Follow-up Messages on LinkedIn : 10 Creative examples !

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At Waalaxy, our  Follow-up messages on LinkedIn can get up to 38% response. But that hasn’t always been the case.

It use to use hard to get a response.

It took us a lot of testing and practice to achieve this result. We’re sharing our humorous LinkedIn follow-ups with you and hope they help you achieve better scores than we did! 🚀

Your prospecting campaigns be like. 👇

💡 First of all, here are the benefits of reminding your customers:

  • Boost your response rate with good follow-up strategies.
  • Boost the conversion rate of your prospect/customer base.
  • Build community loyalty.
  • Work on your lead generation.
  • Automate your prospecting and strenghten your sales cycle. (especially if you use Waalaxy).

Here’s a list used to address prospects who have accepted us but haven’t responded to our messages. Beware: some of them are worth a look!

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #1 “The Forgotten One”

“Hello {{FirstName}}, I never heard back from you. I’m sorry to hear that… Have you forgotten me? Too many people forget me.. 😥”

Relance humoristique n°1 : L'oublié

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #2 “The Farmer”

“Speech sows, silence reaps. {{FirstName}}, should I infer that contrary to what your LinkedIn profile says, you are in agriculture?”

Relance humoristique n°2 : L'agriculteur

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Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #3 “Your Favorite Quote”

“I hesitate between these 3 quotes, to qualify your lack of response

  1. What’s fun is throwing a bottle into the sea and believing it will bring the answer.
  2. “Often silence is an answer.
  3. By dint of questioning man, we wait for God’s answer.

Which one do you prefer?”

Relance humoristique n°3 : Votre citation préférée

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #4 “The Price of Silence”

“Hello {{FirstName}}, Speech is worth money, silence is worth gold. At the current price of gold (approx 42,990.00 per kg), I think Waalaxy is within your means.” .

Relance humoristique n°4 : Le prix du silence

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #5 “The promo”

“What to do with a child who keeps silent? Give him a treat! Here’s a 50% off coupon code. Don’t waste it. SALESDEAL”.

Relance humoristique n°5 : La promo

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #6 “Am I Silly?”

“Silence is the best response you can give to a fool. A friend recently said this to me. Is that why I never heard from you?”.

Relance humoristique n°6 : Suis-je sot ?

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #7 “Mission Cleopatra”

“{{FirstName}}, I’m trying to figure out why I never got a response from you Waalaxy? What’s that? I didn’t understand anything sorry. 😀

It was the vacations. Now it’s back to school. Then there is Halloween, Christmas, my birthday, Easter… Then it’s the vacations again. I really don’t have a minute to spend with you!

You know, I don’t think there are any good or bad situations. If I had to summarize my life, today, with you, I would say that it is first of all encounters, people who reached out to me, perhaps at a time when I could not, when I was alone at home, and it is rather curious to say that chance, encounters forge a destiny, because when you have a taste for the thing, when you have a taste for the well-done thing, the beautiful gesture, sometimes you do not find the interlocutor in front of you, I would say, the mirror that helps you to move forward; so this is not my case, as I was saying, because on the contrary I could and I say thank you to life, I say thank you, I sing life, I dance life, I am only love, and finally when many people today say to me:

But how do you manage to have this humanity?

And finally when many people today say to me: “But how do you manage to have this humanity?”,

I answer them very simply, I tell them: it is this taste of love, this taste which pushed me, today, to undertake a mechanical construction but tomorrow, who knows, perhaps, simply to put myself at the service of the community, to make the gift, the gift of oneself…”.

Mission Cléopâtre

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #8 “If my tool would allow it…”

“If my automation tool for LinkedIn had allowed me to send a gif, I would have chosen this one to qualify your lack of response, it doesn’t allow it. So I’m still looking for other ways to attract your curiosity.”

Relance humoristique n°8 : Si mon outil d'automatisation le permettait...

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #9 “Misunderstood Quote”

Qho is true, he cannot say. But who is silent for truth, his silence says nothing.”. I found this quote recently while trying to qualify your silence. Alas, I did not understand it”.

Citation incomprise

Follow-up messages on LinkedIn #10 “The updated CRM”

“You have to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you speak. May I know what turn you are at?

With this information I could estimate the average time for a round by dividing the time since my first message by the number of rounds and thus add an approximate response date in my CRM I like to have a well rounded CRM 🧐”

Relance humoristique n°10 : Le <strong>CRM</strong> à jour

Obviously, these messages are for a rather digital target. Some people will send you away in style, too “stuck” to accept this kind of commercial reminder.

