Brand Ambassador: Definition, Job Offers and Best Tips

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You want to discover the job of a brand ambassador?

In this article I explain everything you need to know: the best tips to choose the brand that suits you, the scams not to follow, examples of contracts and ambassadors who are successful so you can launch yourself like a king 👑 in the affiliate marketing business. 😉

What’s a Brand Ambassador?

If you don’t mind, let’s get right into it. 🤓 There are two terms you need to know here:

Affiliate marketing.

✅ Brand ambassador.

Let me explain.

✅ Affiliate marketing. This is the act of promoting a company or its products/services to a target audience. You are considered an independent seller of the brand. That is, you are a Freelancer or Self-Employed Marketer and you have the opportunity to sell the company’s products/services, you earn commissions on every sale you make. The commission, it’s a percentage of the total sale that comes directly into your pocket.

💡 Example: you have an affiliate contract with the brand Booking. You’ll create a marketing campaign. If you sell a trip $500 and your commission rate is 25%, you earn $125 for that sale. Directly in your pocket (Well, you have to count the taxes too, we’ll talk about that later).


Brand ambassador. An ambassador is also someone who promotes a brand for financial benefit. But this one can be affiliated or not. There are two types of ambassadors:

  • Affiliates: In general, they do not have a huge community and are not paid through digital publications, but rather through sales.
  • Influencers: They do social media marketing. They have large communities on social networks (high profile). These small celebrities are often paid thanks to their publication on the networks.

💡 Example: Jonathan Chan is an influencer in the Business world. He has more than 51 thousand followers on Twitter, and he can charge up to 1000€ for simple mentions  on a Facebook post. In order to become an influencer, you have to build a community first, when you start out, you will definitely do affiliate marketing first. And that’s not bad too. 😎


Digital Marketing Ambassadors

When we talk about digital ambassador, we often have the image of the idyllic work environment, the digital nomad who can write social content from anywhere in the world.

Well that’s pretty true. You can strengthen your brand image from Costa Rica. 🌴 And make a profit with your feet in the clear water of Thailand. 🌊

At Home GIF by tripredictor


Now, brand ambassadors don’t need to travel, or make physical sales. You can become an affiliate of a brand 100% remotely, without losing credibility. We explain everything in detail below, in this article:

  • Salaries,
  • Partner,
  • Companies,
  • Contracts,
  • Tips. 👇


What Salary to Expect as a Brand Ambassador?

This is a very good question, which is not really possible to answer precisely, but I will try to give you some examples to illustrate my point and build an idea of your futur ROI.

As we have just seen, when you are an ambassador, you start directly with an affiliate program. The commissions are different depending on the companies you decide to join (as well as the products you sell and the marketing strategy you will use) I’ve put together a small example of the top 6 best affiliate rates I’ve found on the market.


But be careful 🅰, You should not only rely on the % of the commission you will earn. You should especially think about:

  • Do I have expertise in the product/service to sell?
  • Is it a product that sells well?
  • Can I easily build a community around this market?
  • What is the competition? Which social media channels do they use?
  • What is the price of the product I am selling? The cheaper it is, the more I have to sell in bulk.
  • How often can this product/service be sold?
  • What is the market? Is it a Niche?
  • Do I like the product I am selling? The more you like the brand or its offerings, the better you sell.

💡 Example : Earning 50% of $100 is less advantageous than 25% of $1,000 , but selling a product at $100 is often easier than a product at $1,000. So you’re going to have to weigh the pros and cons of each offer.

To help you, here is a small comparison table that you can fill in on your own, with the brands you like:

Brand Product diversity Ease of sale Cost of sale* (in dollars) Product price Percentage of commission


*In the cost of sales, you need to introduce the costs of your social media strategy. If you use paid tools to prospect, if you use digital marketing tools, Ads. Then use this calculation to see your gross results per sale:

(Product Price x Commission Percentage) – Cost of Sale.

To know your real profits, you will have to remove the applicable VAT.

Then, the better ambassador you are, the more you earn 💰.

Although it is simpler to create a Freelance status in France, in the long run, the bill is loaded (Believe in my experience 😂), if you really want to launch yourself, think to inform yourself properly on both statuses, for the US, find out more 👉 (comparative).


Web Marketing Influencer

Want to know how to take the next step? That is, how do you do influencer marketing as a business?

For that, you need:

  • Create your personal brand, or personal branding (we’ll talk about it just a bit below). Remember that above all, it is your personality that will sell, you are the ambassador of your brand even before being one of the others. 😜
  • Find the brands you want to promote.
  • Post on social networks, all of them without exception. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok…).


Once you have your message, brand, and content strategy, you can post on a regular basis and be as active as possible on networks to create and grow a community. But then, how much do you earn when you make an influence in your social networks?

