ProspectIn is the best alternative to LinkedAutomate

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prospectin is the best alternative to linkedautomate
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LinkedAutomate is a new tool on the B2B prospecting market on LinkedIn. With a name inspired by Linked Helper, and “automation marketing“, this tool is far from competing with its competitors and especially its best alternative: ProspectIn.

In this sharp article, you will discover how our tool is (so much) better at all levels.

Features: ProspectIn outperforms LinkedAutomate by far

LinkedAutomate provides 3 main features, which are very basic:

  • Send automated connection requests.
  • Send automated messages.
  • Visit and accept invitations automatically.

There are also a few other features, but they are not very useful and not very advanced.

bad prospecting tool is linkedautomate

On the other hand, thanks to our software ProspectIn you will be able to do much more like (in addition to the features of LinkedAutomate):

  • Follow people without having to connect with them.
  • Create scenarios to schedule basic actions (connection, messages, etc…) and get a better ROI.
  • Implement actions triggers (e.g.: trigger a specific message as soon as someone opens one of your previous messages).
  • Pre-integrated CRM so you don’t have to pay for another CRM (examples: Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.).

incredible b2b tool is prospectin

The great advantage of ProspectIn, and which LinkedAutomate doesn’t have

Our tool provides super-precise and ultra-graphic performance visualization. Thanks to a dashboard, you can control and monitor your KPIs such as your opening or answer rate. The best part? You can organize these data by campaign and by periodicity.

Also, you have access to a large amount of statistics such as:

  1. Your number of active and pending connections.
  2. The number of views on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. The reach of your last post.

Your weekly activity per action is also displayed on our dashboard, with the opportunity to use filters to get an accurate data comparison.

In addition, we have a tag system, which is much more efficient than the old list system used by some CRMs (emailing). Tags allow you to join one or more groups per user, in order to classify and identify your prospects easily.

Another thing that LinkedAutomate does not have: a system that allows you to delete requests received 7, 14, 21, 30 or 90 days ago.

prospectin is better than linkedautomate

Going for ease of use with ProspectIn

Our developers have thought of absolutely everything, and in particular the users’ experience. For example, it is possible to duplicate scenarios (which LinkedAutomate does not have) and move them from one campaign to another.

Duplication requires just 2 clicks and allows you to duplicate:

  • The template used.
  • The invitation notes content.
  • The messages in a scenario.

With ProspectIn, it’s much clearer and much more enjoyable to use.

LinkedAutomate is too expensive for basic features

First of all, LinkedAutomate’s big drawback is that it doesn’t offer a freemium account. Forced to pay to try out a tool, and see if it suits you? This is not our vision at ProspectIn.

We think it is important to be able to use the tool to match all types of people. For example, self-employed entrepreneurs don’t want to put several hundred bucks into a tool. Especially not right away.

However, LinkedAutomate offers a trial period, just like ProspectIn, but here is why we are the best alternative (again) :

  • 7 days free trial for LinkedAutomate.
  • 14 free trial days for ProspectIn.

See the difference?

There’s no doubt about which one to choose.

Moreover, with ProspectIn there is no need to enter your credit card information to give us a try, with just a few clicks you can already get started!

For a single user, LinkedAutomate costs $15/month (€12.40) while ProspectIn is €9.99/month with much more sophisticated and advanced features. Less expensive and so much better.

pricing prospectin linkedin tool

A danger for your LinkedIn account

Here’s something you don’t want: to be banned from LinkedIn. Unfortunately, this is extremely likely after using LinkedIn.

Why is that?

The reason is that they don’t use daily limits when automating actions. Even if the Chrome extension of LinkedAutomate claims to be “undetectable” by LinkedIn (like ProspectIn), it is clear that the social media, on the other hand, detects spam actions with your account. And that’s a lot of prospecting time that can be wasted in a flash.

Choose a safe alternative where you know that even if you schedule x1000 too many actions, your tool will automatically take over to secure you. This goes for ProspectIn.

using linkedautomate is a danger for your linkedin account

The best alternative to LinkedAutomate – what to keep in mind?

Finally, the key question is “should I use LinkedAutomate for my Btob prospecting on LinkedIn?

The answer: no.

Here are the reasons that proves it:

  • It is a solution with not enough features.
  • It’s too expensive for what it provides (too basic).
  • It’s confusing to use.
  • It’s not as pretty.
  • It’s a real threat for your LinkedIn account.

On the other hand, we encourage you to try our ProspectIn tool for free. We are confident in our software because :

  • We deliver advanced prospecting for maximum ROI.
  • We offer a freemium version to try it out peacefully.
  • We focus on the user experience (UX).
  • It’s totally secure for your LinkedIn.
  • Plus: we have a chat support!