LinkedIn Automation: 6 techniques to automate LinkedIn with Waalaxy

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Marketing Automation has become increasingly important in recent years and several tools have been created to facilitate your prospecting: Today, we will focus onLinkedIn automation.

Marketing automation software is present in almost every marketing channel. Creating specific scenarios and sending personalized emails to your users increases the performance and ROI of your campaigns. It also saves you a lot of time.

And time is (already) money. 🤑

This is also true for LinkedIn: with a few LinkedIn automations, you can increase your number of leads considerably!

We’ll show you! 😜

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn Automation is a form of marketing automation used on LinkedIn. You create your own automated scenarios to send, receive and respond to invitation requests, messages and/or create interactions with your prospects on LinkedIn. 💌

The goal is to connect with new prospects in a fully automated way. LinkedIn automation can come into play at every stage of your sales funnel: you can use it to add contacts, start a conversation, set up a meeting or call with a prospect, close a sale, end a conversation….

It all depends on your scenarios!

Some examples of what you can do with LinkedIn Automation

  • #1 Sending personalized invitations to potential prospects.

If you want to add in your prospecting CRM, the 300 members of a group you are part of. It will take you a long time to copy a message to that number of people.

You would also have to change the name 300 times by hand, and that would take days.

Sendinginvitations on LinkedIn can be very time consuming if it’s not automated.

When you have dozens of prospects a day, writing a specific message to each one is exhausting. You could also send the same message to all of them, but that would definitely mean a drop in your conversion rate.

With automation on LinkedIn, you can send a personalized invitation to your list of prospects. You can use their public LinkedIn profile information to create your Inmail: name, position, company… This is a much better way to engage your lead. 🔥

  • #2 Sending automatic reminders after a few days.

Every salesperson knows the feeling: you sent an invitation to a prospect a few days ago, and you still haven’t heard back.

Is the prospect ignoring you? Did they see your message? Don’t worry: with a little automation on LinkedIn, you can get your prospect to call you back after a few days without a response. See how here . 👌🏻

Big plus: the callback can be automatic, but it doesn’t have to look like it. Again, use your prospect’s public information to create personalized messages based on your target hearts. ❤

With LinkedIn Automation, automate your prospecting and reach a wider B2b audience! 🔥

Why use LinkedIn Automation? The 3 major benefits

The performance of your LinkedIn Automation campaigns is going to depend on the quality and accuracy of the scripts you’ve written. The better they are, the more effective your automation will be. Before thinking about “campaigns”, you should think about“marketing strategy“.


#1 Automate on LinkedIn to save time

The first reason to use automation on LinkedIn is to save time. The same can be said for digital marketing automation , of course.

Identify the tasks that are wasting your time so you can automate them. That way, you’ll only have to set them up once, and launch your marketingautomation campaigns: you won’t have to worry about it anymore 😉 Use all the data you can find on your prospects, from your CRM or their LinkedIn page, to launch your automated Emails and scripts and write them once.

Your LinkedIn automation tool will then tailor them and send them to your prospect, while you’re busy doing something else, more strategic, more important.

#2 Send personalized messages to your prospects and customers

As we said before, you can use the public information from your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles to evaluate them and use the right script with them. The main difference between traditional email marketing and LinkedIn automation is personalization.

With LinkedIn Automation, you send a message to your prospects as you would in a real conversation – it’s a one-to-one scenario. 🔥

You can also stay in touch with your customers and work on retaining them, by sending simple automated messages.

#3 Improve your prospecting on LinkedIn

Last but not least: the ultimate goal of your automation campaigns is to increase your performance. Get more leads, more prospects, and sell them more of your product or service. This is what we call“lead management(definition).

If you can target the right audience and use the right messages and scenarios, your conversion rate will increase. Your prospecting is more effective, with more conversions: you get more and more business.

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waalaxy dashboard

What are the 6 types of automation for LinkedIn and how do you launch them?