Don’t hesitate to relaunch several times by testing several marketing campaigns to find the one that works best. Cold Email - Faire du Cold <strong>Email</strong> Facilement en Moins de 30min par jour. It’s very likely that you’ll manage to generate a few more leads with these hooks. And maybe you’ll be the one to write the next top 10 LinkedIn relaunch. At least, that’s what we hope for you! 😁

How do I automatically follow up with my prospects?

The B2b world is getting faster and faster and you want to speed up the pace without breaking your fingers on your keyboard?

Your commercial prospecting can take off easily. 🚀 All you need to do is identify your B2B targets on LinkedIn and use a marketing automation tool.

These automatic reminders are customizable and editable directly in your reminder tool. If you choose Waalaxy, you can even combine emails + phone reminders and LinkedIn.

And all this without having a database beforehand. Ready to boost your digital marketing in a few clicks?

Answers to your questions about follow-ups

Many of you have asked us questions about LinkedIn follow-ups and email follow-ups. So we decided to add a Faq to our article to help you. We hope you find all the answers to your marketing strategy questions. 👇

How do I send an invitation by email?

In order to do an email reminder, nothing could be easier. You can use Waalaxy. You don’t even need to have the email of the person in question, our tool sends a first invitation on LinkedIn, finds the email of your prospect automatically and follow up by email.

LinkedIn Message + Data Scrapping + Follow-up.

by email. Here for example, thanks to the Thanos 2.0 prospecting sequence(and many others). Waalaxy VS Lemlist : L'automatisation multi-canal [LinkedIn + Emails] Now that you have the tool, you need the technique. You can use the AIDA method to create relevant content by email. You can also use one of our humorous follow-up approaches like #1 “The Forgotten One”.

How do I target my prospects on LinkedIn?

Some of you may be a little confused when it comes to”targeting”.

Identify and target your prospects, that is, find the people who fit your persona so you can then contact them.

To find new customers, learn how to use LinkedIn filters. 👀 Then, import your new leads into your CRM, find the right scenarios, create personalized and relevant messages, and then launch your campaigns!

How do you follow up on an unanswered email?

It all depends here if we are talking about Cold Email. As a reminder:

  • Cold Email = the prospect does not know you.
  • Email marketing = The prospect has given you his contact information.

Most of you are using Waalaxy for cold emailing. The best way to follow up an unanswered email is to use one of our humorous techniques, to have a very simple subject line, as if you were writing to a colleague at work. This way, you will be able to break the ice. 🧊 If you want to know more about the do’s and don’ts of Cold Email, follow this full article.

How to write Sales Email ?

You’re a salesperson or working to improve your sales team ? You’ve heard that Waalaxy can help you ? Find out More about few methods we have developed :

  • AARRR: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.
  • AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. (or CTA ; call to action).
  • The TOFU-MOFU-BOFU method.

All of thoses methods are to help you get more potential customers. You can find out more about the strategies in our masterclasses. If you’re looking for LinkedIn messages or email templates, you’ll find it in that section. 😜

Follow-up via LinkedIn VS email follow up : what to choose ?

You want to send a follow up email, but you’re not sure wich marketing campaign to choose from ?

This is a very good question, to which there is no “simple” answer. Everything will depend on your target and its activity on LinkedIn: does it use the social network often? Is it more reactive by email? We therefore strongly advise you to do A/B testing by choosing to do :

  1. A prospecting campaign”LinkedIn contacts
  2. Another prospecting campaign “Cold email messages“.

You can then analyze the results on your Dashboard and see what is the best way to contact your future customers. 😜

How to follow up with a recruiter?

Follow up with a recruiter can seem complicated, even stressful. But then how do you do it? Above all, don’t use the phrase “May I remind you..” ❌ It’s been done and overdone.

Try to be yourself and natural. Of course, it’s going to depend on your target recruiter: whether it’s a start-up, a big company, a small business or a multinational. Adapt yourself to the position and the company. If you are looking for advice, check on Youtube or find a Webinar.

When to follow up on an application?

You want to know when to enviar uma mensagem ao recrutador because you applied on LinkedIn or by email? Well, first of all, I suggest you look at the clues:

  • When was the offer published?
  • How many candidates are in the running? (on LinkedIn, you can know how many people have applied).
  • What is the expiration date of the ad? ( sometimes it says, you can apply until…).
  • Did I get an acknowledgement of receipt?
  • Was I given a minimum response time?

Look for clues to “legitimize” your follow-up messages on LinkedIn. If there aren’t any, simply express in your LinkedIn relaunch that your wait is unsustainable and that this is your life’s work waiting for you. 🤣

Looking for “how to write” better ? See our Guide on Copywriting. 👀

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