LinkedIn responses rates: Go from 6 to 38% With this Method!

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Do you know about automation on LinkedIn? Let’s take a look at it. On today’s menu: increase your LinkedIn response rate 📞 with our method for LinkedIn automated messages. When you decide to automate your messages (or emails, or whatever), you also need to get a good tool. We present you a small case study that we made for you. Let’s go!

Increase your LinkedIn response rate

In this article, we will see the techniques implemented on Waalaxy that did not exceed 7% and how we did to exceed 38%. We have set up two campaigns with the same sequence (or workflow), namely:

  • Visit.
  • Invitation.
  • 2 messages.


The first campaign carried out got an acceptance rate of 48.2%, which is very correct. That is to say that almost 1 person out of 2 accepts my invitation. Getting a good acceptance rate is very simple. First of all, you just need to have an optimized linkedIn profile ❣️. Having an optimized profile means having:

  • A professional profile picture.
  • Cover photo (or banner).
  • Fill in your profile information.
  • Set up your title (so that it speaks to your target).
  • Complete your summary.

We actually have a very comprehensive article on the subject.

Automated messages on LinkedIn: First results with Waalaxy

But despite a good acceptance rate ✅, our response rate turned out to be very low (6.5%).


In this campaign, we directly understand that the problem affecting the response rate is copywriting. Here is the first new message:


Although in this message we find similarities of the AIDA matrix:

  • Attention.
  • Interest.
  • Desire 🔥.
  • Action.

The message has many false manipulations.

  1. Far too direct an approach in attention,
  2. Two questions in one message,
  3. A value proposition not specific enough.

To begin with, these 3 errors lead to a low response rate. This campaign was supported by the following second message:


This second one, as interesting as it is with the additional value proposition details, in no way seeks a response from the reader. This second post, offers additional insights but conveys no emotion ❤️ in the reading.

The idea of conveying emotions is very important ❗ in copywriting. Curiosity or fear of missing out on something (FOMO) are emotions that one should seek to convey in the message.

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Best copywriting: Results 2nd campaign

Here is the second campaign which obtained 38.2%.


The messages of this second campaign have a very different approach.


To start, we decided to use a humor-based Icebreaker 🧊 with the intentional use of a bad manipulation of the {{Firstname}} variable.

This Icebreaker is a great way to get the reader’s attention. Once the attention is captured, we are looking to bring interest to the target 🎯. For this, we decided to personalize our message so that he feels 100% involved in reading.

For this, we decided to highlight the position held as well as his company. The objective is to show, that we do not address the recipient at random.

To arouse the desire

The interest being aroused 👀, it is now time to fan the desire.

For this, we simply sought to convey curiosity and at the same time the feeling of “fear of missing out”. Indeed, with the question “Have you had the opportunity to test the Multi-channel prospecting?”.

If the user answers no, he will be afraid of missing out on something and therefore wants to discover more. For the final stage of the message, we seek to move the lead to action.

The objective of the message is to get the lead to visit our website and download the Waalaxy extension. To do this, we guide the lead with an action verb to go to the website via the send link below.


This second message is a follow-up message. One is enough. At Waalaxy, we don’t recommend campaigns with more than 5 reminders.

The first sentence of this follow-up message seeks to obtain a response, a feedback from the first message. We take the opportunity to bring back the value proposition in this message, which is to present Waalaxy and underneath the interest of the tool and the CTA to get it.

These two messages resulted in a 6 times higher response rate.

The importance of copywriting

As you can see from this article, what we lacked in the first campaign was our copywriting. But in the end, what is copywriting 🤔?

To take up the different definitions that we can see on the Internet, it is the fact of writing clear and striking texts that will impact your audience.

You do this in order to promote a product or a service. It is therefore important to know how to handle copywriting so that you can better reach your prospects. The proof is in the example we showed you in this article.

Conclusion of the article

We are coming to the end of this article and you will have understood that using an automation software is good but knowing how to use it is better. With Waalaxy, you will have the possibility to set up several scenarios.

You also need to have some copywriting skills to convince your target and make them want to answer you. On our two campaigns, one performed better than the other. We went from 6 to 38% response rate.

The reason is that we worked better on the second message. We aroused the customer’s curiosity and then we made sure that the customer took action. This is why it is important to know some copywriting notions.

FAQ of the article about LinkedIn response rate

Increasing your response rate isn’t rocket science 🧙 if you do it right and use the right automation software. To get you back into the swing of things, we’re going to remind you of some terms. That way, by the end of this article, you’ll have all the keys in hand to see your response rate take off 🚀.

What is automation?

Maybe you’re not familiar with the term at all, but know that automation is the use of software (or technology) to perform repetitive tasks 🕰️ (or that require human intervention).

The software will then take over in place of this human by executing the orders given to it and according to predefined settings. For example, you want to visit profiles on LinkedIn. If you do it on your own, it might take some time ⌚. On the other hand, you can let an automation software handle it for you. This will save you time. You can save time on:

  • The sending of emails.
  • Sending messages on LinkedIn.
  • Visiting profiles.
  • And so on…


Among the software to automate, you can find Podawaa. But what is Podawaa? It’s a smart automated pod 🧠 that will help you generate engagement on your LinkedIn posts. Of course, we’re talking about qualified engagement.

You can, in fact, enter a pod based on a topic that speaks to you. The tool has been designed to simulate real human engagement. So you can get likes and comments. The little extra?

You schedule your posts for the date 📅 you want and magic, it automatically sends your publication when you want it. Of course, you can prepare your posts beforehand and put them on the dates you want.

Particularly effective if you go on vacation.

Now you know how to increase your response rate with automated posts on LinkedIn 🚀.


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