#1 Automate connection requests on LinkedIn

As we said, you need to start by building a network on LinkedIn before you prospect. Adding members to your network will help you gain trust: from LinkedIn and from users of the social media platform. It’s very simple:

  • Install the Waalaxy extension.
  • Go to the “Campaign” tab and “Create a campaign”.
  • Look for the “Invitation” sequence.
  • Add the leads from your lead list.
  • Insert a connection note, or not (Optional)


Of course, you can choose different types of sequences, including some with follow-ups, email blasts , and follow-on messages to continue your prospecting.

#2 Automate lead data enrichment

Finding prospects on LinkedIn is quite simple: You need to know how to do a good search on the network, in this article you will discover how:

  • Use LinkedIn’s search filters.
  • Segment your searches.
  • Isolate different types of personas in your searches and add them to different campaigns on your CRM.

But sometimes you have a user’s LinkedIn contact information, and that doesn’t seem to be enough: you’re looking for their email or phone number.

With Waalaxy, you can find both.

Simply by starting with a LinkedIn connection request. 😍

Thanks to two tools built into Waalaxy:

They will fetch the data present on Linkedin, we call it scrapping.

#3 Automate prospecting messages on LinkedIn

You can use Waalaxy to automate messages on LinkedIn.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Open the Waalaxy Chrome extension.
  • Import the people you need to send a message to (they must be in your network. You can use the script for connection requests).
  • campagne-waalaxy-automatiser-message-linkedin
  • Create your message template or choose a suggested template, save.
  • Send your message to all the people you have imported.
  • sequences-waalaxy-automatiser-message-linkedin

To learn more about LinkedIn’s automation message and discover examples > follow this article. 👀

#4 Automate the analysis of results

To analyze your marketing results, you’ll need to know:

  1. Where you are in your campaigns,
  2. The number of people contacted per campaign,
  3. The opening rate of the messages,
  4. The number of refusals (in case of invitations).
  5. The number of people who responded,
  6. The number of people who became hot prospects,
  7. The number of final buyers.

For the first 5 pieces of data, Walaaxy’s Dashboard directly shows you your performance scores and thus helps you improve your results!

For the rest, it will be up to you to calculate your marketing ROI according to your objectives.

#5 Automate the search of candidates on the network

You are a recruiter or a company manager and you are looking for talent? Some are very popular.

In the same way as a search for prospects on LinkedIn, you can create campaigns to find: candidates, partners, investors…. The field of possibilities is wide open.

In the same way as for prospecting:

  • Segment your research,
  • Send invitation requests,
  • Send personalized messages.

This is very useful for recruiting firms. 🤓

You can also add to your best practices, the“Hiring LinkedIn” feature.

And if you want to go further

#6 Automate your content publishing on LinkedIn

You want to develop your content strategy on LinkedIn and, if possible, automate some of it?

You can:

  1. Schedule your LinkedIn messages in advance and automate the sending.
  2. Join Pods, to get automatic views and boost your visibility on the network.
  3. Add all the people who interact with your posts, automatic messages in a marketing campaign.

For the first two automations, you need Podawaa.

Outil gratuit LinkedIn : Le meilleur outil 2022

For the third LinkedIn automation, it’s on Waalaxy and is part of a long list of options we call “auto-import”, which is the auto-import of your leads as a result of an action they have taken. This works very well to create spontaneity in the exchange

To know more about it about self-imports. 👀

Automated messaging on LinkedIn

It is quite possible to send mass messages with LinkedIn. You can do it from the platform itself but it will never be personalized 😿. To send a message to multiple people, it’s very simple:

  • Go to LinkedIn.
  • Click on the icon “messages”.


  • From there, you can put the names of people you want to send a message to.

It’s a good idea to do this when you don’t have many people to send messages to. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to automate your messages.

How to do automation on LinkedIn in 3 steps?

There are three main steps in a good automation campaign on LinkedIn: set up, test, improve.

#1. Find the best LinkedIn automation tool

You can find many LinkedInautomation tools on the market. They don’t have the same features or options. It is important to know and compare them to choose the right one.

