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Time to send your best thank you message on LinkedIn. 💌 In this tutorial you’ll figure it out:

  • What are the benefits of a good thank you message on the network.
  • How to write your thank you messages: what to do and what not to do.
  • Examples of successful LinkedIn messages.
  • How to automate your thank you messages on LinkedIn. 😱

What is a LinkedIn Thank You Message?

At first glance, the answer is right in the question. 😂 It’s a message you send via your LinkedIn messenger, or your enhanced messaging CRM, when you thank people for whatever reason. So far, nothing complicated. They can be very beneficial to your career or business, as you improve your B2b professional and sales strategy. Thank you messages on LinkedIn, while sincere, are also strategic, which is why you need to know how to write them well. Here are some examples of when you can send them:

  • When someone accepts your request to connect.
  • After an interview for a job, a meeting with a client.
  • After reading their content on LinkedIn. This is a great way to contact someone by showing you are interested in what they do.
  • To express your admiration for their work, within their company.

These messages are all going to need to be written differently, as their goals are not the same. 🎯

Why should you send a thank you message?

Writing a thank you message on LinkedIn has many benefits.

  • To show your gratitude.
  • To establish new professional relationships.
  • To improve your professional relationships.
  • To improve your visibility by standing out.
  • Get sales, if that’s your goal.

Saying thank you is bound to strengthen the connection between two individuals. A little psychology:

Gratitude is feeling favored by what we have received or what has been offered.

We can feel it for an individual or a situation. This feeling activates happiness hormones in our brain, when we give it, as much as when we receive it. We develop a sense of belonging, a feeling of fulfillment when we are complimented or thanked. We are social species that “feed” on our interactions. In short, the more you thank someone, the more they feel useful and the more they will be led to do the same for you while developing a certain sympathy towards you. By sending a thank you note, you never lose out. 😊


How to send a thank you message on LinkedIn?

There are two ways to send a thank you message on the social network, you can manually search for people to contact and create different messages for each of them, or you can, like us, use an automation tool that allows you to send them automatically. 👽

By Typing on Your Keyboard

All you have to do is search for the person in question in your LinkedIn search bar and send them a message. This method is convenient and free and is useful if you don’t want to grow your network or brand, but just want to thank a particular person.

Using an Automation Tool

If you want to send thank you messages on a large scale, having an automation tool is really going to come in handy. 🤓

  • With Triggers, you can send a personalized message to everyone who adds you to their network.
  • You can use our campaigns to send 100 connection requests per day. Once the connection request is accepted, an automatic message that you will have personalized will be sent to your 100 new contacts, in order to start a conversation.

What’s the point of automating your LinkedIn messages?

  • You save 10 times more time.
  • You can contact more people, every day, with  little effort.
  • You will develop your network ultra quickly.
  • You will improve your sympathy capital and boost your visibility.

How do I automate my LinkedIn messages?

To do this, you just need to use an automation tool. There are a few on the market, the most recent in terms of design and technology being Waalaxy.

Watch The Demo 🪐
  • Download the chrome extension to access the CRM.
  • You will be able to build your database using the LinkedIn’s classic search or Sales Navigator.
  • You then enter your prospects in an automated prospecting campaign.
  • You create the message template.
  • You then reply to the prospects on your free email CRM. 💌
  • You can also nurture/fidelize your prospects by embarking on a content strategy on LinkedIn.

prospecting plan linkedin

Tips on Writing the Best Thank You Message

  • Be clear, use the right keywords, the ones that will speak to your contact.
  • Be specific, explain the topic that leads you to thank this person, in a concise way.
  • Use emojis. 😁 – They’ll humanize your conversation (convey emotions), and they’ll liven up your message to make it a little more lively.
  • It’s not about quantity, but quality. Avoid overdoing it.
  • If you want to keep the conversation open, ask a question at the end of your thank you.
  • Finally, don’t sign. It doesn’t help, your name is already on the screen, and it often breaks up conversations wrongly – the person you’re talking to may think you’re not expecting a response.

