Best templates for email marketing

To do prospecting, there are a lot of tools at your disposal and to do it right, today we’re going to talk about email. We show you the best templates for email marketing in this article. Imminent takeoff 🚀. To answer your question I can feel it coming, “No, email is not obsolete, on the contrary, it’s one of the channels that best engages and retains 💍 your customers.” And frankly, it would be so silly to do without it.

What’s an email marketing?

Let’s go back to the basics and try to understand what email marketing is. Email marketing is part of digital marketing and it refers to sending emails to build loyalty or to get in touch with your customer base or prospects. In this sense, we can understand that we will have to focus on 3 important objectives ⚡:

  • Visibility/notoriety which consists in making your brand and your product known.
  • Action that will allow you to sell your product or service.
  • Retention which will allow you to respond to the audience that is already buying from you.

6 templates for email marketing

Now that we have understood what an email marketing was, we will immediately move on to the different templates. We know you’re just waiting for this!

#1 Email marketing template to welcome a new customer

When a prospect registers to know the information of the company, do not hesitate to send him a small email. You can very well use humor 😆 but it will also depend on what you are selling.

Model to copy/paste

Again, depending on your product or service, use humor. Make your potential customers want to buy from you.

#2 Email marketing template following a shopping cart abandonment

What marketer doesn’t like it when a customer buys their solution? And it’s frustrating to get to the end of the funnel without converting. So, here is an example that you can use when a user has left items in their cart. Of course, this will have to be set up on your preferred CMS.

Copy/paste template

The goal ⚽ is to keep your customer until the purchase process. Your prospect may have put purchases in his cart and then come back later to buy them, or simply forgot about it. He may have wanted to see the shipping costs etc…. If this is part of your strategy, you can always try to slip in a promo code to make your customer want to buy as soon as possible.

#3 Email to retain your customer

Acquiring new customers is pretty cool, we love having new people in our database but one of the most important facets of marketing is also retaining your loyal customers 💒 (by the way, thanks to them (we hope you have the ref). As a result, there are mails that can be set up for the retention of your audience.

Model to copy/paste

By doing so, you establish a close relationship with your already existing customers and increase their ❤️ loyalty towards your brand and product. A satisfied customer will come back to buy from you and will even be likely to recommend you and thus, win you new customers.

#3 The thank you email

The thank you email is an important element of your marketing strategy. Indeed, it allows you to show your customers that they are important and that they are “part” of your business.

Copy/paste template

Delivering the right message also involves thanking them. You can thank your targets for an action they have done with you whether it is for :

  • A purchase 💰.
  • Signing up for your newsletter.

#4 Announce an event by email

If you sell a product or a service, you can very well announce a big promo or what you are going to do for a particular event (like Black Friday). This type of email is commonly used.

Copy/paste template

#5 Email for an invitation to a webinar

In order to arouse the curiosity of your prospects about your products or services, you can very well offer an invitation to one of your webinars. Of course, try to make this webinar interesting for the people you have targeted.

Copy and paste template

With this type of email, you will also be able to track how many people came to your webinar through the link you put in the email.

#6 Email marketing template: Follow up with your prospects

Let’s say you have leads that are interested in your product. They have downloaded the lead magnet but they have probably forgotten about you in the meantime. You can send them a short email to remind them of you.

Copy and paste template

Here, you are free to use polite or informal language, just adapt.

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4 tools for your email marketing templates



In order to send messages to your recipients aka prospects/customers, you can use SendinBlue. It is one of the most famous tools on the market.

There are 4 different plans regarding the rates 💰:

  • Free: You will have unlimitedcontacts, you can send up to 3000 emails per day and benefit from a chat.
  • Lite: Offer for beginners 👶 starting at 19€ per month. You’ll be able to send an unlimited number of emails per day, benefit from email support and have A/B testing available (and you won’t have the SendinBlue logo watermarked anymore). Of course, if you opt for a higher volume of emails, the price will increase accordingly.
  • Premium: From 49€ per month (also evolving according to the monthly volume of emails), you will have access to marketing automation, Facebook Ads, Landing pages (practical with Prestashop or another CMS), will have a multi-user access and SendinBlue phone support.
  • Company: With specific needs, this rate will only be given on quotation according to your needs and those of your collaborators. You will also have a dedicated account manager, priority customer support…

The tool offers you to connect your store 🛒 and set up your online marketing strategy there. This will allow you to send personalized email campaigns and convert faster.


