LinkedIn automated messages : The Best Process

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You are a fan of the vast professional network and want to learn the secrets about LinkedIn automated messages? That’s a good thing because that’s exactly what we’re going to see today, isn’t that fabulous? Fasten your seatbelts, the flight is imminent ✈️!


Doing a repetitive task is no fun for a marketer or anyone and even less so on high volumes. Therefore, if a tool can help us solve the problems 🚩 we encounter in marketing, prospecting or sales, we go straight for it. Make way for automation.


What is automation?

Before venturing into the details of automation on LinkedIn, we will already try to understand what automation itself is.

In IT (but not only), there are tasks that we have to repeat continuously (and sometimes we have no fun 😔). Automation software is created to reduce human intervention for the purpose of continuously repeating that task based on the instructions given to it.


Automation then comes to optimize ✅ your work environment by alleviating your time spent on a task. This can help you save precious hours or even days if your data volumes are colossal.

With automation, there is thus less risk of errors (since once you give the instructions, the software runs and if the given instructions are correct, then you will not have any errors).


What can be automated?

In absolute terms, you can automate everything (or almost everything). Where it starts to get tricky 💀 is when you have to decide what is automatable or not within your company or for your business. However, we’re going to give you a list of actions that you can automate:

  • Sending emails.
  • Renewing some important documents.
  • What concerns payments 💸.
  • The follow-up of prospects.
  • The publications on social networks.
  • The follow-up of prospects.
  • Connection requests on LinkedIn…

This list is obviously not exhaustive but you can already implement some of its elements if you want to start automating. By the way, regarding the last point in our list, we are going to talk a bit about automation on LinkedIn.


What tasks can you automate on LinkedIn?

We’re not going to hide it from you, doing b2b prospecting on LinkedIn takes time ⌛ but thanks to automation, you can do tasks such as:

  • The recovery of targets through the free search or with Sales Navigator.
  • Personalize your messages to your prospects.
  • Requesting connections.
  • Send messages in your connection requests (always hyper-personalizing them).
  • Create sales scenarios with automation software.


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Why should you use LinkedIn automated messaging?

LinkedIn is the biggest btob database present on the internet 😮 and it would be a great shame to deprive yourself of it. There is a target audience and if you manage to segment them well during your search, you will see your sales take off.

As you know, the search for leads, and moreover, qualified leads, is the challenge of all companies that are moving towards b2b. We often go through many processes that add to the workload. That is why we need LinkedIn automated messages directly in your marketing campaign.

You will see that when you start prospecting on LinkedIn, the search will already take you quite some time. Now imagine if you had to send a personalized message by hand to one person ✍️, then to the other, then to the other and so on.


On a small volume of prospects, this is doable 🤗. On the other hand on a large volume, it will be fun at first, but you will see that at some point you will want to do something else. That’s why automation on LinkedIn is interesting.

Sure, automation allows you to send personalized messages… But not only that. Indeed, automation will allow you to :

  • Get more email addresses.
  • View more profiles.
  • Recover leads that cannot be identified in a traditional search.

Then, with LinkedIn automation you can :

  • Build a database of new leads,
  • Create a digital marketing campaign based on your product and adapt it to your target market.
  • Boost conversion rates and marketing ROI in the meantime,
  • Nurture your prospects (lead nurturing = “taking care of your lead to make sure they stay in touch with you and your product).
  • Analyze results and go even bigger for the next campaign. 😍


How to auto messages on LinkedIn?

If you weren’t aware, you should know that LinkedIn is one of the best BtoB acquisition channels.

Indeed, it is thanks to this professional network that your lead generation will explode 🤗. With LinkedIn, you no longer have to go through the “gatekeepers.” You go straight to the next level as you can talk to the decision makers or managers of a solution or service. Well, that’s all well and good, but how do you get organized? How do you contact several people and save time?


To do automation on LinkedIn, you’ll already have to think about what you’re going to put in your message. The key is copywriting. Because thanks to this, you will attract new customers to you. That is what we called Inbound marketing.

Why? Because you have to make your message speak to the target, so that they think you are meeting their needs. You have to be transparent, honest and sympathetic to the users. By the way, when you go to send your messages, personalize them 💥.

When you are on LinkedIn, you see some passing by, you start to recognize the prospecting messages. Most importantly, make sure it doesn’t show when you send them to your prospects.


How to make a good prospecting message?

