How does a scenario on ProspectIn work?

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how does a scenario on prospectIn work
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The goal of this article is to explain the technical functioning of the scenario feature. Which means the algorithm written in the background. To understand how to use LinkedIn automation scenarios on ProspectIn, follow this tutorial or watch the video.

scenario faq on prospectin

My prospect fulfilled its condition more than 24 hours ago and didn’t move to the next step

time condition for prospecting

Prospects progressing in a scenario works this way:

  • The prospect fulfilled the waited condition to move to the next step. For example, he accepts a connect request.
  • Every 12 hours, an update of the prospect’s status is made : if he fulfilled the condition and if the delay between the two actions was reached in the last 12 hours, the action is queued.
  • The delay between the fact the condition was fulfilled (action made by ProspectIn in case of a visit or a follow, request accepted in case of a connect or “seen/not seen” message for a message) and the execution of the action lies then between X days and X days + 12 hours (where X is the delay between both actions). This can explain why delays are sometimes overriding 1 day.

When you put an action on the queue, it is the execution hour which is taken into account, not the hour it was queued.

In case of a connect action, it is the acceptation day and hour which is important, not the hour the request was sent.

So, for a X days delay between 2 actions, maximum X days + 12 hours can elapse before the queuing.

Illustration with several examples

  • My prospect received a visit on day 0 at 11:00 am with a 1 day delay. So, the action should be queued tomorrow at 11:00 am. Yet, the update occurs at 02:00 pm. The prospect will thus be queued at 02:00 pm (UTC+1) and the action will be executed (regarding available quotas).
  • I sent a connect request to my prospect on day 0 at 11:00 am. The prospect accepts me on day 1 at 03:00 pm. If the delay is supposed to be 1 day, the message action which follows will be queued tomorrow at 02:00 am (UTC+1).

Can we create our own scenario or add a step?

Creating your own scenarios or add a step is not possible. However, you can contact us on the chat to suggest us templates if they don’t exist yet.

Can we put a less than 1 day delay between two actions?

It is not possible to put under 1 day delays between two actions in a scenario. The update of prospects’ status in a scenario (explained in the question “My prospect fulfilled its condition more than 24 hours and didn’t move to the next step” ) compels us to a at least 24 hours delay. Every status update obliges the extension to check a certain number of elements on LinkedIn. To keep a “natural” behavior, it is thus impossible to put a less than 1 day delay.