10 funny follow-up messages on LinkedIn

Published by Amandine on March 9, 2021 5/5 (189 votes)

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At ProspectIn, we generally get between a 10 and 20% message response rate on LinkedIn, and between a 5 and 10% response rate for our invitation notes.

So it made sense that we asked ourselves the question: how can we approach these 70 to 80% of prospects who did not respond to our requests? The response: Funny follow-up messages!

Here are the advantages of following-up with your customers:

  • Boost the conversion rate on your prospect/customer base.
  • Make your community loyal.
  • Get new customers.
  • Automate your prospection using our ProspectIn tool.

Below we’ve rounded up our top interesting or/and funny follow-up messages on LinkedIn for an automated strategy.

Feel free to copy some of these templates for prospects who have accepted your invite but have not responded to your messages. We warn you in advance, some are quite bold!

Funny follow-up message #1: The forgotten one

“Hello {{firstname}},

I never got an answer from you… This makes me very sad. Have you forgotten about me?

Too many people forget about me… 😥 “

Funny follow-up message #2: The Farmer

Words sow, silence harvests. {{firstname}}, should I assume that contrary to what your LinkedIn profile suggests, you’re actually in the agriculture business?”

Funny follow-up message #3: Your Favorite Quote

Between these 3 quotes, which one would you say best sums up your lack of response to my previous message:

“What’s fun is to throw a bottle in the sea and believe that it will bring the answer. “

“Often, silence is an answer.”

“By questioning the man, we wait for God’s answer.”

Funny follow-up message #4: The Price of Silence

“Speech is worth money, silence is worth gold. At the current price of gold (around €42,990.00 per kg), I think it’s safe to say a ProspectIn subscription is well within your means.”

Funny follow-up message #5: The Special Offer

“What do you do when someone’s ignoring you? Brib- I mean give them a treat! Here is a coupon for 50% off. Don’t let it go to waste.”

Funny follow-up message #6: Am I a fool?

“Silence is the best answer you can give to a fool. A friend recently told me this. Is that why I never heard from you?”.

Funny follow-up message #7: The story time

“Hey {{firstname}}, I’m trying to understand why I never got an answer from you.

When we connected I saw a vision of us building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship. With every day that passes and I don’t hear from you, I begin to wonder if I’ve got it wrong.

It reminds me of the time when I was a child and I asked my mom what the meaning of life was…

It was a hot summer’s day. We were on vacation in the south of Italy, and I’d ordered a gelato. This was my first time trying gelato in Italy. I chose chocolate. Three scoops. With each lick, I got visions of joy and splendour and a paradise on Earth. Then the unthinkable happened. I tripped and somehow dropped the gelato. Face down, on the streets of Sicily.

I’d got a taste of paradise – and somehow I’d let it slip away. As I watched the chocolate puddle get bigger and bigger, I tried to hold back the tears.  Maybe there wasn’t a paradise on Earth. Maybe I had got it all wrong. I turned to my mom, and in the way only a 6 year old could, I asked “Mom, what’s the meaning of life?”.

Now, I was not prepared for her response, and it’s likely you aren’t either…”


Funny follow-up message #8: If only…

If only my LinkedIn automation tool allowed me to send gifs, we wouldn’t be where we are now (you ignoring me)…

I’m pretty sure a good gif would have been the key to your heart!

I think you would have perfectly loved this one:


Oh wait, I forgot I can’t post gifs. Back to the drawing board I go…

There must be another way to spark your curiosity.”

Funny follow-up message #9: Misunderstood Quote

“Who is true, he cannot say. But who is silent by truth, his silence says nothing.” I found this quote whilst searching for quotes related to silence/being ignored. I consider myself a bit of a poet, but I gotta admit, that one had me completely lost. If you manage to solve this riddle of a poem, please let me know! “

Funny follow-up message #10: The Updated CRM

“You have to twist your tongue in your mouth seven times before speaking”.

May I know at which round you’re at?

I’m asking cause I need it to solve the very mathematical formula for when you are going to respond. I’d be happy to share the formula with you if you are into Math…or wondering when you crush will respond to that risky message you sent after a bit of Dutch courage (oops)”.

Obviously, you will not get a 50% response rate with these messages. And even if you do, some people’s responses won’t be the nicest, as they might be quite closed-minded to anything that isn’t a standard corporate promotional message.

But for the most part, you will generate more leads with these teasers, as opposed to you not following-up at all, or you following-up with a standard dull message. The best part is, occasionally you even get a few very enthusiastic responses!

The goal is to follow-up several times, testing different methods each time, until you find the one that works best.

If you do it enough times, you might even end up being the one to write the next top 10 funny follow-up messages on LinkedIn. How brilliant would that be? 😁