How to migrate from LinkedHelper to Waalaxy?

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How to migrate from LinkedHelper to Waalaxy?
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You have decided to change your tool and you want to switch from Linked Helper to Waalaxy ? Good decision! You will save time in every step of your LinkedIn business and we explain here how to migrate from LinkedHelper to Waalaxy! 🚀

How to migrate from LinkedHelper to Waalaxy?

First of all it is essential that your data is gathered in a CSV file in order to use it in the best way in your future personalized campaigns via Waalaxy.

Please note that your CSV file must contain one url per line. These urls must correspond to the profiles of your prospects.

So you will have 1 url for 1 profile! You can include different information in your CSV file such as the last name, first name, email address of your prospects. Generally, only the URL of the LinkedIn profile counts.

To migrate from LinkedHelper to Waalaxy you must first extract your data from Linked Helper. To do so, :

  • Go to the “Collect” section,
  • Select the contacts you want to extract data from or click “Select all” to extract data from all your contacts,
  • Then click on “Select all” then “download CSV file”.

You will get a CSV file with information such as your contact’s first and last name and email address.

You can then use this file to create your first campaigns with Waalaxy and become formidable in your LinkedIn activity.

How to use Linked Helper data on Waalaxy?

You can start your LinkedIn prospecting by using the CSV files generated by your old tool, namely LinkedHelper, and that’s it!

You just have to go to your Waalaxy dashboard to create your campaign from your file. To do so, nothing could be easier:

  • Go to the left in“Prospect“, click the“Import” button.
  • Then click on“Import via CSV file“.
  • Select the CSV file you want and you’ll be able to prospect effectively!

A few clicks are enough to start using Waalaxy and its very intuitive dashboard will save you precious time!

Why use Waalaxy as an alternative to LinkedHelper?

First advantage, Waalaxy is much faster to install since it is a chrome extension. As soon as you install it, you can create your first campaigns very easily as we have just shown you.

You have control over your actions directly from the Waalaxy dashboard. You will find there :

  • Connection requests sent.
  • Visits to your profile made.
  • Follow-up requests sent.
  • Messages sent.
  • Emails sent.

Big bonus: Waalaxy adapts to your needs since you can customize each campaign with a cross-channel strategy.

All you have to do is try our tool, but we warn you: you won’t be able to live without it! 😄 Now you know how to migrate from Linked Helper to Waalaxy! 🚀

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