With a colossal volume of users (over 800 million members), you have to manage to stand out 💡 in your prospecting messages. We give you some tips to reach your audience:

  • Find a common topic with your target (it can be a domain, a profession, a group, a specific subject…).
  • Show that you are interested in what your lead 🎯 does, by mentioning a specificity of their work for example.

And above all, do not use a template. What works for a company or a product will not necessarily work for you. Personalization and interest in your targets will be the keystone of your messages.

Obviously, after that you have thought about your copywriting, you can use automation tools to help you out in the mass sending messages.


LinkedIn automated messages

If you want to succeed with your marketing automation on LinkedIn, there is no secret 🤐 you need to analyze the behavior of the different users found on the platform. Thus, you will have to take into account several elements such as:

  • The posts they’ve commented on.
  • Their various interactions for a company.
  • The type of content they like to read.

But that’s not all since it’s also going to be necessary, once you’ve had the first contact with a potential prospect, for you to keep in touch 😏 regularly with the professionals on LinkedIn. Yes, because communicating with your future clients is essential if you want to boost your conversions.


Now, you’ve been able to use the great tool that is LinkedIn to develop your network. If you have a finely tuned strategy, you’re going to get noticed. And when you get noticed, your email will start to fill up little by little. You should know that automatic messages do not exist on LinkedIn. However, we have a solution for you.


Use Waalaxy on LinkedIn

We don’t have to introduce you to our favorite tool anymore 💖 (in a totally objective way, of course): Waalaxy.

If you didn’t know, Waalaxy is a chrome extension. We love this amazing tool because that will allow you to:

  • Generate new qualified leads on LinkedIn.
  • Contact your target automatically on LinkedIn and by email.
  • Save your time.
  • Create prospecting campaigns (via scenarios).
  • Import your leads to a CRM software database.
  • Export your data to a CSV file.
  • Track your various KPIs in real time 🔥.

And cherry on cake, the sales dashboard is really intuitive (that make it easier to follow any ROI). And if you are still strugling to find something special on it, our amazing support will help you out.


How to send personalized messages on LinkedIn with Waalaxy?

We are going to, right now, show you how to send a personalized message on Waalaxy, step by step 🪜.

Still, you should know that in order to send a message to someone on LinkedIn, it is imperative that you are already connected with that person, otherwise you won’t be able to send him/her a message. And that would be harmful for you marketing strategies.

However, there is one use case where you don’t have to be connected on LinkedIn, and that is when you are in the same group as someone. If you are in the same group as one or more of your prospects, then you can send them messages without being connected 💌 to him or them.


LinkedIn auto message with Waalaxy

Come on, we’ll show you a little example so you can replicate it at home (without the help of a professional):

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Type in a characteristic of your prospect (CEO, project manager for example). Personally I chose the SEO keyword and then chose people from my network.



  • Import your leads into Waalaxy (by creating a new list – feel free to take care of the nomenclature elsewhere, so you can find your way around).
  • Start a campaign.



  • Choose your sequence. I personally chose the one that allows me to send messages to those who can receive them, the“Incredible pink black hole“. Of course, you don’t have to keep this name, you can change it to make it meaningful to you.



  • Add the list of prospects you have created.
  • Write your message.



On this screenshot, you can see that the software has inserted a name variable. Thanks to this variable, you will be able to personalize your messages and send several of them in an automated way.

  • Once you are satisfied with your message, validate the message.
  • If everything looks good, click on “Start” to launch your campaign.

Now you know how to send a personalized message to hundreds of contacts without writing them one by one. And save time, at Waalaxy, we love it ✨.


Automated LinkedIn connections

Growing your network is less time-consuming than writing a message by hand ✍️ (although, it may depend on whether you decide to connect with someone by leaving them a note) but it still requires a bit of time. First, you need to find the people you’re going to add to your network. Are they :

  • Any prospects?
  • Your colleagues?
  • People who inspire you?

If, you answered”prospects” to this question, then let’s repeat one more thing: Be careful ⚡ with your persona. The more you identify it on specific criteria, the more likely you are to sell. Once you’ve defined who your ideal customer would be, you’re going to have to add them to your network.


What are the steps to automate its connections?

The steps are very simple:

  • Connect to your favorite professional network 😊.
  • As in the previous tutorial, do a search with a keyword that defines your potential lead.



