How to create a group on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a professional social network, the ideal platform to expand your network. It is not only possible to distribute content in the form of articles or posts, but also to create a group on LinkedIn. We explain how to do it and the different advantages of creating a group on LinkedIn !

Why create a group on LinkedIn?

Creating a group is ideal to exchange on a common theme. You can do this by subscribing to a hashtag and following related posts but creating a group on LinkedIn also allows you to

  • Position yourself as an expert on the subject
  • To ensure you a better visibility
  • Promote your networking

However, it is important to know that you can only create a maximum of 3 groups per day and manage 30 groups simultaneously.

By creating a group on LinkedIn, you get the status of group owner and you can designate other members as administrators to help you manage it.

How do I create and set up a group on LinkedIn?

This step only takes a few clicks and is possible from any LinkedIn profile. To create a group on LinkedIn, simply

  • Click on the “groups” tab available in the left column of your home page
  • Then click on the “create a group” button and
  • Fill in the information such as the name of the group, a description, the sector and finally the rules

When creating a group on LinkedIn, you can choose the visibility rules related to your group. By activating the “broadcast” button, the group will appear in searches or will be visible directly from the members’ profile. If, on the other hand, you choose to activate the “not listed” button, the group will not appear in searches or from the profile of the group’s member users. In other words, your group will be hidden.

It is also up to you to manage the permissions of entries in the group. For example

  • By deactivating the option “allow members to invite their contacts”, this means that only administrators can add members. The latter can only add1st level contacts from their respective network.
  • If the “require admins to review posts” button is enabled, each post will have to be approved or not within 14 days.

Don’t forget to make your group live!

Creating a group only takes a few clicks, but making it live, last and develop requires a certain involvement. To make your group on LinkedIn one of the most active and make people want to join it, there are some simple tricks such as :

  • Explain the purpose of the group
  • Propose topics that invite interaction and debate
  • Suggest to members to introduce themselves as soon as they join the group
  • Do not saturate your members with your ads: they do not come for that!
  • Give tips on your product for example

You could also send a message to new members in order to introduce yourself in a more personalized way, as well as to explain the purpose of the group!

Save time on exchanges with group members

For optimal interaction management, you can use a tool like ProspectIn. Its goal is simple: to save you time! ProspectIn allows you to automate your actions on LinkedIn. By creating scenarios, you can contact group members individually to notify them of information or news through a message that you have written in advance and that will be sent to each member.

The advantage: you no longer have to do it individually, you develop the performance of your communication while remaining focused on your work, your customer missions. You delegate certain tasks to this tool while keeping a link with your community!

Another important asset: the ProspectIn dashboard allows you to measure in real time the impact of your actions on LinkedIn, whether in your group  or from your profile. This allows you to quickly adjust your actions for a better engagement and a much more effective communication!


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