The 29 best sales email templates

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Are you the type of person who thinks, “Oh no not another commercial email “? Don’t panic 😱, today we’re going to teach you how to make killer commercial emails! Get ready to be inspired by the sales email templates.

On the programme for this article:

  • ➡️ What is a sales email?
  • ➡️ 29 examples of sales emails.
  • ➡️How to write an effective sales email?
  • ➡️What elements should be included in a sales email?
  • ➡️What is the ideal tone for a sales email?

Let’s go, kids 👇 !

What is a sales email?

To begin with, a commercial email is an electronic message sent by a company to potential or existing customers with the aim of promoting its products, services or special offers. It is a direct marketing tool. It is effective because it allows companies to communicate directly with their target audience 🎯. It can be BtoB or BtoC.

The content of a commercial email must be attractive 🧲, persuasive and informative. That’s how you’ll get new customers. It needs to capture the recipient’s attention right from the start. And that’s done with a catchy headline. The body of the email should highlight the advantages of the product ✅ or service offered, emphasising what makes it unique and demonstrating its added value for the customer.

A successful sales email generally includes a call to action. This should be clear and inciting, inviting the recipient to carry out a specific action. This could be to buy 💰 a product, register for an event or request more information.

Personalisation 💓 is an essential element of an effective commercial email. By using the recipient’s data and preferences, the company can create a more relevant message. This will increase the chances of conversion.

It is important to comply with data protection rules and obtain the recipient’s consent before sending a commercial email. In addition, it is essential to offer the possibility of unsubscribing easily in order to respect the confidentiality of recipients and comply with e-mail marketing regulations.

Commercial email: 30 examples

We don’t have time to dwell on other trivia, so it’s time to give you 29 templates to use over and over again at your convenience. Don’t worry, you’ll have information each time on when to use the sales email 👍.

#1 Launching a new product or service

Of course, don’t hesitate to adapt the tone to suit your communication. Here, we’ve decided to be on first-name terms with the customer, but you can do things differently.

#2 Special offers for birthdays or special events

Here’s an example of a well-known company 👇.


#3 Advertise a limited-time promotion

#4 Solicit satisfied customer reviews and testimonials

#5 Send invitations to events or webinars

#6 Reward loyal customers with discounts

#7 Announce product updates or improvements

#8 Informing customers about new products

#9 Launch a sponsorship programme

#10 Send abandoned basket reminders to encourage purchase

In this example, we add a little humour to get our customer or future customer to take action.

#11 Offer complementary products based on previous purchases

You don’t need to write a lengthy email to pass on information, you can keep only the essentials.

#12 Sales email example: Announcing a seasonal sale

#13 Sales mail example: Share case studies or testimonials

#14 Spread the word about events or trade shows you attend

#15 Reporting on campaign results

#16 Announcing updates

Here’s an example from Crowdcube.


#17 Sample commercial email: Offering discounts or rewards

#18 Send invitations to online training courses or workshops

In this example, you’re giving your target audience a lot of added value 🎯 but you’ll need it for later. You may decide to sell your complete training course. It’s all about attracting the customer’s curiosity to the point where they almost have no choice but to buy from you.

#19 Announce pre-order opportunities for a highly anticipated product

#20 Offer discounts for subscription or service renewals

#21 Launch a loyalty campaign with rewards for regular customers

#22 Inform about changes in opening hours

#23 Advertising flash sales or private sales

#24 Send product recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history

#25 Propose solutions to problems encountered

#26 Inform about product returns

#27 Commercial mail example: Announcing partnerships

#28 Send survey invitations

A small example once again 👇:


#29 Offer monthly or annual subscriptions

Don’t forget that you can totally adapt the tone of your emails according to the type of customer or communication.

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Sample sales email: how to write it effectively

Writing ✒️ an effective sales email requires a strategic and meticulous approach in order to turn your prospect into a customer.

