LinkedIn for dummies: all you must know to professionally shine

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to develop your professional activity with qualified B2B prospects? LinkedIn is the professional social network that helps you reach your career goals.

Find out here how to register on LinkedIn, but especially how to get noticed on this social network. In short, our tips for using LinkedIn for dummies. 🥰

Bonus: if you want to know how to become unmissable on LinkedIn, it happens in this video.⬇️

How does LinkedIn fit into your career development?

Before you want to get started on LinkedIn, you need to have a few keys in hand first 🗝️ so that you are prepared when creating your profile.

Who are the users of this social network?

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals that offers visibility to all types of profiles, including 👇🏼

  • Employees,
  • Freelancers,
  • Recruiters,
  • Students,
  • B2B companies,
  • B2C companies.

Achieve your career goals with LinkedIn

Why sign up for LinkedIn? Beyond the millions of members and active users, it’s the best way to network – build, grow and maintain your professional network through your personal profile. The platform is ideal for :

  • Land a salaried job,
  • Develop the visibility of your btob company, 👀
  • Inform and target your potential prospects,
  • Help you find the right contacts in the context of a professional reconversion,
  • Find the ideal profile in a few clicks,
  • Sell products and services.

LinkedIn for dummies: how to create an attractive profile in 5 steps?

Always in this approach of digital strategy, it is necessary to have an eye-catching and relevant profile that will improve your E-reputation for sure. Here are a few steps to follow so that whoever views your profile will see that you have a professional account that rocks! 📦

Step 1: Your profile gets 14 times more views thanks to your photo

First, quickly create your LinkedIn profile: fill in your contact information (first name, last name, email address), determine a password and then validate your registration. As soon as your account is activated, choose your profile photo.

It must be clear, recent and in line with your sector of activity. This is what will make you stand out from the others, so show who you are, and make sure to keep your profile picture professional! We’re on LinkedIn, not Tinder. 😏

Step 2: Target your favorite prospects with the banner

Your cover photo is kind of like clothing, it shows what you do, what you like, enhances your image and as a bonus, targets your nugget prospects. 🤌🏼

Your banner is your world, so take care of it. 🪐

Step 3: Reach your target audience by completing your “info” and “experiences.”

The ” Info” section is the most important section of your profile. Therefore, write a concise and effective text, punctuated with keywords related to your activity. Carefully adapt your speech to your target:

  • A freelancer will position himself as the solution to a particular need.
  • A job seeker will give strong arguments in line with his economic sector.

Highlight your most significant experiences by filling in your functions, your key skills and your level of expertise.

Also, be clear and transparent in your job titles. Finally, don’t hesitate to include presentations, videos or links that display your results in order to boost 🚀 your notoriety and develop your network! 🥰

Step 4: Ask for recommendations from former colleagues or clients

Recommendations allow you to display a real competence applied “in the field”. Ask for them from your former colleagues and clients. Your future prospects and employers will appreciate these testimonials!

The special ” LinkedIn for Dummies ” tip: increase the visibility of your profile by making it appear as a “public profile” in order to appear in Google searches.
In “Preferences and Privacy”, click on “Edit your public profile”.

Step 5: Have a unique LinkedIn URL

I think we can all agree that it’s more aesthetically pleasing to have a URL with your first and last name rather than a URL with numbers and letters that have absolutely nothing to do with it. 😅

Still in this process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile, this social media offers to customize your URL, so that it is easier to remember, practical no? 🔥

To learn more about how to customize your URL, follow this LinkedIn tuto on this dedicated article! ⬅️

LinkedIn for dummies PDF download

Having a complete and optimized profile can sometimes take time. The more complete your profile is, the more visible you will be on LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about this topic, LinkedIn has released the LinkedIn for Dummies PDF.

To download it, just click on the button below. ⬇️

Download LinkedIn for Dummies 🔥

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LinkedIn tutorial: our tips for standing out

Understanding the levels of relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s social architecture is particularly effective, as it is organized by relationship circles. This example will help you see it more clearly:

  • Michel is part of your LinkedIn relationships, it is a first level relationship. 🥇
  • One of Michel’s collaborators, Lydie, is a 2nd level relationship for you. 🥈
  • As for Lydie, she is connected with Xavier, whom Michel does not know. Xavier is therefore a 3rd level relationship concerning you. 🥉

LinkedIn for dummies: managing invitations

On the LinkedIn social network, you can search for a professional contact among millions of users and send them an invitation to join your network. Once connected, communicate via the inbox. In addition, you will receive invitations from other members: you are free to accept or decline. Don’t forget that it is possible to delete a LinkedIn contact easily.

