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    LinkedIn post: Character limit changes. Now you have 3000 characters available to convince, evoke emotion and engagement while building your visibility on the network. 🚀 What does this mean? How will you adapt your strategy to this change? Be the forward thinkers on LinkedIn and hear from the experts. 😎

    LinkedIn character limit: what is it?

    That’s it, LinkedIn has finally understood that articles were not working very well on the network and proposes a new, longer format of posts. Everyone is talking about it. It’s the latest feature in June 2021.

    • This is great 🟢 for developing your ideas, your pitch and your conversion rate.
    • It’s dangerous 🔴 because you can put your readers to sleep and be easily seen as a spammer if you do it wrong.
    • It’s mixed 🟠 because you’ll have to write longer posts to ride the wave, but don’t forget to vary the content: visuals, short articles, carousels..

    So how do you take advantage of this LinkedIn update?

    Why you need to change your strategy and write 3,000-word posts on LinkedIn?

    Arsenal copywriting is a com agency that specializes in publishing content for their clients. They did an A/B test on longer and shorter posts to see which conversion rate was more effective. Here is the conclusion of their study:

    1st test: 

    • Average email size: 300 words → less than half a Word page.
    • 50 cold emails
    • 9 responses without any follow-up (including 2 in less than 48 hours).

    2nd test:

    • Average size of e-mails: 1,842 words → that is 8 Word pages.
    • 50 cold emails.
    • 42 responses without any follow-up (37 of which are in less than 48 hours).

    (Link to the complete study)

    What conclusions can we draw ❓

    The more characters, the higher the conversion rate.

    • You have more space to express yourself, to convince and to show your expertise.
    • You can develop your argument.
    • You show your seriousness.
    • You can work on the copywriting and optimization of your post.

    The only condition? Know how to write, and write well! ✍

    How do you write 3,000-word posts that hit the mark?

    Before we think quantity, let’s talk about quality.

    • The post should be easy to read, uncluttered, with emojis to illustrate your points. 😁
    • You are in the middle of a narrative, you absolutely must introduce a trigger, the one that prompted you to write to give meaning to your post.
    • The first 210 characters are essential, they must arouse a strong emotion.
    • The post must be engaging, comments boost the LinkedIn algorithm.

    Once you understand that, you need to use your creativity to write longer posts, bringing a strong added value or a complete storytelling by sharing strong emotions.

    • Choose compelling words.
    • Write a story by going through the introduction and ending with a conclusion and an open question (reminiscent of philosophical essays).
    • Add evidence to your words: numbers, feedback, A/B testing.
    • Don’t talk in the wind about subjects you don’t know.
    • Develop what you’res saying without being boring: this is the most difficult part. You have to make sure you are not putting your reader to sleep.
    • Don’t forget that for short posts, use both formats and test, always check what works best on your audience.
    • Go for it. Test it. Make mistakes and try again. 💪

    FAQ the character limit per post on LinkedIn

    What should you remember to build your LinkedIn content strategy?

    • LinkedIn is increasing the character limit per post from 1300 to 3000.
    • The longer your emails, the higher your chances of conversion: Just adapt this strategy on your LinkedIn posts.
    • It’s not enough to write 3000 words, you have to work on copywriting, bring quality content to readers, and for that, there are techniques that work.
    • A short article gets more buzz. A long article converts more.

    What is the character limit on LinkedIn?

    • Posting a status on a LinkedIn profile:
      • Maximum size of the status: 3000 characters.
      • 210 characters visible before the famous “See more“.
      • Info on your LinkedIn profile:
        • First name: 20 characters maximum.
        • Last name: 40 characters maximum.
        • Position:
          • Desktop: 120 characters.
          • Mobile: 240 characters.
        • URL Text of a site: 30. (Call-to-action).
        • URL of a site: 256.
        • LinkedIn summary: 2600 characters.
        • Title of a work experience: 100 characters.
        • Description of a work experience: 2000 characters.
        • Skills and recommendations: 80 characters.

      How many characters for a LinkedIn post?

      The maximum number of characters for a LinkedIn post is 3000 per publication.

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