The Waalaxy Cloud: running Waalaxy with your computer turned off

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Keeping your computer on to run Waalaxy is a real hassle, isn’t it?

That’s where the good news comes in: Waalaxy is now moving to 100% Cloud for all our users with a paid subscription. 🤩

Thanks to Waalaxy Cloud, you can now sleep easy: Waalaxy works, even when you’re asleep 😉

I tell you everything!

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Definition and operation

Waalaxy Cloud works by launching your LinkedIn account on a server and connecting Waalaxy, so your campaigns can run whenever you want, without having your computer on all the time.

When the Cloud option is active, actions on LinkedIn will be sent according to the “working hours” you choose. ✅

Cloud is included and mandatory on Waalaxy when you have an Advanced or Business paid subscription, but also when you’re in a free trial period.

Now, as soon as you turn off your computer or close Chrome, your actions continue to send to LinkedIn, without you having to do anything. 👌

It’s all simple and transparent for you. It guarantees that you’ll reach your quotas on Waalaxy every day , even if you have lots of campaigns underway.

Those with a Waalaxy Freemium subscription do not benefit from the feature, and will therefore need to keep the computer on and a LinkedIn tab open for Waalaxy to work. ☹️

FAQ of the article Cloud Waalaxy

Is it possible to disable Cloud?

It is no longer possible to disable the Cloud. We’ve been forced to do so by new Chrome Store regulations. Indeed, Google will no longer allow actions to be performed from an extension in 2024.

As a result, Waalaxy is moving to 100% Cloud. ☁️

From which IPs are my LinkedIn actions sent?

When you use the Cloud, we’ll connect your account via an IP as close as possible to your location. This is fully automatic, so you don’t have to worry about it. This aspect guarantees you total transparency vis-à-vis LinkedIn.

Is there a risk of additional detection by LinkedIn?

The Cloud does not imply any additional risk of detection by LinkedIn. Each user is assigned a fixed IP.

There are a maximum of 5 users per IP, which corresponds to a family or small business all on the same Internet box. The IPs we use are VPN IPs.

One out of every 4 Internet users in the world uses a VPN, so this is totally normal behavior for LinkedIn.

Do I have to give my LinkedIn password to use the Cloud?

It is mandatory to validate your LinkedIn credentials to synchronize your Waalaxy account with your LinkedIn profile, so that Waalaxy doesn’t need to go through your browser.

I want to reassure you on one point, this information is kept encrypted, and no human can access it. ❌


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