LinkedIn message Template: part 1

Here are some examples to copy and adapt to your purposes:

If you are sending a connection request

Hello {{firstname}}. Thank you for adding me to your network. I was very happy to see that you accepted my request. I look forward to learning more about (state area of expertise). I think it would be beneficial for both parties to discuss (state the particular area you wish to discuss).

Then add a fact about your company or you that legitimizes your reaching out + a closing question. Here’s what it looks like:

Hi {{firstname}}. Thank you for adding me to your network. 😁 I was very happy to see that you accepted my request. I look forward to learning more about Bing web development. I think it would be beneficial for us to discuss our SEO expertise. I often publish on the subject. At Waalaxy, we went from 20 keywords in the top 3 to 200 in a few months. 😍 We use a tool called Semantik. Do you know it?

An Automated Thank You Message on LinkedIn

Of course, if you’re sending thank you messages every day, you might want to spend less time on them and optimize your approach. You can do this by writing a message that is both personalized and automated. Here’s how it looks:

Hello {{firstname}}. I wanted to thank you for adding me to your network. I see that you have an interest and expertise in (a relevant field), and I would love to discuss it with you. Do you like to find out what’s new in this industry? 😁 In order to segment your searches and add identical profiles in each of your campaigns, I invite you to follow this tutorial: mastering LinkedIn search and lead segmentation.

LinkedIn message Examples: part 2

There’s nothing better than connecting with your prospect when they add you as a friend. This is the best time. They have taken the first step towards you, so the exchange will simply be more natural. It is not enough to say “Thank you for inviting me”, but to start a real conversation. If you are invited to connect or join a group, this message can be useful:

Hi {{firstname}}, Thank you for inviting me to connect/join this group. I see you have an interest and expertise in (note relevant area). It would be great to share our respective knowledge. 😁

(Feel free to ask an open-ended question about the topic at hand). Example, whilst talking to a “content manager” you say: do you prefer to publish articles or posts on LinkedIn? I have my own ideas on which format is better, but I like to hear from experts.

In this example:

  • You’re highlighting your common ground.
  • You’re offering an exchange, not a direct sale.
  • You show that you have some expertise or experience.
  • You develop a relationship of trust between you and your prospect.

As I told you, aggressive selling doesn’t work very well. The more you ask the prospect to do something right away to “buy” from you, “download” from you, “give you some of their time”, the more likely you are to rush them and drive them away. You need to provide material and quality content first before you get them to take action.

Automate Your Connection Request Responses

With Waalaxy, you can automatically accept connection requests and thank your prospects, straight after they added you on LinkedIn. To do so, you just need to set up an easy and personalized campaign. It takes 2 seconds.

Here is how it looks like from the Inside. 🪐

linkedin automated message If you’re interested in learning more about Waalaxy, here’s a short tutorial video on LinkedIn’s automated prospecting. 👉

Watch The Demo 🪐

LinkedIn Thank you Message After Interview

Want to make a good impression and make sure the recruiter after the interview, doesn’t forget about you?

Writing a private, personalized message on LinkedIn is the best thing you can do. It’s neither too intrusive: avoid calling back to thank them, some recruiters might take that as pushy behavior. Neither too involved: You should always send a thank you message to the recruiter for his time, remind them that you enjoyed the interview and that you are still motivated. Here’s a “friendly” example, for dynamic young executive companies.

Hi {{firstname}}, I wanted to thank you for our conversation today. It was super clear, I really understood the missions and work environment. I just wanted to write you a little message to tell you that I am still very much interested. Thanks again, it was a super fun time. Have a great day. 🌞


(Add your first and last name at the end). Here’s a slightly more formal thank your messages if you applied at a large corporation, for example.

Hello Mr/Mrs {{Lastname}}, I wanted to thank you for your time today. I believe I fully understood the job role and how to handle them. I am sure that our collaboration will go very well if you choose me. In the meantime, I wish you an excellent day and thank you again for your time and the clarity of the information!


