How to use automated follow-ups for LinkedIn with Inbox Waalaxy?

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What are the “automated LinkedIn follow-up and reminder” feature? We’ve all had this experience before.

Doesn’t matter what industry we’re in. As a salesman, marketer, CEO, Recruiter, Real Estate Agent…

That person who answers “Ah! it’s interesting but it’s not the right time, call me back in the fall”.

And in life, we all know how important timing is. So, we’ve created a system on the Waalaxy Inbox (your new LinkedIn messaging system), which allows you to create an automatic and personalized reminder directly in the “conversation” space of LinkedIn. Shall we show you?

The Waalaxy inbox

The Waalaxy inbox is directly attached to your Waalaxy pro account.

It’s an additional offer, which gives you lots of nice features. ✨ Integrated reminder messages, tags, auto sync with your CRM… If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a short presentation of the tool. 👇

Waalaxy Inbox’s goal is to save you time and improve your experience on LinkedIn.

We all know the problems of LinkedIn messaging: too small, not suitable for prospecting, and full of bugs… it’s so hard to get around. And yet, from the moment a prospect or candidate responds to you…. is when you really need to manage your exchange with them!

Automated follow up on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn automatic follow-up function comes into play to help you stay on track. Did you know that the majority of prospect objections start with “I don’t have time”? Well, the big secret to objection handling is the question! 👇

And that’s where your Waalaxy Inbox’s automatic reminders feature comes in.

You have two options, schedule a reminder or create a message that will be sent on the selected date.

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waalaxy dashboard

Automatic reminder tutorial

Reminder tutorial

The well thought out bonuses of the Waalaxy Inbox

The Waalaxy inbox is LinkedIn’s messaging system, only better. That is, it should be more powerful and easier to use. To meet this demand, we decided to add some interesting features:

  • 💡 If your prospect sends you a message back when you had scheduled a follow-up, your follow-up gets deleted. It keeps him from getting suspicious that you’re using an automated CRM.
  • 🥰 You can insert variables like {{firstname}} and {{compagnyname}} so you don’t have to chase down info.
  • 🤗 You can create saved responses to answer redundant messages even faster.

Want to test the Waalaxy inbox? Waalaxy Inbox 💌

Faq of the article on automated follow up LinkedIn

Here are some questions often asked by users. If you have more, contact us on the chat!

Why can’t I access the Waalaxy inbox on my Waalaxy account?

You can find the Waalaxy inbox in the left search bar, directly in the CRM.

You need to have Waalaxy to have the Waalaxy inbox, because both tools work simultaneously and are complementary. Secondly, the Waalaxy inbox is an additional offer and who says an additional offer means spending money. 🤑 Don’t worry, the tool is very accessible, but you also need to subscribe to a subscription to use it.

See pricing 👀

Do the actions I take on Waalaxy (like automated campaigns) carry over to the Waalaxy Inbox?

Yes. That’s the point. Every action you take will show up on your Waalaxy Inbox, even actions from your campaigns. So you can track your prospects even more closely. 👀

Now you know everything about the automated follow up LinkedIn!

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