Another tool that will allow you to do personalization on your emails is Mailchimp. This tool describes itself as an all-in-one integrated marketing platform. There are also 4 different rates to set up your emailing campaigns namely :

  • The free plan : You will have 2500 email sends per month with a daily limit of 500 sends as well as the marketing CRM, the creation wizard, the Mailchimp domain, the website creator, the forms (we can talk about registration form for example) and the landing pages.
  • Essentials” Plan: $11 per month: You will have access to email templates for email marketing and landing pages, A/B testing (allowing you to choose the best scenarios for your B2b targets), brand personalization and 24/7 email and chat support.
  • The “Standard” plan: Starting at $17 per month, you’ll get behavioral targeting, custom templates, dynamic content and send time optimization.
  • The “Premium” plan: Starting at $299 per month you’ll get advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, comparative reports and priority phone support.

Of course, these rates are changing. Because we start with a database of 500 people. If you increase it, the prices will also increase accordingly.

Bee Free


Another emailing software is Bee Free. It will also allow you to create beautiful emails to your prospects. Bee Free is a drag-and-drop editor for designing mobile-friendly 📱(responsive) email and landing pages. Thus, it will offer you 3 plans:

  • Free: It will allow you to create emails and a landing page on an occasional basis. No code needed to set it up.
  • The team plan : 30$ per month : You will be able to have unlimited emails and set up a role system for your company.
  • The last plan is an enterprise plan: The price is on quote, but you will have access to several workspaces and controls for teams that create emails.

In addition, the tool offers you a plug-in that can be integrated with your application (effective if you are a developer or SaaS).



You don’t need any line of code to use Mailjet. You can create and send emails to your contact base. The tool describes itself as easy to use for designing your marketing emails, newsletters and automated emails. Again, there are 4 different plans:

  • The free version will allow you to send 6,000 emails per month (200 emails per day). You get unlimited contacts, API, email editor and reports.
  • The “Essential” plan: From 14€ per month, you will have access to send 15 000 emails per month. In addition to the features of the free version, you will have online customer support, the Mailjet logo will disappear, email address verification, access to segmentation and a sub-account.
  • The Premium plan from 23€ per month will allow you, in addition to what we have already seen, to benefit from advanced statistics, marketing automation (thus automating the sending of emails), dynamic content, A/B testing, to have multi-user access, 10 sub-accounts and priority support.
  • The “Major Accounts” plan is by quotation (for a change) and will allow you to benefit from 24/7 support all year long. You will have a dedicated account manager, strategy advice on deliverability, training…

This tool seems pretty comprehensive regarding emails. Again, here we chose a base of 15,000 emails per month. Prices change if you decide to send more emails per month.

Top 5 tips for top email marketing

Well, we won’t teach you this, but don’t send messages to just anyone in any way.

No. 1 Set up your personas

We’ll tell you a little story (I promise, it will be quick). Recently, in the team, we had a person who received a promotion email for a mutual insurance company. So far, nothing unusual except that it was a senior’s mutual insurance… But this person is 28 years old.

Do you see the problem? The service is out of sync with the target 🎯 so this is a very very bad point. We can’t say it enough, you have to create a picture of your ideal customer, otherwise you won’t convert in mass. So how do you go about finding your ideal customer? You can find the full article right 👉 here.

So what we’re saying is that you need to do good targeting and segmentation. If you don’t, you risk on the one hand having a very low response rate and ending up in your recipient’s spam box.

Advice n°2 : Be concise

To avoid getting spammed, don’t spread yourself too thin in your emails as a marketer (and for everyone else for that matter).

Your title must be attractive, it must catch the attention of your potential buyer. Already, if you make a false note in the subject line of your email… It might not work. This is because many emails are opened on mobile devices. If your titles are too long, people will not see them and will not want to open this email.

Therefore, your opening rates will suffer. Your messages must be relevant. If you send an email just to send an email (already, it is spam) and you will absolutely not interest your recipients. If you have to insert visuals, be careful with the format.

N° 3 Learn how to place your CTAs

You have chosen templates among those that your marketing automation software had to offer. But have you thought about the call-to-action button? If you decide to send a transactional email, make sure it is understood, well placed and most importantly visible 👀.

Conversely, do not put CTAs everywhere in your email, it may quickly annoy the recipient and make him confused. Finally, use action verbs such as “sign up”, “download” or “contact” so that they can understand you.

