Which alternative for Meet Alfred?

Published by Amandine on February 3, 2022 5/5 (189 votes)

Which alternative for Meet Alfred?
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You are using the extension Meet Alfred, but it’s restricted. 🤔

The automation of your LinkedIn account isn’t an easy choice, you should be aware. We offer you to discover Waalaxy. The security of your account is our top priority.

Waalaxy is the best alternative to Meet Alfred

Tools like Meet Alfred aren’t easy to use. No matter your activity, prospecting takes a significant time on your core business. The automation must ease the task and not the reverse. Don’t complicate it more with a risky spam tool that doesn’t care about your activity’s safety.

Waalaxy is the choice of security. Unlike Meet Alfred, we simulate human behavior by setting up daily quotas and detecting risky behaviors. You don’t want to be a spammer and your ROI either. We recommend that you do not use Dux soup either.

Create your own campaigns, separate your projects and optimize your marketing efforts. The organization is the key to increasing your conversion rate. Also, you can perform A/B tests. Even more with transactional scenarios allowing you to define your actions beforehand.

Our main strength? Ergonomics. Handy and easy to use with live support and detailed tutorials. Only one goal. Make your prospecting easier and not a chore. Send an automatic LinkedIn message in a few clicks and in a customized way. Save time on your marketing campains.

Meet Alfred is not your LinkedIn account’s best friend

Besides being dangerous for your LinkedIn account, it doesn’t take into account the “spam” aspect of marketing automation. It doesn’t offer every necessary feature to automate your activity.

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Why don’t you discover our automated transactional scenarios which are a unique feature? You won’t find this somewhere else. But what does it allow you for?

  • Discover our transactional paths for your prospects.
  • Add “seen” and “not seen” messages criteria.
  • Define actions a few days after your initial action.

That’s not all, our extension is affordable and easy to install on any computer.

What does Waalaxy offer compared to Meet Alfred?

  • Do multi-channel prospecting (LinkedIn + emailing).
  • Secure bypass of the 100 maximum invitations per week.
  • A Google Chrome extension undetectable because it is invisible in the source code of web pages.
  • Follow your B2b performances.
  • Make use of statistics.
  • Make A/B tests.
  • Tag segementation after lead-generation.
  • Ultra-personalize your relationship management.
  • Configure workflows.
  • A suggestion of optimized funnels for conversion.
  • Prospects management per campaign.

How does Waalaxy protect my LinkedIn account ?

  • Optimal daily quotas (which vary according to your conversion rate and your account seniority).
  • Deadlines between actions.
  • Risky account warnings.

Meet Alfred is more expensive than Waalaxy

Meet Alfred :

We offer a tool affordable to every purse.

If you want to discuss this with us, contact me directly on my LinkedIn profile. We would be very happy to have you on Waalaxy, the best marketing platform for LinkedIn!  😎