This is Jonathan Chan (the super-rich guy we talked about above 👆) who shares with us the rates that are made on the web. Average rate for a micro-influencer (10K to 100k).

💡 1€ = $1

  • Instagram post: 120-1,500 €.
  • Instagram Stories: 60-1,000 €
  • Twitter: 50 €
  • Facebook: 100-1,000 €
  • Youtube: 75-300 €.

And more details are here. 👇 Image


How Long Does it Take to Become a Brand Ambassador?

Again, it depends on what type of ambassador you’re talking about. 😋

✅ Option 1.

If you want to become an affiliate of some brands, it’s all done in a few clicks. You download the contract, get the affiliate links and you can start directly after signing. With some brands there is a small training to follow, but nothing very long. Then you need to work on developing brand awareness to get new customers through your tracking link. 😜


✅ Option 2.

If you want to become a social media influencer, then it will take several months before you manage to create a name for yourself and develop your visibility enough to be a “nano influencer” on social media platforms. Of course, everything will depend on your regularity, the quality of your content and interactions, and your ability to create lasting contacts. So it’s not possible to give you an exact time, all I can tell you is that it takes at least several months.

💡 Nothing prevents you from starting as an affiliate while continuing to develop your ambassador network, it’s even the most recommended option!


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The 4 Steps to Becoming an Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador is clearly not the most difficult business to start. You just need to not mess up at the start, choose the right brands and create effective marketing strategies, and then everything runs itself. 🚗

Don’t expect to make money without doing anything either, you’ll need to keep building a community on social channels to grow your sales. It’s worth it, as you become your own boss, create your goals and schedules, and work under the coconut trees. 🥥

So, shall we go for it?


1. Identify the market you want to get into

The very first step is to know what you want to sell and who you want to sell to.

As we said earlier, selling products at $1000 can be harder, but more profitable than products at $100. For the market, it’s a little bit the same, there are very promising markets, others less so.

For the sake of simplicity, we have divided the markets into two distinct types of audiences: Btob and Btoc. 👇


B2b affiliate

So, B2b is Business to Business, which means that you sell the products/services of one company to another company.

💡 For example: you sell Hubspot CRM to other companies. Great if you have sales skills or like to sell. B2b Benefits:

  • 🟢 B2b social media marketing is easier. It’s a less competitive market than Btoc, especially in terms of communication on social networks, your personal branding will be easier to launch at the beginning.
  • 🟢 Businesses have much more budget than consumers, so it’s easier to inflate baskets and therefore commission rates.
  • 🟢 Sales automation in B2b is much simpler and can be very inexpensive. The cost of selling will be relatively cheaper.
  • 🟢 You don’t need to create a website to get started.


B2b disadvantages:

  • 🔴 Sometimes the commission rates are not very high, ask about the offers carefully.
  • 🔴 Often there are clauses in the contracts that forbid you to sell competing products as well, which can be complicated if you want to sell multiple products.
  • 🔴 It requires a mastery of digital tools, your customers will ask you questions about the tools you sell. You need to like the digital world.


The B2c affiliate

In the case of B2C, you sell directly to consumers. Usually via a website.

💡 Example: you have a website on which you promote Amazon products, your affiliate link tracks buyers coming from your site, you earn a percentage on sales.

B2c benefits:

  • 🟢 There is a big variety of products to sell, so you can expand your product portfolio almost infinitely.
  • 🟢 Some offers are very interesting: You can specialize in travel and accumulate several offers from different companies (Cheapflight, Booking), but beware, the competition is tough.
  • 🟢 While this is rarely the case in B2B, you can be paid by the number of views or clicks in B2C, simply for gaining visibility for a brand or a product. 👉 Read more.

The disadvantages of B2c:

  • 🔴 Marketing tactics are more complex. At the very least, you need to create a website, usually e-commerce or a blog, and feed it. This is more time-consuming and requires more technical skills than B2B.
  • 🔴 The benefits are not as instantaneous, it takes several months and an SEO strategy before your articles appear on the first pages of Google.
  • 🔴 Often, products are cheap, so you have to sell large quantities to make a consistent paycheck.
  • 🔴 Marketing budgets are usually more expensive in Btoc, because you need to build strong website traffic to sell a good quantity.


2. Analyze the different affiliate offers

As we said above, affiliate offers can be very different depending on the companies you choose. No need to panic 🤪, just do a check:

  • Analyze the contracts.
  • Check the commission rates. (Don’t go below 25%).
  • Calculate your sales profits. (With the calculation we have seen above).
  • Select the best offers and check if you can stack them.
  • Look at the social presence of competitors.


3. Define the communication strategy

Once you have the few companies you want to go with, we move on to the next step.

🅰 Don’t be too greedy. Don’t take on too many, 1 to 3 is perfect to get started. Otherwise you will get lost.