Tip #4: Personalization

When using automation software, the goal is to make sure your prospect doesn’t know you’re using automation software. That’s why you need to make personalized emails. Templates for email marketing are good, doing it yourself is maybe better ✅. We don’t want generic, flavorless, bland email because we already get plenty of it every day. For customizable email, we need:

  • Your recipient’s first and last name.
  • Meet their needs (that’s why a persona is so important).
  • Talk about how your product addresses their frustrations.

Tip #5: Copywriting

You will need some practice before you can perfect the art of copywriting. Good copywriting will allow you to better engage your leads. In fact, copywriting (or the art of writing to sell) allows you to write ✒️ persuasive texts, which manage to capture your users’ attention from the very first lines.

You have to know your target audience first (obviously) but you also have to learn over time. You can also save time by doing A/B tests and see what works best, what gets the most reaction from your prospects and customers.

Marketing mail vs. prospecting mail

Here are two nice terms that are different but that complement each other well. We will see how these two options, although complementary, differ in the way they are used.

The prospecting email

You will have to use the prospecting email during your lead acquisition campaigns (we insist on the word acquisition). It’s not about building loyalty 💍 or converting someone, but about getting them to discover your services or products. This is the first email you will send to a potential customer. It is often referred to as “cold emailing” 🥶 when you send an email to a target prospect without having had any contact with them before and without them having requested it.

The goal is primarily to create a connection 👩🏻❤️👨🏻 with a lead. To be successful with a prospecting email, you must:

  • Strike from the first few lines. The prospect needs to understand who you are, what you do, why you’re talking to them.
  • Use a great subject line.
  • Personalize your email (this is the basis).
  • Show that your product addresses a pain point or need.
  • Follow up with your prospect at the right time ⌚.
  • Analyze your return on investment (so the results you got).

The marketing email

This direct marketing channel was once associated with direct mail. But this has changed a bit since it is about sending emails to people who already know your brand. It is about proposing them offers, promotional codes, thanking them for their loyalty… Email marketing becomes essential to manage and grow your business. You will be able to :

  • Generate sales.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Send emails on a large scale 🪜.

Conclusion of the article “Templates for email marketing”

During this article, we were able to see different templates for email marketing as well as software that can be useful for you to send small emails 📩. We saw templates for:

  • Welcoming a new client.
  • Relaying someone when they have left items in their cart.
  • Building customer loyalty.
  • Thanking someone for an action (signing up for a newsletter or webinar).
  • Announce an event.
  • Invite someone to a webinar.
  • Follow up your prospects to convert.

To carry out your email marketing campaigns, you have tools such as:

  • SendinBlue.
  • Mailjet.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Bee Free.

Of course, if you are comfortable with HTML, you can code your own email templates yourself 📩.

Small information but still important: give your readers the possibility to unsubscribe. It’s true, it’s sad but it’s essential (and mandatory). You must give the choice to anyone receiving your email the possibility to not receive any more emails and therefore propose an unsubscribe option at the end of your mails.

FAQ of the article “Templates for email marketing”

We are almost at the end of the article on email marketing templates. In this section, we will cover additional topics to perfect your knowledge 🧠.

Newsletters Vs Email marketing

You’re probably wondering why we haven’t really talked about newsletters during this article. You may think a newsletter is email marketing but there are some subtleties. In a newsletter, we will mainly try to communicate about an information on the life of the company in order to keep a customer. In fact, the two formats are aimed at different targets. Within the framework of the email, we will try to address a set of known or not yet known customers whose final goal is the conversion.

Concerning the newsletter, we send it to a list of people who have given you their email addresses to receive them (they have signed up). Most of the time, they already know you or are already customers 🤑 with you.

Multi-channel prospecting

Prospecting on multichannel is simply the fact of using at least two channels when you go looking for your customers. For example, by prospecting on LinkedIn AND by email, you are doing multichannel. We advise you to use several channels in order to have several touch points with your prospects and customers. For both channels, you can use Waalaxy 😁.

Tips for optimizing your deliverability

We’re not going to give you an entire course on email deliverability. But there are some notions that it is interesting to have in a small corner of your head:

  • Make sure you only use valid emails.
  • Be consistent in your sending volumes (and if you need to increase your volume, do it gradually).
  • Plan a sending frequency (do not send messages every day).
  • Use an emailing solution adapted to your needs.
  • Address yourself to a qualified audience.
  • Avoid spam words (like free, discount, best price, 50%…), messages in capital letters and broken HTML code.
  • Build qualified databases.

Here we go, you know all about templates for email marketing 🥳.


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