Waalaxy is the best alternative to Zaplify

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Zaplify is a brand new tool for B2B prospecting on LinkedIn and via email marketing. The tool claims to be easy to use, but what about its performance and features? 😄

In this article, you will find out how Waalaxy, our tool, is better in every way.

Waalaxy – A more developed tool than Zaplify

Zaplify offers 2 main features, both very basic:

  1. Find prospects with a LinkedIn URL, email address and phone number on over 600 million people.
  2. Create automated cross-channel sequences with LinkedIn and email marketing.

There are also a few other possibilities, but not the most practical ones: external CRM integration and blacklist management.


However, thanks to our Waalaxy tool, you will be able to take advantage of a more efficient prospecting system – Zaplify’s features and much more:

  • Conduct cross-channel prospecting with delays and conditions (LinkedIn + Email Marketing).
  • Get around LinkedIn’s weekly 100 invites limit.
  • Track LinkedIn profiles.
  • Create pre-established and on-demand scenarios to sequence basic actions (connection, messages, etc…) and get a massive ROI.
  • Set up auto-import (e.g.send a welcome message when a profile sends you a connection request)
  • A pre-integrated CRM so you don’t have to store data on another software (complies much better with GDPRby limiting the risk of data leakage).

Waalaxy’s #1 advantage, which Zaplify does not have

The big plus of Waalaxy is that you can try the tool immediately without waiting.

That is, to :

  • Create a customer account.
  • Take advantage of a 7-day free trial with all paid features. (renewable for 7 days)

Except that this is not the case on Zaplify. Indeed, you have to book a slot with the company’s sales people for a demo.

We know one simple thing

We know that you want to use a tool as quickly as possible to start generating qualified leads and get them into your conversion tunnel.

You can set one up that allows you to:

  • Send an invitation on LinkedIn in 1 hour.
  • Send a personalized LinkedIn private message tomorrow.
  • Send an email the day after tomorrow.
  • Etc.

Being able to contact potential customers right away, will lead to actual customers faster.

With Waalaxy you’ll be converting leads even before you’ve reached the slot for your Zaplify demo.

Our tool has a dashboard which shows you the performance of your B2b multi-channel prospecting campaigns. Everything has been perfectly designed for a world-class user experience (no no we’re not exaggerating, try it out for yourself! 😉).

You can track your KPIs like your open rate or response rate, amongst other indicators.

You can even sort and view these stats by campaign and different periods, and export your results. Another thing we offer that Zaplify does not is a tag system.

Tags allow you to groups, classify and identify your prospects easily. Very useful for lead scoring. Here is an example:

  • Create a tag for cold prospects.
  • Another for lukewarm prospects.
  • One for warm prospects.

Another thing Zaplify doesn’t have (just like LeadIn): a system that allows you to delete requests received 7, 14, 21, 30 or 90 days ago. Essential for targeting the right people at the right time.

Get your first customers this week

Take advantage of the power of Waalaxy to generate leads every day. Start prospecting for free, today.

waalaxy dashboard

Zaplify is easy to use, Waalaxy even more so

logo waalaxy

Zaplify has a minimalist interface design. It’s pleasant for sure. However, it takes this too far and doesn’t draw enough attention to the important elements of the software.

With Waalaxy, some elements have been colored to offer a more fluid and accessible navigation even for visually impaired people.

  • Our UX/UI was created to make the user experience ultra-pleasant.
  • We use light and dynamic technologies via a Chrome extension.

With Waalaxy, it is much faster and much more pleasant to use.

On the other hand, Zaplify has to be used via a customer account and not an extension: meaning there’s sometimes a very long wait.

Zaplify – a price between 220 and 300€ per month

The main drawback of Zaplify is that there is no trial period. Having to sign up for a blind demo in order to test a tool does not make much sense to us at Waalaxy.

We think it’s important to be able to use the tool and know its capabilities in advance and be able to test it out for free.

This is why we are the best alternative on the market:

  • We offer an extension that you can install in seconds.
  • We offer a 7-day trial period.
  • We offer a freemium plan for life, so you can continue using our most basic features for as long as you want.

Because yes, Waalaxy is 20x cheaper than its competitors, without losing out on any feature. Plus it’s super safe (we’ll see why in the next part! 😛).

Here are our prices:

See Waalaxy’s pricing! + A Free option. 🎁

Do you see the difference?

There’s no doubt which one to select for your cross channel marketing.

Moreover, with Waalaxy you don’t need to enter your payment details or even your email address in order to test the tool out. Just a few clicks and you can get started!

Just download our extension from the Chrome Store.

Waalaxy has much more elaborate and advanced features. In the end: cheaper and so much more powerful. 💥

Zaplify is not your security’s best friend

Here’s something you don’t want: to get deleted from LinkedIn or have your account restricted.

Unfortunately, this is possible if you use Zaplify.

This is because they don’t use daily quota limits when automating actions.

Zaplify’s actions are indicative of a robot’s actions, and not of a human’s. LinkedIn will detect this behavior and as a result your LinkedIn account will get restricted.

At Waalaxy, we have an automated daily quota system that protects your account by spacing out the time between each action, so that LinkedIn has no reason to suspect you’re using an automated tool.

Zaplify is not “undetectable” by LinkedIn. Choose a 100% reliable and secure solution where you know that even if you set up too many automated actions, your tool will automatically take over to keep your account safe.

This is the case with Waalaxy.

The best alternative to Zaplify – what should you remember?

In the end, the real question is “should you use Zaplify for your B2B prospecting on LinkedIn?”.

The answer: no. Here are the reasons why:

  • It is a solution with only 2 basic functions.
  • It’s too expensive for what it can do (between 220 and 300 euros per month).
  • It’s less convenient, because you have to create an account.
  • It’s a potential threat to your LinkedIn account.

That’s why we encourage you to try our Waalaxy tool for free.

We trust our multi-level prospecting tool because:

  • We offer advanced prospecting power with personalized automated sequences.
  • We offer a 7-day free trial to test it out.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on the user experience (UX).
  • It’s totally safe for your LinkedIn.
  • You can exceed 100 weekly LinkedIn invitations in total security.
  • Plus: we have an outstanding chat support that responds in under 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

So forget about Zaplify and try Waalaxy ! 🚀

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