How do I announce a job search on LinkedIn?


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    Communicating about a job search is never easy, especially on social networks. Luckily there are many solutions that are as simple as they are effective. We hope that they will help you announce a job search on LinkedIn!

    Communicate directly about your job search on LinkedIn

    Nothing better than creating a post dedicated to your job search to let your professional network know that you are available for a new job! Here are a few tips to make your post more relevant:

    • Use visuals: nothing better to grab the attention of recruiters,
    • Use hashtags related to your domain. People who subscribe to these hashtags will be able to see your post,
    • By indicating whether you are immediately available for full-time, part-time or full-time work…
    • By identifying individuals, provided they are related to the post.

    Of course interaction is essential on social networks. Don’t hesitate to reply to posts if you feel you can bring an added value. Don’t forget to respond to the comments that your posts will generate! To announce a job search on LinkedIn has never been easier !😎

    LinkedIn’s Job function

    The “Job” function is available directly from the LinkedIn home page, it allows you to easily find the job offers you can and you can refine your job search according to different criteria :

    • Geographical sector,
    • Type of contract: cdi, cdd,
    • Experiences or by selecting companies.

    You can send your applications directly by clicking on the “Apply” button or create alerts to be notified as soon as an ad is published.

    However, it can be interesting to be active and communicate in the groups related to your search for activity.

    How can you do this? By providing relevant tips and tricks in the different posts. You can also publish value-added content that will prove your expertise, it is the ideal solution to get yourself noticed in your business sector. Creating posts that open the debate can also be a good alternative and of course publishing a post where you clearly indicate that you are looking for a job will save a lot of time!

    Automate your job search

    You certainly have connection requests, waiting messages, people you want to add to your network but like everyone else, you don’t always have an infinite amount of time for these tasks.⏳

    ProspectIn is the tool since it allows you to :

    • Visit profiles and send connection requests automatically,
    • Send a personalized note when you want to add a LinkedIn member,
    • Automatically send messages, with chained actions : You send a message, then if the person has seen it, then a second message will be sent. Enough to automate your job search.
    • Create scenarios to save even more time. For example, you can create a scenario in which you will send a message to HR and, depending on their response, submit a CV. Of course we advise you not to be impatient, you would scare away your interlocutor. On the other hand you can create a scenario and send a note indicating that you have skills in the same field as the person and you want to know if it is possible to have a feedback on your CV to optimize your chances.

    You can also create a scenario to make an unsolicited application by sending a request to connect to the HR of the companies you are going to target and then send them a slightly “catchy” message to make the difference!

    There are of course many possibilities and ProspectIn will save you a lot of time in communicating and getting you noticed in a relevant way. And if you have any concerns about using automation software, ProspectIn is fully customizable so that you can replicate your LinkedIn activity in the best possible way and not be penalized.

    So ready to announce a job search on LinkedIn and be successful?!🥳

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