Choose a quality network by selecting your contacts

Refuse to inflate your professional networks without strategy! Beginners on LinkedIn often make the mistake of accepting all invitations blindly. 👓

Prefer a qualitative network in line with your own strategy. Identify qualified targets before including them in your network. Maintain these relationships by communicating effectively.

LinkedIn tutorial: how to go from “LinkedIn for dummies” to networking expert

Be active: react to relevant publications!

Your relationships allow you to enrich the content of your news feed. LinkedIn’s algorithm refines itself based on your interactions on these publications. 💭
You have 7 different buttons at your disposal:

  • “Like”. 👍🏼
  • “Bravo.” 👏🏼
  • “Support.” 🤝🏼
  • “Funny”. 😁
  • “Love it.” 💖
  • “Informative” 💡
  • “interesting”. 🤔

Don’t skimp on relevant comments, they are appreciated! Also, if you particularly like a content, share it on your own feed. Also, you can use emojis to comment on other people’s posts, it adds a little fun😋.

Stay visible with posts and display your expertise by publishing full articles

On the professional platform, show off without becoming invasive. To do this, we advise you to write posts that are in line with your values and your business, like:

  • 💡 Tips to illustrate your knowledge,
  • 💟 Personal branding,
  • 📊 Current trends,
  • 🔎 Market news.

Your relations will be able to react to them, share them and comment on them. Take the time to respond to comments! LinkedIn articles, which are longer than posts, allow you to delve deeper into a theme. So don’t hesitate to structure complete articles of 2,000 to 3,000 words. Published regularly, they actively participate in your prospecting strategy!

Bonus: automate your LinkedIn account to effectively grow your network

Maximize your networking power with LinkedIn automation tools

LinkedIn is a freemium, which means it’s a free platform with paid tools that offer you more comprehensive services. Before investing in a LinkedIn Premium version, maximize your experience with your free account. LinkedIn automation tools are time-saving software that optimize the results of your business strategy. In addition to automating invitations to targeted people in your network, these programs maintain your relationships and search for interesting profiles for your career.

Be careful with the tool you choose: Waalaxy guarantees security

Some automation tools exceed the usage limits defined by LinkedIn and can expose you to severe penalties. Discover our automation tool that respects the limits imposed by the platform and keeps a human dimension in the development of your LinkedIn account: Waalaxy 👽.

Thanks to this one, you will be able to:

  • Find clients easily without technical skills,
  • Generate opportunities by growing your network,
  • Send invitations and messages automatically on LinkedIn.

To discover our rates, it happens here! 👈🏼

Conclusion of the article LinkedIn for dummies

Thanks to this article, you are normally, no longer part of LinkedIn for Dummies. Here’s a little reminder of what you learned from our LinkedIn tutorial:

  • Develop your career with LinkedIn,
  • Create an attractive profile,
  • Successful networking,
  • Get noticed among all this ocean of competition🌊,
  • Automate your prospecting with a tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, the article isn’t over yet, we still have more resources to share with you. 🥰

How to use LinkedIn for your business?

Still wondering why and how to use LinkedIn for one’s business? Here is the answer: LinkedIn is the most effective channel for b2b prospecting and finding new customers. ❤️ Okay but, what will it do for my business?

  • Improve your natural referencing,
  • Direct your potential customers to your site,
  • Generate traffic through your LinkedIn page,
  • Use and develop your brand image,
  • Improve your conversion rate,
  • Find ambassadors to be present on the networks.

To learn more, we have a dedicated article. 👈🏼

How do you use LinkedIn to find a job?

LinkedIn is the social media goldmine for job seekers. To conduct your search, you need to follow a few steps ⬇️

  • Examine the LinkedIn influencer profile and get inspired by it,
  • Filter your job searches to find your dream job,
  • Learn about employer branding,
  • Join a LinkedIn group.

These are just a few of the many steps, click here to find out all the steps to find a job easily on LinkedIn! 🥰

Armed with all of these tips, you’re officially no longer a part of LinkedIn for dummies. All you have to do now is develop your own strategy and reap the rewards of your efforts! 🍉

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