email is written, all you have to do is send it. Why not use our Waalaxy automation tool to do so? 👽 With our online email service, you just need to set up your email address and choose the recipients of your email!

Discover Waalaxy 🪐

Above all, don’t wait too long to send your email at the risk of other candidates or companies doing it before you! 🥱 On the other hand, don’t send your thank you messages too early. The same day is too eager, and a week is too long. We recommend a day but you can wait up to 3 days (latest) to send sales email. 😉

By now, you should know how to properly send and how to write a professional thank you email !  Bye-bye.⚡

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