  • Open the Waalaxy chrome extension.
  • Import your freshly found leads (you’ll be able to choose how many to import) through the search ⭐.
  • When you get to the dashboard, you click on “Campaigns” to create a new one.
  • To request an invitation on LinkedIn, I choose the “Charming black Star” sequence (which again, you can change to make it more meaningful to you).

Before we go any further, here you have two choices: you invite your prospects without any notes, or you write a message that speaks to them. According to our research, invitations without notes tend to be more accepted.

But that’s just theory. Because if we start digging a little deeper, if you deliver the right message at the right time to the right target 🎯 (implying that your copywriting is amazing), then of course, at that point, you’re more likely to get your invitation with a note accepted.

  • If you choose the no-note option, you can start your campaign. Otherwise, personalize your message and make your lead want to learn more about you and your services.

Perfect, you’ve made it. Now all you have to do is wait until youget your responses. Know that you can do this with free software 💸 (or almost). By the way, let’s talk about the price of Waalaxy right away.


The price of Waalaxy

In order to satisfy everyone, we have set up several plans. But we had to tell you about the fact that, our tool, Waalaxy is free 🤯.


Want to contact 100 people a week? Okay, it’s free. You want to contact them on LinkedIn and by Email. Okay, it’s free. Want to get automated and easy responses? Okay, it’s free. You want to send them all to your landing page, including CTA‘s in your marketing action? Want to use a great software without putting in a credit card?



Well, it’s done. You can do all this with Waalaxy.

By creating your own marketing funnel, from “people” to “lead” then, to customers.

Isn’t life great? You can now start your prospecting campaigns for 0€.

That’s quite a gift 🎁 we’re giving you here. Of course, when you’re going to want to start doing more complex sequences, you won’t be able to do it with the free plan. So depending on your needs, you will be able to upgrade your account.

Discover Waalaxy 🪐



What is the value of an automation strategy on LinkedIn?

As seen during this article, doing automation should mainly save you time, generate leads more easily and of course faster by limiting errors ❌.


Your customer prospecting will only be more efficient if you find the right tool (like Waalaxy) to help you with your tasks. With automation on LinkedIn, you will be able to:

  • Position yourself as an expert 😎 in your field.
  • Develop your network of professionals faster.
  • Build your personal branding.
  • To create trust between you and your potential customers.


Conclusion: How to Automate a Message on LinkedIn?

During this article, we have discussed various points to know how to automate your messages on LinkedIn such as:

  • The definition of automation ✅.
  • What can be automated in a business to improve its efficiency.

By gaining efficiency, you will gain productivity and free up time for yourself and/or your marketing team.


  • What you can automate on LinkedIn.

From invitations to messages, you will be able to automate what you want on LinkedIn.

  • Why to automate on LinkedIn.

If you want to save time in your prospecting, automation on LinkedIn is to your advantage. You’ll be able to send hyper-personalized messages without having to deal with huge volumes of your prospects’ data by hand.

  • Using Waalaxy as an automation software (one of the best automation tools on the market).

If you want to import leads, send messages, make invitation requests, find emails, Waalaxy is the software you need.

  • The value of making an automation strategy ✅.

Now you can brag about your automation skills.


FAQ of the article LinkedIn automated messages

Prospecting on LinkedIn, we don’t teach you, will take a lot of time. In particular As you can see, automating your tasks will allow you to save precious time but also:

  • To reduce your costs 💰.
  • To mitigate risks.
  • To reduce time-consuming tasks.
  • Improve service with your customers.
  • To improve your 👍 productivity (which seems logical after all).


The steps before automation

You can’t directly do automation on LinkedIn by snapping your fingers 🤌. Oh no, it’s going to take a minimum of preparation.


Optimize your LinkedIn profile

In order to be an ace in LinkedIn automated messages, there is a step you definitely need to endure.

You’re not going to go hunting for clients without preparing your LinkedIn profile. Your profile, it’s a showcase 🤩. It’s what people are going to see first when they land on your page.

And you know what? That you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Yes, you’re going to have to update your profile with :

  • A nice, professional profile photo 🎀 (take it on a plain background, smile, and look pro).
  • The banner (or your cover image). Highlight your field of activity.

Oh by the way, it’s even better if you standardize your profile. For example, you can use the colors of your product or service graphic and reuse them on your LinkedIn profile. Here, the goal is simple: know where you stand 👣. You have to say to yourself, “Oh, I recognize these colors, this photo, I know it’s Mr./Ms. X and I know his/her business.”.

  • Optimize your title on LinkedIn. Your title must be explicit and make your reader want to read it. We give you an example.



