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To save time, it may be useful to automate some actions on LinkedIn, such as likes. It is however impossible to automatically like LinkedIn posts, directly from this social network.

What is the best tool for this ?

Among the available tools, Podawaa allows this kind of actions. Podawaa allows you to select the type of pod you want to join, according to different criteria such as the generation of likes or comments.

How does it work?

Once you have integrated a pod, you can manually or automatically like LinkedIn posts. Podawaa, in addition to scheduling and posting your posts, allows you to generate comments based on those commonly used on LinkedIn and to automatically like the posts?

In order not to penalize you, Podwaa is based on an algorithm and simulates human behavior. It can therefore like a post every 30 seconds, as you would do manually.

Why should I automatically like LinkedIn posts?

The first advantage is to save you time but if you want to be noticed, think about programming automatic comments. Of course, we don’t recommend comments like “great job” or “nice post” which will only make you look bad.

Instead, think about creating value-added comments, which depending on the type of post you’re going to comment on can link to another post on your blog?

Also consider changing pods to vary your audience and make yourself known to a large number of users. And if this method generates leads, don’t hesitate to combine Podawaa with ProspectIn. It allows you to automate your activity on LinkedIn by sending for example connection requests with a personalized note. You could send for example add a user who liked your posts and who represents your target 😉.

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