How to write a Press release? Definition, Examples + Template

A press release is an effective communication tool for public relations professionals when they want to announce the launch of a new product, an acquisition or promote an upcoming event. 🗓️

In this article, you’ll find plenty of press release examples to inspire you! 🥰


Press Release Definition

A press release is a written communication tool intended for journalists. ✍️ The aim is to inform the media outlets about online news from a specific company or group (events, appointments, product launches, acquisitions, etc.)

A good press kit attracts media attention, as it grabs journalists’ attention through both its format and content. 👀 Thanks to the engagement obtained, you can increase your company’s visibility.

Writing a press release requires a bit of work on your part, having good “copywriting”, a communications manager, etc. But the rewards are enormous for your company because it’s free publicity. 🔥

Let’s find out our tips and the best examples of press releases, follow me! 🚀


10 Press Release Examples to Inspire you

1. Product launch press release

Press releases are one of the most effective promotional tools when launching a new product. 📣 However, simply announcing the release of a product doesn’t create buzz, nor does it go viral. In fact, the new product has to be worthy of media coverage. 🤫

Is it new to the market? Is it a world first? 🌎

If you want your announcement to capture the attention of the press, the title of your press release notes alone should differentiate your product from others in the industry!

For example, Apple often makes the front page of several newspapers when they announce the launch of a new product or software: ⏬



2. Press Release Example: New service launch

To make the news, you need to demonstrate that your new service addresses a very real problem facing your audience, for example. 🎯

Your service promise should be simple and summarized in the title of your ad. 🤓 The release aims to demonstrate the need this service meets, and its innovative nature compared to other competitors in the market.

Here’s the example of Airbnb, with the launch of its “Air Cover” service, this news was covered by the prestigious newspaper Le Figaro: 👇

(Source :


3. Promoting an Event press release

There are many ways to communicate with journalists about your event. 🗣️

This can be done to disseminate information about the event to their target audience, 🧲 to personally invite them to the event, or to provide an overview of a past event (number of registrations, participants, highlights, etc.)

In this example, the “Midi Libre” newspaper decides to highlight news from the Fabre museum, with the aim of attracting visitors: 🤗



4. Press Release Example: Announcement of a new partnership

Communicating about new partnerships requires integrating important information, such as: ⏬

  1. Reasons for this partnership and synergies between the two companies.
  2. Benefits of this partnership for the companies involved and their customers.
  3. Specific measures following this partnership.

Here’s the example of the collaboration between shoe brand Superga 👠 and the launch of the Barbie movie, this partnership was announced by many fashion magazines, such as the classic “Cosmo”:



5. Press Release Example: Fundraising announcement

Fund-raising is a subject of particular interest to the technology and business press, especially when it comes to French startups or “unicorns”. 🦄

However, to ensure that this fundraiser makes the news, 🤩 your press release must include a few key elements:

  • Presentation of your company and your successes.
  • Specific objectives for fundraising activities.
  • Different parties involved and their motivations behind this investment.
  • Potential in your sector that remains to be developed.

You’ve probably heard of this French start-up that made the “buzz” by making a fake fund-raising! 😱

It’s a highly controversial marketing stunt, which gave them free coverage in many media and increased their reputation… 🧨

It’s up to you to see if this is the right method for your business or not. 🙈



6. Press Release Example: Launch of a new study

If your company isn’t currently in the headlines, publishing market and consumer research is a great way to get press coverage. 😀

Communications about this study should include the following: 👇

  • Your research answers big questions,
  • Summary of key lessons learned,
  • Methodology used for the study,
  • Impact of the study results on your target audience.

For example, many companies create their own blogs (like this one 😉) to conduct case studies and attract readers to their website:



7. Press Release Example: Award announcement

Awards such as “Best Workplaces” and rankings of the most innovative companies and recruitment firms are a good way to position your brand in the media. 🏆

It’s a good excuse to communicate your values and mission. 🏹

When communicating this type of news, your press release should include the following information: ⏬

  • Presentation of the award and its importance in relation to your company’s value.
  • Reasons why your company is legitimate about this award.
  • Commitments you have made to win such an award.

In the news, LinkedIn is the social network of choice for professionals. 🤓 It’s a platform for making free announcements and showcasing your brand image! 🌟

For example, some companies like to announce that they’ve won awards or accolades, such as the “Great Place to Work” distinction: ⏬



8. Example press release: Announcing an acquisition

Acquisitions are always interesting information, 💹 indicating the maturity of a market and helping to identify emerging players.

To announce an acquisition, it’s important to disclose the following: 👇

  • Reasons for the acquisition,
  • Impact on the acquired company’s customers,
  • Planned developments to integrate the acquisition into the company’s overall strategy.
  • Share the conditions under which the acquisition was made, if you have the opportunity to disclose this.

This sample press release, shows an acquisition announcement from chemical giant, Solvay: ⏬



9. Celebrating the anniversary of Company press release

In most cases, a company’s anniversary isn’t enough to interest journalists. 🥳

It’s up to you to create a compelling anniversary message: create captivating content, 💥 organize an event or giveaway, announce the release of a new product or limited edition, etc.