Here are some features to consider if you want to run LinkedIn automation campaigns.

  • Customize messages and connection requests.
  • Automated scenarios,
  • AB tests,
  • Synchronization with other marketing tools, like your CRM,
  • Security of your LinkedIn account,

Waalaxy is a LinkedIn automation tool with all these features: it is one of the most complete tools on the market. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 😜


#2 Set up your LinkedIn automation campaigns

To set up your LinkedIn automation campaigns and make sure they’re as effective as you want them to be, you need to create automated scenarios.

This is the most important step: the more detailed and specific they are, the better they will perform. The concept of an automated script is quite simple: every lead is evaluated.

This evaluation is based on the data you can collect about it. It will then be placed in one of the scripts. Its behavior and responses will determine how it will proceed in all the steps of this scenario.


For example, let’s say you are a salesperson and you are currently trying to contact a sales representative in the IT industry. You have a great offer to make and a long list of prospects. Before you send them your invitations, you create a scenario, with three different responses

  • 🥇 If your prospect is interested in your product or service : they will receive an automated response, with a link to your website, where they can get more information about the product or offer and where they can purchase it.
  • 🥈 If your prospect is not interested in your product or service : you will automatically send him a message that you understand his position. However, if they are interested in your offer in the near future, they can contact you via LinkedIn to try your product for free for a while.
  • 🥉 If your prospect doesn’t respond, don’t worry : you knew this could happen and created a third option in your automated script. After four days without a response, your prospect gets a reminder in their LinkedIn messages, to make sure they simply didn’t forget to respond.

You see how powerful LinkedIn automation can be and how important it is to set up your scenarios… 😊

You don’t have to do anything in any of the above situations – everything is automated. You can reach thousands of prospects, and it won’t take you any longer than if you were to contact just a few.

#3 Test and learn to improve the automation of your connections on LinkedIn

When your campaigns are live, test, measure, and improve them. All of the best LinkedIn automation tools on the market will give you the data you need to make these strategic decisions and identify areas for improvement.

For example: let’s say you’ve launched your LinkedIn automation campaign and used the scenario described above. After a few days, you notice that many of your prospects are curious about your offer, but not really interested. You can improve your scenario and add a new response:

If your prospect is curious and wants to know more about your offer, you’ll now send them a message with a more detailed description of your service or product and a link to the website. You’ll also ask them to call you to discuss how your offer can meet their needs.

With Waalaxy, you can create Marketing A/B Testing.

Conclude the article

To conclude, there are 6 ways to do automation on LinkedIn

  • #1 Automate connection requests on LinkedIn.
  • #2 Automate lead data enrichment.
  • #3. Automate prospecting messages on LinkedIn.
  • #4 Automate results analysis.
  • #5 Automate to find candidates on the network.
  • #6 Automate the publication of your content on LinkedIn.

Each of them is simple to implement and explained in more detail in the article. 😁

FAQ of the article Automated invitations on LinkedIn

Can we automate invitations on LinkedIn?

The answer to this question is a big YES!

You can automate your posts, so you can also automate your connection requests.

All you need is a tool like Waalaxy. How does it work? You’re going to download the Chrome extension, then you’re going to go to LinkedIn. From there, you’re going to target the audience you want to invite into your network, and then you’re going to put the keywords in the search bar.

Then you’re going to open the extension and import the lead. Then you’re going to choose the right sequence which is “invite” and send mass connection requests. That’s it folks 😜 !

Automated invitations on LinkedIn: with or without a note?

This question comes up a lot. In theory, invitations without a note work better than those with a note.

But that’s only in theory because it depends on one very important thing: copywriting. If you don’t know how to target your audience and how to talk to them, chances are your invitation won’t be accepted. Think about them first: they need you to be interested in them. They don’t really care about you (sad but true).

Answer the question: What can you do to meet their need?

There you have it, you know all aboutLinkedIn automation 🤩.

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