(Add your name and surname at the end, as a little reminder 💉).

The annoying thing about boring companies is that the interactions are boring.

But if this is the type of company you like, it’s best to stay within their codes and not shock them too much with informal turns of phrase.

Example of a thank you on LinkedIn: After Reading their content on LinkedIn

Another great way to connect with your prospects. It shows them that you are interested in their content and you value their expertise. No matter why you contact them: if you agree, disagree, have a question or want to bounce back on the topic, there are several steps to contacting your prospect.

  • Introduce yourself (name of your profession/expertise and why not that of your company).
  • Mention the post you have read and compliment an aspect of their post: copywriting, idea…
  • Explain, “the reason why”: why did you feel like writing to them?
  • Develop your opinion on the subject.
  • Make sure you ask a question at the end to start the conversation.
  • Avoid “have a nice day” or “goodbye” at the end which tends to make the message cold and close the interaction.

By following these steps, you are sure to succeed in your approach.

LinkedIn connection message example: Thanking a client after a meeting

Whether it’s a past client, a new client or a soon-to-be client, it’s important to end on a high note. Simply explain to your client that you enjoyed your exchange, thank them for their time, and wish for a good working relationship. That’s all.

Then for the form, it depends completely on the relationship you have established. When you find new clients, I really encourage you to create a warm atmosphere from the beginning.

You can use

  • “I wanted to sincerely thank you for“.
  • “I much appreciated our meeting today”.
  • “Thank you for sharing your precious time with me today”.
  • “I really appreciate working with you”.

And you can talk about something specific :

  • “I appreciate your kindness“.
  • “I am so thankful for your…”.
  • Thank you for your business offer”.

Thank you message for connecting on LinkedIn: Conclusion

To conclude, what should we remember from all this?

Remember one thing: Expressing gratitude doesn’t cost much, and it makes people happy.

LinkedIn is a human social network, it is not a place for commercial exchanges, at least not in the first place. Of course, it is very useful to communicate and find clients on the network, but you don’t do it the same way on LinkedIn as at a trade show.

You have to find some subtlety and get the sympathy of the people who read your messages. It’s a network where there is a lot of spam, so to get ahead, you have to get out of the classic codes. We hope that our example messages on LinkedIn will help you and that you will find a LinkedIn thank you message made for you. Feel free to rework them to your liking.


Ps: Thank you very much for reading me. 🧡

FAQ Saying Thank you on LinkedIn

There are several ways to warmly thank your interlocutors on the network. You don’t have to send a message, you can make an appreciation post, a note or even a thank you email!

Thank you post on LinkedIn

You can very well decide to make a thank you post on LinkedIn to thank the staff or to thank the managers, your collaborators, customers..

These types of posts are very engaging, because they convey emotions: joy, gratitude, well-being and surf on the current trend of “putting people at the center of everything.” We see this trend growing, especially with the explosion of soft skills and well-being at work. Moreover, you show your network that you are caring and grateful, you increase your sympathy capital.

LinkedIn Thank you note

Send a note to show your appreciation.

The notes are dedicated to people who are not in your LinkedIn network, i.e., you can send thank you notes to people who have not yet accepted you, it allows you to personalize your connection requests.

message note linkedin

How to Thank Someone for Adding you on LinkedIn by email

Why should you be sending an email to your LinkedIn prospect?

  • The LinkedIn database is huge and free.
  • You can contact your prospects on different channels. (Mails + LinkedIn).
  • You can automate your cross-channel actions to multiply your chances of finding customers and making sales with LinkedIn.

For example: You write a message on LinkedIn to your prospect and you send a follow-up message 2 days later by email. 🚀

How does it work?

It’s possible in a few clicks and very simple. All you need is a multi-channel CRM. Here’s a little preview of how it works at Waalaxy. 👽

email message linkedin contact


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