LinkedIn for dummies: all you must know to professionally shine

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Whether you are looking for a job or willing to grow your business by aiming qualified prospects, LinkedIn is the best social network to reach your goals. Read here our best LinkedIn tips for dummies. This free tutorial will help you create an account on LinkedIn and, most of all, give you some relevant advice to stand out from the crowd!

How does LinkedIn help your career take off?

Who can you find on this social network?

LinkedIn users are professionals working in all sorts of economic fields. They can be:

  • employees;
  • freelancers;
  • recruiters;
  • students;
  • B2B businesses;
  • B2C businesses.

Reach your professional goals by creating your LinkedIn profile now

Why should you create a LinkedIn account? It’s simply the best way to network. This platform helps you build, strengthen and grow your professional network. Indeed, it allows you to:

  • get a job;
  • Increase your business’ visibility;
  • Inform your prospects;
  • Help you in your career change;
  • Sell goods and services to qualified prospects.

LinkedIn for dummies, step 1: create and optimize your profile

Adding a profile picture attracts 14 times more visitors on your page

First, you have to create your LinkedIn profile: fill-up the form with your name, surname and email address, then select a strong password before confirming your subscription.

After validating your account, start customizing it by choosing the perfect profile picture. It must be recent and clear, you should appear engaging! Don’t forget to set up an eye-catching background picture.

Aim your ideal target by filling up your “about” section and your job experiences

Bear in mind that the “about” section is the most important of your profile. It should be a straightforward text, enhanced with relevant keywords related to your professional field. Tailor this smart sum up according to your target:

  • A freelance will put himself/herself as the best solution for a specific problem;
  • A job-seeker will list strong valuable points related to his/her economic field.

Fill up as accurately as possible your work experience, including your position, your key skills and your level of expertise. Try to be as explicit as you can about your job titles. You can finish up by adding presentations, videos or links that illustrate your results!

Ask for recommendations from your previous colleagues and customers

Recommendations allow proving your professional skills. You can ask for them to your previous colleagues or customers. These testimonies will help your prospects or employers-to-be to get a realistic idea of your value.

Linkedin tip for dummies: make your profile appear in Google search results! Click on “settings & privacy”, then “edit your public profile” and tick on “your profile’s public visibility”.

How to network efficiently on LinkedIn?

What are the connection degrees on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s social system is quite handy, as it sorts your relations out through relationship-degrees. The following example is worth a thousand words to explain this unusual system:

  • Terry and you are connected, he is a 1st-degree connection. 
  • Terry’s supervisor, Sarah, is connected to him, meaning than Sarah is a 2nd-degree connection to you. 
  • Frank is connected to Sarah, but not to Terry. To you, Frank is a 3rd-degree connection.

LinkedIn for dummies: accepting and sending invitations

Through the LinkedIn search bar, you can look for somebody and send him/her an invitation to become a 1st-degree connection. Once you are in each other’s network, you can communicate through LinkedIn messaging. You will probably receive invitations from other users too: it’s up to you to accept or ignore them. Keep in mind that you can totally delete a LinkedIn contact whenever you’d need to!

Is it okay to accept anyone’s invitation on LinkedIn?

It’s not okay to include random people in your network without any further thinking. LinkedIn newbies are often mistaken on the big difference between a LARGE network and a QUALITY network.

Think of your strategy and target first, then build your network according to these criteria. Determine which qualified targets would make you learn and/or grow before including them into your network. Take the time to efficiently communicate with them once you are connected. Be careful: LinkedIn users usually loathe spamming!

From newbie to networking master: how to get noticed on LinkedIn?

3 golden rules to shine on LinkedIn: like, comment, share

The LinkedIn algorithm becomes smarter according to your interactions on your connections’ posts. 5 icons allow you to react: “like”, “celebrate”, “love”, “insightful” and “curious”. Relevant comments are always much appreciated. If you find some content particularly interesting, you can share it on your feed.

Shine on LinkedIn by writing posts and prove your expertise publishing articles

To be recognized on LinkedIn, you need to bring valuable content to your « followers ». You can share your thoughts via short posts. Your connections will be able to react to them, share them and leave a comment. Don’t forget to answer the comments!

Make the most of LinkedIn articles: They are the perfect way to demonstrate your expertise. Invest time in writing 2,000 to 3,000-word articles on a regular basis, this long-term prospection strategy is rewarding!

Bonus: Let the LinkedIn automation tools make you earn time and efficiency

How will LinkedIn automation softwares help your career take off?

As a freemium, LinkedIn is a free platform that allows you to buy more complete options to enhance your experience. However, we’d advise you to wait before investing in a LinkedIn Premium subscription: First, maximize your free account’s use.

LinkedIn automation tools are time-earning softwares that optimize your professional strategy’s results. Not only they automate B2b invitations to your best targets, but they also keep in touch with the rest of your network and look for the best profiles to upgrade your career.

Choose your automation tool wisely: ProspectIn is safe and efficient

Some of the LinkedIn automation tools bypass the usage limits that the network has set. LinkedIn forbids these abuses and firmly punish them.

ProspectIn is an ethical automation tool that respects LinkedIn limits by keeping a humanlike use in your account growth. By choosing ProspectIn, you go for a proper marketing strategy based on high-quality professional connections. Discover ProspectIn.

Now that you know everything there is to be on LinkedIn for dummies, start building your professional strategy and reap soon the first successful fruits of your labour!

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