How to migrate from Octopus CRM to ProspectIn?

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Octopus CRM is an automation tool for LinkedIn, but it is very limited and presents risks for your account. This is what we detail in this article by explaining how to migrate from Octopus CRM to ProspectIn.

How to migrate from Octopus CRM to ProspectIn?

Like most available CRMs, Octopus and ProspectIn use the data of the members of your LinkedIn network, i.e. names and email addresses. Other data such as position, company or location can be interesting depending on your needs.

You can obtain this data by importing them in a CSV file by clicking on “Export” from the “Connect” section of the Octopus dashboard.

octopus crm

This same file can then be used by ProspectIn to create your prospecting campaigns. From your dashboard, simply create and name a campaign, import the CSV file and the data is then integrated into your new CRM. By using ProspectIn you are sure to avoid duplications in your CRM. How do you do it? Your new software detects them and guarantees that you don’t have the same prospect in different campaigns. 🔥

The trick is done in a few clicks and you can start prospecting on LinkedIn, the right way.

Why migrate from Octopus CRM to ProspectIn?

Octopus is a CRM in English and you benefit from a 7-day trial. No “guided tour” to understand the different features, which can be a hindrance if you are not comfortable with these kind of tools.

However, you will quickly understand that the fetauresare limited. From the dashboard, you have access to your statistics to evaluate the impact of your campaigns. When you want to create a campaign, you realize that the default campaign allows you to send a connection request with a personalized note. You can also create profile visits and recommendation requests.

ProspectIn, on the other hand, allows you to create fully customizable Scenarios! You can better target your prospects and decide on the number of actions in each campaign and the time between each action. Our tool adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

You want to easily control your activity on LinkedIn? ProspectIn’s dashboard is perfect because you will find:

  • the number of people in your network,
  • the number of pending connection requests,
  • the number of views on your last post,
  • tracking your activity by day or week and by campaign or by mixing all campaigns.

What tools can you use with ProspectIn?

Inbox waalaxy will revolutionize your LinkedIn messaging. You can:

  • hide conversations,
  • program messages,
  • add memos on the contact sheets,
  • group your contacts by tags to find them easily,

And if you’re wondering, we don’t have access to your data or conversations. We simply provide a tool that makes your private exchanges on LinkedIn much more fluid!

inbox waalaxy

Podawaa is a tool that allows you to:

  • Schedule your LinkedIn posts at the date and time of your choice
  • Join pods (commitment groups) composed of LinkedIn members around a common theme.

Our tools are designed to save you time and make your activity on LinkedIn much more enjoyable. And you won’t be disappointed when you try them!

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