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Dreaming of a recommendation algorithm that could find the best prospects for you in seconds? Our new “AI Prospect Finder” feature via Artificial Intelligence has done it. 🦾

The goal? 🎖️ To help you find leads more easily & quickly. 🏃

The #1 pillar of your prospecting is targeting = Finding the right person. 🎯

And good prospecting is about sending the right message, to the right person. 💰

Yet LinkedIn may be a goldmine for finding leads, 50% of its results are false positives. 👀

Also, imports from LinkedIn to Waalaxy can take a very long time to process.

From these findings this feature was born.

Including Artificial Intelligence to boost your productivity and therefore your prospecting. 😏

How does the lead recommendation algorithm work?

1) Start by selecting 10 leads that you think are relevant.

Discover the AI prospect Finder 🔥

Create a new list of prospects you would like to add to, for example “data scientist in France”,

Import a LinkedIn search or transfer existing prospects from other lists into this new list “Data scientist in France”.

(Be careful, these prospects must be similar and share a common interest),

From your prospect lists, click on the “IA Prospect Finder” feature,

🟢Examples of list you need to do:

  • 3 business developpers, 3 sales people, 4 sales managers in France.
  • 10 business developers in France.

→ The AI knows how to recognize lexical fields. It just needs them to practice similar jobs.

🛑 Example of a list you shouldn’t make:

  • 1 business developer in India, 5 recruiters in Canada, 2 freelancers in France, 2 bakers in France.

→ In this case you don’t have a specific type profile or persona, so the AI doesn’t understand what you are looking for.

AI Prospect Finder can bring you up to 1000 similar prospects

Discover the super-powerful recommendations of our AI 👀

How do you go about it afterward?

2) Grow your lead pool with AI.

Click on the “AI Prospect Finder” feature at the top right,

Select the number of prospects you would like AI to search for, and import (Maximum of 1000 prospects).

Click on “Run AI”. 🤖

A small box will appear at the bottom left of your screen: the AI does the profile selection, and will then automatically import prospects that look like your base sample.

Your enriched leads will appear in the list you were in, with a little 🪄 icon on their profile picture.

Once the import is complete, you can go to the Import Report from “Settings” and “Last Import”.

There you will be able to see the scanned leads, the number of imported leads (Success), and the number of non-imported leads (Error) and, the number of duplicates if there were any.

You can then start an AI Prospect Finder  on the same list (or another one)

Since you did the first one on the basis of 10 people, and the tool has enriched it since, the AI will do a new search with more prospects and therefore, more data. 💡


AI Prospect Finder By Waalaxy Q&A

Why is Waalaxy’s recommendation AI as powerful as Spotify’s?

Spotify’s recommendation AI uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze the listening habits of its users and provide them with personalized recommendations.
In the same way, Waalaxy takes into account your searches of 10 prospects and recommends up to 1000 similar profiles. 👀
Through its actions, our AI :
  1. Collects data on your prospecting habits.
  2. Analyzes the characteristics of the prospects.
  3. Pre-processes the data to organize and cleanse it.
  4. Uses machine learning techniques to create predictive models. 👀
  5. Generates personalized recommendations based on your patterns and preferences.
  6. Collects your feedback to refine models and improve recommendations. 🔥
Just like Spotify does with the music you listen to! 😉

Is there any risk to your LinkedIn profile?

No, AI does not interact with your LinkedIn account. So there is no risk to your LinkedIn account.


Can I import more than 1,000 leads?

You will not be able to import more than 1000 leads at once. However, you can re-trigger the AI to get new suggestions.

💡 To know: If no leads can be found with a relevance of 95% or more, you will not be offered any additional leads.

So, if you get less leads than requested at the 1st launch, the algorithm will not be able to offer you more without changing the starting sample.


What lead information does the algorithm base its recommendations on?

In its first version, the AI Prospect Finder is based solely on the location and title of the profile.

In future versions, other data will be used, such as LinkedIn summary, Sales Navigator profile, experience, interests, or educational background.


What if I don’t have a sample of 10 prospects?

There are several ways to find your initial sample.

🚀 The best ones are:

  • A customer file (to find prospects that look like them),
  • A list of prospects from a past campaign that worked well,
  • A hand-picked selection of 10 prospects that you have found directly on LinkedIn,

In future versions, you will be able to fill in a form and, based on your answers, the AI will find you the most interesting prospects in your area.🔥


How is lead relevance determined by artificial intelligence?

Relevance is determined by complex algorithms, which will look at the location and title of the chosen leads and find those with the best match.

Like any AI, there is an element of unknown in its recommendations.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback! 🤖

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