How to go viral on LinkedIn?

If content creation is one of the key elements to develop your network on LinkedIn, making it viral remains a challenge for many users. To help you, we give you some tips on how to go viral on LinkedIn! 😜

Bring quality content to your audience

The basis is to bring high value-added content to those who read you. This starts by finding the right topics by addressing for example :

  • News related to your field,
  • Provide advice or tips on an issue that is problematic for your hearing,
  • Why not talk about your experience to create a proximity with your subscribers?

This list is of course not exhaustive and is not sufficient to make your content go viral on LinkedIn. Remember to take care of the presentation with :

  • Correctly written texts
  • Adapted visuals (screenshot, image, video, carousel)
  • External links, in commentary, to link to your website or newsletter
  • A call-to-action or a question at the end of your post to get a reaction from those who read you.

Carrousel LinkedIn

These various elements will help to attract attention, encourage comment and why not open up the debate on the subject you have just addressed. You can also identify people in your content, if relevant, in order to invite them to react!

Taking care of your content is paramount: don’t forget that the 1st degree network members of your subscribers will see their reactions to your publications and may represent a potential target!

Publishing on LinkedIn is not enough to make your content viral

If publishing on LinkedIn was enough to bring in famous content, everyone would just do it. Stay on standby and pay attention to what your audience likes the most. Is it short, long posts, with or without visuals?

Also try to understand the algorithm by varying the formats, but above all publish regularly! It would be a shame to penalize your own work by stopping sharing content overnight. Don’t force yourself to publish every day if you know you won’t keep up.

Interaction is also essential. You like your audience to react to your publications, so take the time to respond to their questions or comments. You might be surprised at the quality of the exchanges you get!

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Think about pods, as long as you use them well

Pods are of course used to boost your commitment in record time. It will work if you use them correctly! It can of course be tempting to integrate a pod with many users, but is it really useful if the members do not represent your target or have no link with your domain?

Choose your pods in relation to your goals. Collecting thousands of likes will only serve to flatter your ego. Getting lots of feedback, making contacts and generating leads is much more interesting!

To help you reach this goal, you should use Podawaa, the smart pod that simulates your behavior so you don’t get penalized and lets you choose your engagement groups according to your criteria! Give it a try!

Podawaa the best pod for linkedin

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