Then answer the following three questions (If you don’t know how to answer the question, read the documentation. 🎁) :


You need to ensure all 3 answers are consistent: The marketing persona and the conversion tunnel are aligned.

💡 Example: you sell prospecting software, you don’t go looking for your customers on Snapchat, but on LinkedIn or through an email marketing campaign.


4. Become a brand ambassador easily

To get into affiliate marketing easily, there’s nothing better than finding the right tools to help you. 🔧🔨

To automate your B2b prospecting, the one and only free tool on the market is Waalaxy. At least it’s simple. There’s no need to look very far. You can contact up to 100 prospects per week for $0.

Discover Waalaxy 🪐


Just do a small benchmark of the simplest and cheapest tools, here are our favorite examples:

  • 😍Hootsuite for scheduling your posts.
  • 🗻 Canva or Figma for creating visuals.
  • 👽 Waalaxy and Podawaa for automation, LinkedIn posting and cold email.
  • 💌 Sendinblue or Mailchimp for Newsletters.


Then, of course, you will have to analyze the influence of your posts and check the growth of your professional network.


Brand ambassador contract template PDF

Some of you are looking for examples of standard ambassador contracts to know what they are. Already, know that you have no obligation of result.❌

You are the boss, the more you sell, the more you earn, but just because you don’t sell much doesn’t mean you will lose your right to be an ambassador. On the other hand, you can’t damage the brand’s reputation.

As an ambassador, you have an obligation to promote the brand image.

✅ Here is a sample brand ambassador agreement to download as a PDF. Enjoy reading. 🤓


What brands are looking for ambassadors?

As I explained at the very beginning of this article, you need to sell a product that you like, this way you will have more fun and sell better. 🤑

Becoming an ambassador is not that difficult.

I would say that 80% of brands have an ambassador or affiliate program now, whether it’s in Btob or Btoc.

Just do a web search around the industry you like to find the ambassador pages and terms of your favorite companies. 😜


Ambassador in Business to Business

Is Btob a world you like? Do you love sales and prefer when it’s fast-paced? 🚀

  • With Waalaxy, you earn 50% commission by selling the tool. 🔥
  • Absolutely anyone can become an ambassador.
  • You can use Waalaxy’s free offer to prospect and find your customers on LinkedIn automatically.
  • You get support. You have access to customer support if you need advice or documentation.

What more could you ask for? 😜


Ambassador for a sports brand

Are you passionate about sports? There are a few possible offers. Beware, sports brands often look for “reputable” ambassadors or even celebrities, they don’t always take average people, like you and me. 😂

This is the case for Nike, Addidas or Speedo for example. 🏃

Among the most famous brands you can go and see for sure:

  • Decathlon.
  • G4 Dimension (cycling apparel).
  • Alltricks (Cycling).
  • OCUN (climbing).
  • Le Yéti (climbing).
  • On running (running).
  • Run shirt (running).


Ambassador of a clothing brand

For clothing brands, it’s the same as for sports brands, the more the brand is known, the more you must be known to join the affiliate program and promote the brand. Focus on mid-range brands to start.

(🅰 Be careful, if you sell low-end, you’re going to have a hard time reaching better brands later on).

  • Whiteandb.
  • Camaïeu.
  • French snatch.
  • Bro shop.

You can choose to specialize in ethical clothing, French clothing or women’s fashion and become a fashion blogger, for example.


Ambassador for a Luxury Brand

To apply to luxury brands, you’re going to have to go through again. 😂 If you want to become an influencer for a luxury brand, you’re going to have to be a macro-influencer, at minimum. That is, to have more than 100 thousand followers to reach brands like Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior..

It is, therefore, necessary to be generally known by the media, there we will instead talk about the celebrity who is in charge of doing product placement.

bad girls club wedding GIF by WE tv


Conclusion: How to Become a Brand Ambassador?

To conclude, you now know that there are several types of affiliation depending on the companies you are targeting. You also know that you don’t need to be known to become an ambassador, with some exceptions.

Try to target simple brands to sell at first, and build your community.

If you start with Btob, then this is how to become a LinkedIn community manager, here is  a gift. 🎁


Article FAQ

Can you be a brand ambassador as a student?

Yes. Totally. It’s open to students and recent graduates. At least that’s the case with Waalaxy. ✅

You just need to have social networks and create a Freelance status (which is totally possible as a student). You can be a marketing student and decide to go for affiliate marketing of some digital tools offers.

It’s also a great way to boost your resume and network. 👍


What are the jobs of an ambassador?

Regarding the missions of the ambassadors, they are going to be to promote the brand and/or sell products:

  • Create a communication strategy,
  • Build a community,
  • Contact potential customers,
  • Finalize the sale of goods or services.


There you go, you know how to be a brand ambassador of your choice now, all you have to do is get started on social media! 📱


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