Contentsquare: How to increase growth through innovation? (Case study)

Contentsquare is a user experience optimisation and analysis platform. 🤝 This helps businesses understand how and why users interact with their apps, mobile sites and websites.


What is Contentsquare?

Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Singapore. The company currently helps more than 700 brands in 25 countries to deliver better digital experiences to their users. 🌎

Contentsquare’s technology captures billions of mouse movements and touch gestures 🖲️ and transforms this data into profitable actions that help companies:

  • increase engagement on their website,
  • reduce operational expenses and,
  • improve conversion rates.

Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence and big data, 🤖 Contentsquare provides automated recommendations and enables every member of your marketing team to measure the effectiveness of their actions.


Contentsquare Logo

The company had its first logo, with colors reflecting values of trust, reliability, power, etc. : ⏬

Then they moved on to a cleaner design, with a uniform blue color: 🔵

Blue is the most commonly used color in marketing. 🌊 This color represents confidence and safety. In particular, it is used in the medical world, the high-tech world and the banking sector.

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have made blue the go-to color for communication! 📣


Target and market

In just a few years, Contentsquare has acquired a number of ecommerce and distribution companies, including the Carrefour group, “Club Med”, “Maisons du monde”, Rakuten and “Pierre et Vacances”. 🚣‍♂️

Contentsquare helps more than 1,000 brands optimize their web, mobile, and app experiences. 🤳

Jonathan Cherki, founder and former alumni of ESSEC business school, looked at the (huge) gap between the digital experiences offered by companies and how users actually experience them. 🤔

So, he decided to develop a solution to measure the digital performance of websites to help brands improve their customer experience. 🤗


Contentsquare Recruitment and Branding

Contentsquare is currently ranked 5ᵉ in the “Best Workplaces” ranking for the 250 to 999 employees category. 🥳

When Jonathan Cherki founded Contentsquare in Paris in 2012, he never imagined that the customer journey analysis software company would become a unicorn and join the “French Tech Next40”, a club of French startups. 🍷

This is because the company has invested in its values from the get-go: 💯

“We make great efforts to ensure that all employees have access to the company’s information, objectives, results and financial metrics,” explains Nicolas Fritz, the company’s HR Director. 👌

More specifically, Contentsquare has set up a forum where anyone can anonymously put questions to management or have “informal discussions” with CEOs and managers. 🗣️

Content Square represents 70 nationalities, 1,800 employees in 18 offices around the world, offering numerous opportunities for international and internal mobility. 🏃


What is Contentsquare valuation?

Contentsquare Funding

French unicorn Contentsquare 🦄 announced on 25 May 2021 that it had raised more than €400 million. French startups rarely reach this amount, but this investment can be explained by the growing need in the field of customer journey analysis.

Content Square had 6 funding rounds in total (totalling $1.4 billion) and 16 international offices (including Paris, London, New York, Munich, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Singapore). 💥 Since 2019, Contentsquare has acquired “Clicktale”, “Pricing Assistant”, “Dareboost”, “AdapteMonWeb” and “Upstride”.

Today, Contentsquare is the world’s leading provider of digital experience analytics. 🖲️


Contentsquare Revenue

Contentsquare’s current revenues are not publicly available. 🤐 Contentsquare is a private company, so they do not regularly share financial information.

However, Contentsquare is a fast-growing company and is considered one of the world’s leading providers of digital experience analytics. 👏

The company’s technology is used by many of the world’s leading brands to optimize online performance. 🚀 While we don’t have exact current sales figures, their success, and expansion, is a testament to the value they deliver to customers.

Nevertheless, we do know that their sales grew by more than 200% in 2019, with a strong acceleration in North America (40% of the business), Europe (55% of the total) and Asia. 🍜

Content square is part of Next40, a group of 40 of the most promising French companies with the potential to become world-class technology leaders. 🌎


Celebrity gif. Kim Kardashian is seated against a blue background, sliding bills into the air from a stack of cash in her hands. Text, "Cash monaaaaaaaay."

Going public? “A path we’re considering”

The traditional fate of “unicorn startups” is to go public once success has been established. 🌈 “It’s definitely a path we consider, if only to achieve operational excellence and maturity,” explained Jonathan Cherki.

But even for companies that achieve unicorn status, “there are still opportunities for private funding”, 💰 he added.
The coronavirus crisis has had no impact on the funding process, according to Content Square bosses.

“What has happened over the last three years reinforces the importance of the digital channel,” he stressed. 🤓 That means online sales that can be maximized with Contentsquare. 🛒 “People have started ordering online and will continue to do so,” he said. (Source:


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What innovation strategy Contentsquare used to become a unicorn?