Here, Pauline has put forward her creative side in relation with her job. We want to know more about her field (by the way, did you see? The colors of her profile are unified).



On the other hand, this title is not explicit, we do not understand clearly what is the “submission in electricity”. If the reader is still in doubt, it is necessary to take back your title.

  • Fill in your personal or volunteer experiences.
  • Fill in your training.
  • Make a nice summary and make your audience want to know more (indeed, when you arrive on someone’s profile, you can only see the first two lines, you have to succeed in capturing the attention 👀 of your reader on these two lines).


The persona before focusing on LinkedIn automated messages

The first thing you’re going to need to do is of course the one and only famous persona. It is often talked about but it is justified.

Therefore, before using LinkedIn automated messages, you have to learn ✔️ to create your persona. Indeed, if you want to sell a product or a service, you must know your target, you must be able to meet his or her needs. So you definitely need to have an optimized portrait of what the perfect customer would be for you.

You are probably wondering how to do it 🙂 ? Very simple, even basic. You will have to think about :

  • His age.
  • His location.
  • Its gender.
  • His working environment.
  • His consumption habits.
  • His pain points.
  • His source of motivation.

This list can totally be completed if you want to be as specific as possible in defining your ideal customer. The more information you have, the more you know how your target will react. Be aware, segmentation will help you to complete everything about your customer journey.

Once you’ve done these two main steps, you can potentially give yourself some time ⏲️ on how to automate a message on LinkedIn.


Automated messages on LinkedIn

When you’re on LinkedIn, there are two ways to send a message to a prospect, to someone. If you have a connection with that person, you can start a discussion 💜 with them.

But this is not the only way. In fact, if you are part of the same LinkedIn group as another person, you will also have the opportunity to start a conversation with them.


On the other hand, if your prospect is not in your connections and she is not part of a group with you, then you will not be able ❌ to send a message to that person.

If the conditions are met, then by using automation software in your marketing strategy, you are going to be able to send messages. We strongly advise you to use the Waalaxy tool, knowing that in addition you can prospect up to 100 people per week for absolutely 0€.


LinkedIn automated messages: the advantages

As seen in this article, the main advantage is that you will save time. And time is money 🤑… CQFD.

As marketers (or not for that matter), being able to send messages to as many people as possible to get the word out about your product or service is a necessity. What we want is to gain efficiency. On LinkedIn, using automation software will allow you to spend less time 🤩 on repetitive tasks. This software will allow you to:

  • Visit profiles.
  • Track your prospects (where are they in your prospecting tunnel?).
  • Import your research into a CRM.
  • Send connection requests.


Auto message LinkedIn: Sales Navigator

We told you about the different criteria so you can target well. You can go even further with a Sales Navigator account.

What is amazing about Sales Navigator is the numerous advanced features you can add to your search.

Because of these features, you will be able to boost your marketing and sales and go omnichannel. That is a big kick for everything you need around automation.

By using Sales Navigator, you will give power to your prospecting campaigns. In fact, in addition to targeting certain criteria through a normal search, with Sales Navigator, you’re going to be able to exclude criteria to perfect the identity of your ideal customer 🔥.

By the way, did you know that all this data, you will be able to import into a CRM (via Zapier for example.)


LinkedIn automated messages: What to do with THE marketing automation software

As you know, Waalaxy is a chrome extension. This Marketing software allows you to optimize your prospecting on LinkedIn. Our tool will help you with automation by offering you very complete marketing campaigns that you can create.

It’s THE software you need to help you in your prospecting, message follow-up, email marketing sending tasks… With this little nugget ✨ you will be able to make connection requests to other people to expand your network.

You will be able to send messages to people in your network or groups to sell them your products or services. You will even be able to collect email addresses and do multi-channel acquisitions for sales and marketing. In fact, multi-channel is the best choice in the marketing world to boost your digital prospecting.

We even advise you to start your prospecting with emails rather than starting with a LinkedIn message. We talk about it in this article. To use Waalaxy, it’s very simple 😊… Especially if you want to automate the sending of a message. You simply have to:

  • Connect to the LinkedIn network.
  • Search with keywords you have defined according to your personas’ criteria.
  • Import your prospects into the tool.
  • Choose your scenario/sequence.
  • Start the sequence.
  • Wait for it.


It’s that simple. And that’s it! You now know all the secrets of  LinkedIn automated messages. Show us your best use cases 🔥 !



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