Here’s an example from “La vache qui rit” 🐄 from the Bel Group, they launched a press release to celebrate their 100th anniversary!

What’s more, they created the hashtag #LaughToDonate to launch an advertising campaign to mark the occasion.



10. Press Release Example: Launch of CSR commitment

Corporate social responsibility has become an important communications topic for companies, as consumers are increasingly sensitive to these issues. 🤔

While many organizations understand this and are implementing CSR initiatives that actually help them, others are trying to ride the wave without actually taking action. 🏄‍♂️ Some companies can be accused of “greenwashing”, so it’s essential to know how to communicate your CSR efforts properly. 🌱

Above all, make sure you want to share real news, not just wishful thinking. 🌬️ This includes implementing action plans, launching specific campaigns, winning awards and even the results of your efforts. 💪

In this example, we see how LPR’s (“La Palette Rouge”) decision regarding its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, is applauded by the media!

That’s the goal when you communicate your CSR efforts to journalists and magazines in your industry. 👏



Press Release Template PDF

To make your PR work easier, we’ve created a press release template that you can download for free here: ⏬

Press release template 🪐



With this template in PDF format, you can easily customize it to reflect your brand image and tailor your message. 🤗


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How to write a press release?

Here are a few tips on how to write a press release properly: 👇

1. Formatting

To begin with, you should include your company logo and the words “Press Release” in the heading of your document. 🪶

Don’t forget to include the date of writing, but also the date on which you want to issue a release! 🎉


2. Title and tagline

The headline is probably the most important part of your release. 👀 You can think about your title and how it can be used for the rest of the message once the content has been written.

It should contain enough information for the person receiving it to understand right away what you’re talking about. 👌 “Teasing” is not appropriate here! Headlines generally take the following form: the subject, the action, and the purpose of the news-release.

As for the hook, 🧲 you need to answer the 5Ws (“What / Why / Who / When / Where?”). Be clear and concise! At this stage, don’t go into too much detail.


3. Body copy

To write a well-structured press release, it needs to be composed of several paragraphs, with precise paragraph headings. 🏹 They make the document easier and quicker to read!

Avoid unnecessary sentences in the body of your press release. 🤐 Use comparisons, metaphors, and short sentences… Once your release is written, a tip is to reread it carefully and highlight the essential elements, for example. Then you can remove any superfluous elements!


4. The conclusion

For the conclusion, you can include additional details about your company, such as how it was founded, its history, the people involved in the press release, past events… 🌬️

In addition, the conclusion can be an invitation, an opening to future projects or a call-to-action button, etc. Be ingenious – the aim is to captivate your reader! 💥


5. Signature and contact

At the end, you need to specify whether this release comes from the press office, the general manager or another source. 🥸 Use this space to present your company in more detail and, of course, you should put a box with contact details for further information.

There’s no standard press release or magic formula to follow. 🪄 You can try other means of communication and try different writing styles, which better suit your reputation, credibility, and employer branding.


Conclusion: What are the rules for a press release?

Creating a press release allows you to inform the media of news about your company or brand. 👏 However, journalists, editors, or reporters still have to open it, read it and want to publish it in the press

On average, a journalist is confronted with dozens, if not hundreds of emails, newsletters and press kits a day. 😥 So it’s your job to differentiate your press release from the rest!

However, there are a few rules to follow to ensure that a press release sent by email or PDF, ⚡ is opened and read for use in a media article.

For your influencer marketing strategy to be effective, several elements need to be taken into account: ⏬

  • The title,
  • The structure,
  • The format,
  • The copywriting,
  • The creative tools,
  • The call to action,
  • and the Results analysis.

I hope that with this article, you’ve discovered a few tips to make your press release want to be read! 😍


Article FAQ

What is a press release supposed to do?

The press release is a synthetic document that provides clear and precise information about a company, brand, or event to journalists, bloggers, or influencers. 🗣️

What is its purpose? 🤔 Considering a press release means you want the recipient to take note of the information, but above all to relay it and talk about you! Your release must be distinctive and inspire the journalist to process and share this information with the media.


When to send a press release?

To maximize the impact of a press release, strategic planning is required. 🧐 In addition, to avoid the Monday frenzy and the weekend slowdown, it should be sent out mid-week, on Tuesday or Wednesday

It’s important to target the sending time in the moments when journalists are most likely to read it, generally between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ⌚ It’s also crucial to keep it up to date with future trends or events in the sector concerned, while avoiding sending it during vacation periods or periods of intense activity, as it could go unnoticed. 🙊


Who writes press releases?

The press release is used to announce the release of a new product or application, the launch of an event, a partnership, or a fundraising event. 🤑 In short, any type of information that a company or individual wishes to disseminate to its target audience! 🎯 So it’s an essential part of a company’s press relations.

When communications managers write a press release, they know that it’s a document that can be picked up in part by journalists and in a social network. Or it may prompt journalists to write a longer, more comprehensive article. ✅


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That’s it! Now you know how to write a press release. 🤓

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