How to Send a Reminder Email? 5 Gentle Reminder Templates

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If you’re wondering how to send a reminder email, know that there are multiple reminder formulas, to be used if you have no answer after an interview or following a professional exchange. You have 2 options, either to follow up your recipient (even if it means appearing insistent), or to be patient and let time pass… ⌚ However, with the good formula, you can follow up with recruiters or anyone else (without jeopardizing your application or a negotiation in progress).

So if you’re waiting for a response,⚡discover how to send effective reminder emails with the 5 templates below!


How to Send a Reminder Email? 5 Gentle Reminder Templates

Template 1: “I would like to [remind you of]”

👉 This follow up message is a discreet way to show interest, by asking a simple informational question.


Template 2: “I would like to follow up [on my request]”

👉 This type of recruitment follow up email effectively speeds up this process, whether the response is positive or negative!


Template 3: “I’m contacting you back regarding”

👉 In this reminder email sample, you show 2 important things. First of all, you demonstrate your motivation and your particular interest in the company. This shows that you are a serious candidate.

Secondly, you show that you have retained information from the previous exchange. This is a great way to show that you are a good listener. 👂


Template 4: “May I remind you again of…”

👉 In this example of a customer reminder, we see how to ask for a response in a cordial manner and by setting a deadline to conclude the exchange.

This way, both parties know what to expect for the rest of the negotiation. 🤝


Template 5: “I’m writing to you about”

👉 This follow-up email makes it clear that you have other leads as well, and that this company needs to give you an answer rather quickly. If you send a follow-up email like this, youll be playing “all or nothing”! 👀

But, this type of email can also speed up the recruiting process and move you up the ladder to favorite candidate“, in no time. 🚀


Bonus = Gentle Reminder Email Examples

If you’re applying for an international position, you may need to contact with the first person in charge, in English. English can be a less formal language than French, for example. But please be careful not to make mistakes if it’s not your mother tongue! 🙏

Here are 2 examples of gentle reminder messages to follow up with recruiters. ⏬


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Conclusion: How to Send a Polite Follow-up Reminder Email

We’ve all been there… 🙈 You have no response from a recruiter even after several days of waiting, and you hesitate to send a follow up via LinkedIn or email. The first thing to know is that chasing recruiters is completely normal. 🤫 Sometimes it’s even a part of the hiring process.

  • You can make your application stand out by calling back recruiters!

Far from harassing your correspondent, well-intentioned emails can have a powerful impact. 💥 It shows that you care about the company and are willing to do everything it takes to get the job. Two qualities that recruiters will appreciate. 😏

  • If you make a polite reminder email and send a timely follow-up, you will not be judged negatively.

Especially in bigger companies, the hiring process can take a long time. 🤷 Many candidates apply. HR teams often schedule multiple interviews. The wait increases as decisions need to be made, and adjustments need to be made in order to give the right feedback to candidates.

💡 There are many reasons why a company is slow at getting back to you:

  • The hiring process goes through several steps, and many are time-consuming.
  • The HR team may be out of the office or on vacation.
  • Too many candidates have applied for jobs posted on the Internet, and the delay is too long.
  • Some emergencies are handled by the HR team or the team who you hiring you.
  • Waiting for the opinion of several teams for taking the hiring decisions.
  • Some positions are ultimately allocated internally.

So be patient and most importantly, don’t be afraid to follow up! 💪


Kind Reminder Email Samples = How to politely remind someone to do something?

Alternatively, you can vary these reminder formulas a bit, by using synonyms like these: 👇

  • “I’m taking the liberty of sending you a reminder”,
  • “I’m taking the liberty of asking you…”,
  • “I would like to contact you again regarding”,
  • “I would like to send you my application again, in case you didn’t receive it”,
  • “I’m writing to you again to tell you…”
  • “I’m writing to inquire about the status of my application…”
  • “I’m contacting you to inquire about…”
  • “I’m writing to follow up on…”
  • “I was wondering whether you’d gotten a chance to think over the proposal I sent you last week.”
  • “I’m contacting you back in order to…”
  • “I’m contacting you again since I haven’t heard back from you…”
  • “I would appreciate it if you could respond to my email regarding my application.”
  • “I would like to know when will you get back to me?”.
  • Among others. 💯

There you go, now you know some of the most common the reminder phrases that you could use! 🪶


FAQ: How to Send a Friendly Reminder Email?

How do you apply for a job spontaneously?

If you are looking for a job, you may have applied to job offers published on platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, etc. Or, you may have applied spontaneously via your favorite company’s website. 👏

However, you still don‘t have a response… 😥 In that case, feel free to send them a friendly reminder email, like this one:

👉 To get a job interview , I would also advise you to take care of your profiles in professional social networks like LinkedIn.

Also, don’t forget to send a thank you email to the interviewer after you‘ve had the interview. 🤗


How do you send a gentle reminder email for no response?

Email are one of the best tools for contacting prospects. If you send 2 or 3 gentle reminder emails, you should be fine. Get to the point with short texts and clear goals. 🎯

However, if your customer still doesn’t respond, you can also contact them through automated campaigns on LinkedIn. 👽

If you want to know more about our Waalaxy multi-channel tool, click here: 👇

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Which subject line to write in a reminder note?

The subject line is just as important as the content of follow-up emails. 👀 For example, you can ask open-ended questions to grab your prospect’s attention, like “Want to know what my secret is to prospecting 10x faster?”. With this kind of hook/subject line, you’ll entice prospects to open your message.

On the other hand, a subject line like “Check the progress of X project coming up” is a more traditional subject line, but quite effective if you’ve already conducted your first meeting with the prospects. 🤩 This way, your future clients wont waste perfect time figuring out what this email/message is about.


How do you follow up with a recruiter after an interview/meeting?

🔔 Don’t confuse thank you emails with follow up emails!

You can send a thank you email to the hiring manager, the day after the interview, for example. This will remind the recruiters of your skills and allow them to review highlights from the interview, while showing interest. 👌However, the follow-up email is sent when you should have received a response and you haven’t received anything from the company yet.

There are 2 options to do this follow-up: via email or by phone call. 📞 If you just emailed your resume, you can simply follow up with another email. This is the most polite way to do it, since you haven’t had a live conversation with the recruiter yet. You just want to make sure your resume was received and is being looked at. 🤲

On the other hand, if you’ve already had an initial conversation and you already know their phone number, then don’t hesitate to call them back directly by phone, it will go much faster if you have an upcoming meeting with them! 😌


Nine-Nine Dancing GIF by comediha

In summary, follow-up mails are often appreciated by recruiters and may result in a positive response. However, one reminder is enough! Beyond this limit, recruiters or any other person may feel harassed… And that’s the last thing we want. 😨

As a final tip, don’t forget to attach your resume since the first email exchange, so it’s easier to evaluate your profile. ✅

Great! Now you know how to send a reminder email, and how to start an email with the famous phrase: “I’m taking the liberty of reminding you of” (without sounding rude)!😉


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