Let’s go through a short list of what you need to do to write an effective sales email:

  • 🎯 Know your target: the persona. We’re not going to say any more, you know how we feel about this crucial step. Targeting is not a stage that can be botched.
  • 💘 Personalisation: Make sure you have a close relationship with your recipient. Use their first name.
  • 👀 Clarity and conciseness: Be clear and concise in your message. Avoid long, complicated sentences. Use simple, understandable language.
  • 🎨The design: You can use a professional and attractive design to make your email pleasant to look at. Make sure, of course, that the email is optimised for mobile devices.
  • 🧪Testing and tracking: Before sending your email to your entire list, run tests to check the formatting, links and CTAs. Track the performance of your email to assess its effectiveness.
  • 📏 Confidentiality rules: Include an unsubscribe link and make sure you protect your recipient’s data.

What should be included in a commercial email?


An effective commercial email must include several key elements to capture the recipient’s attention. It must arouse interest but also encourage action. Here are the essential elements to include in a sales email:

  • A catchy subject line: The subject of the email should be concise and attractive. This is to encourage the target audience to open the message 📩 . It should be clear, informative and arouse curiosity.
  • Personalised greeting: Use the recipient’s first name to create a more personal approach 💟 right from the start of the email.
  • Value proposition: Highlight the benefits of the product or service you are offering. Show how it can meet the recipient’s needs or solve their problems.
  • Information content: Provide specific details about the product, service or offer.
  • Call to action: Include a clear and compelling CTA that tells the recipient what action you want them to take. Use action verbs.
  • Signature: End the email with a professional signature including your first and last name or the name of your company. People need to know who you are.

Bonus items to include

You can also add :

  • ➡️ An attractive image: If possible, you can include a relevant and attractive image to illustrate your offer or product. Make sure the image is optimised for display on mobile devices.
  • ➡️ Link to landing page: If your CTA leads to a specific page on your website, make sure you include a direct and visible link to that page.
  • ➡️ Unsubscribe option: You must comply with confidentiality and email marketing regulations by including an easily accessible unsubscribe link.

Conclusion of the Commercial Mail Example article

Turning prospects into customers couldn’t be easier: you just need to know how to use commercial email. In the course of this article, helping you to take your prospecting to the next level, we have seen :

  • What is a commercial mailing? ✅
  • 29 examples of sales mail. ✅
  • How do you write an effective commercial email? ✅
  • What elements should be included in a sales email? ✅
  • What is the ideal tone for a commercial email? ✅

These examples can be applied in a B2B or B2C context, depending on your audience.

FAQ of the Sales email templates article

We’re coming to the end of this article about “sample commercial email” and we’ll soon have to say goodbye. However, as usual, we’ll leave you with a few ideas that may help you to perfect your knowledge of today’s subject!

Sales email templates: How do I start an email to a customer?

To begin an email to a customer in a professional way, you can use this introductory formula:

Dear [Customer first name],

This formula is commonly used to show consideration and respect for the recipient. By using the customer’s first name, you personalise the message and create a friendlier approach.

If you don’t know the customer’s first name, you can use :

  • Hello.
  • Dear customer.
  • Dear Sir/Madam.

These formulas will depend on the level of familiarity you have with the customer and the nature of the message you wish to convey. Here, it’s important to target the behaviour of your audience.

Sales email templates: How to write a good marketing email?

When you write an email, it’s often with the aim of acquiring new customers or building customer loyalty. To write a good marketing email, you first need to :

  • ➡️ Target the right people and do some segmentation (don’t hesitate to segment to adapt your content).
  • ➡️ Create a good contact database.
  • ➡️ Choosegood marketing automation software.
  • ➡️ Keep your emails understandable.
  • ➡️Stay consistent with your marketing strategy, so adapt your communication.
  • ➡️Add systematically include an unsubscribe button.

You’re now up to speed thanks to this article on sales email templates ! Now all you have to do is try it out 🧪 !


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