Content Square is pursuing an innovation strategy that focuses on three key aspects: 🗝️

  • investment in technology,
  • international expansion and,
  • continuous improvement of their platform. 🌐

When it comes to technology, Contentsquare continually invests in research and development to improve its features and solutions. ✨

As they expand internationally, they strive to penetrate new markets and broaden their customer base. 🎯

Finally, Contentsquare strives to continually improve its platform by taking user feedback into account and offering regular updates and new features. 🤩

With this strategy of innovation, Content Square has become a unicorn! 🪄


Contentsquare University Certification

Today, 12,000 people (and more every day!) trust Contentsquare to create better customer experiences. 🤝 Training and certification programs ensure a rapid transition from product launch to implementation.

This agility is made possible by in-depth product knowledge and personalized experience, value-based training: 🪙

  • Contentsquare University provides you with access to pre-recorded or live-streamed instructor-led training programs to develop your team’s knowledge and skills.
  • Track your team’s progress and assess each member’s skills with a certification program. ✅


Innovation: Contentsquare Foundation

The Contentsquare Foundation is committed to making the web more accessible. 🤲 Digital accessibility is more than a legal regulation, it is above all a fundamental human right, contributing to social justice and inclusion.

More than a billion people suffer from a disability that can affect their ability to use the Internet. 💻

The foundation’s primary mission is to understand the different types of disability and how they affect millions of people around the world in digital terms.

Contentsquare Foundation helps transform and accelerate digital accessibility for a fairer and more inclusive digital world through impactful and innovative programmes. 👇

  • Scientific research: 🔍 Building collaborative research partnerships with research institutes and experts that aim to reduce barriers to access for current and future generations.
  • Solutions and technology: 📱 Developing unique assistive technology solutions to improve the online experience for everyone, regardless of disability.
  • Education and innovation: 📖 Creation of educational content to train all audiences in digital accessibility and support for graduate students who are helping to build a more inclusive digital world.


Marketing: Contentsquare Community

Contentsquare Community is an online space for users of the customer data analysis platform. 🤓 This is where experts in digital-marketing, e-commerce and user experience come together to exchange ideas, share best practice and discover new features.

It’s a unique opportunity to communicate with other users, ask questions, receive advice and find solutions to common challenges. 👂 The Contentsquare community fosters collaborative learning and enables users to get the most out of this powerful analytics platform. 🦾

In terms of marketing strategy, Contentsquare highlights its community, by doing: ⏬

  • Intrapreneurship programs that allow employees to develop their own product or service ideas.
  • “Hackathon” programs that encourage employees to collaborate on innovative projects.
  • In-house business funding programs that support innovative projects that have the potential to generate growth.
So now you know their strategy for growth and innovation! 😉

Conclusion: The future of

Looking ahead, Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of Contentsquare, aims to “accelerate the digital transformation of businesses around the world by giving them a deeper understanding of online behavior”. 🚀

He added that Contentsquare’s customers and partners “will benefit from the acceleration of our business” thanks to the funding they got in 2021. “Innovation will happen organically through recruitment and acquisitions of R&D talent at scale”. 💪 (Source:

Content Square’s future is therefore promising. 🤗 As a leader in user experience analysis and optimization, Contentsquare continues to develop innovative solutions to help businesses understand and improve their online performance.

Using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Contentsquare is able to provide deeper and more accurate insights into user behavior. 👀

They continue to grow internationally, expanding their global presence and establishing strategic partnerships. 🤝 With a skilled team and cutting-edge technology, Contentsquare is well positioned to shape the future of user experience analytics.


Article FAQ

Who are Contentsquare competitors?

Contentsquare’s competitors include companies such as “Crazy Egg”, “Hotjar” and “Google Analytics”: 🕵️

  • Crazy Egg” provides eye tracking, scroll map and click map functionality to analyze customer behavior on your website.
  • Hotjar” offers session recording, surveys and funnels to optimize the user experience.
  • Google Analytics” is a more general web analytics solution that provides information on traffic, conversion rates and user behaviour.

While all these competitors offer similar functionality, 🧐 Contentsquare stands out for its intuitive interface, AI technology and customer experience expertise.


What is Contentsquare pricing?

In terms of pricing, Contentsquare offers personalized deals based on the number of pages viewed each month. 🤑 All you need to do is contact the platform. 👉 You can also request a demo to discover the interface and its features.

In general, Contentsquare does not publish its prices. 🤫 Prices vary according to the number of pages viewed, the number of sessions and the features selected. 👉 You can contact their sales department for a quote.


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Now you know all about Contentsquare’s innovation strategy! 😉


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