Recruiting Catchphrases: Templates and Tips

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Are you looking for the perfect candidate and want to make sure you don’t miss your Recruiting Catchphrases? Wondering how to create a catchphrase that grabs candidates’ attention? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Look no further, we’ve got the answers for you! 🌟


The basics of good Recruiting Catchphrases

A powerful tagline is essential to attracting quality candidates. Here are the key elements to consider:

  • Personalization: address the candidate directly, using the pronoun “you” depending on your target, to create an immediate connection. 👥
  • Highlight the opportunity: tell candidates why this opportunity is special; an exciting project, an innovative company or a dynamic working environment, see all 3! 💡
  • Highlight the challenges of the job: this will help you attract people who match your needs, who are stimulated by the missions. 🌐
  • Call to action at the end of the ad: encourage candidates to apply now. Using action verbs like “join us”, “apply” creates a sense of urgency. 🚀

There are several types of ads that on LinkedIn, Indeed or elsewhere. They all depend on the candidate you’re targeting and the company you’re in. A dynamic start-up won’t write the same way as an accountancy firm. (And it’s about time accounting firms were more fun, but that’s another battle. 😂)

To illustrate my point, here are 3 examples.


Example 1) The start-up ad.

Here’s an example of a tagline that would work well for a fun startup;

Recruiting Catchphrases


Example 2) The agency ad.

Here’s an example of a tagline that would work well for a young-minded agency;

Recruiting Catchphrases


Example 3) Advertising for consulting firms, public sector, healthcare…

And here, you can find a much more formal ad, which is better suited to certain sectors;


You know, every recruitment ad is like a personal message to a potential candidate. Imagine sending an invitation to a friend without specifying the place or the date. It’s not likely to work, is it? 🤭

The same goes for recruitment ads. Every candidate has his or her aspirations, skills, and preferences. Focusing on the target ensures that the ad’s message resonates with the people you want to attract. This means more applications and less time wasted sorting through profiles that don’t really match.

Well, even if your catchphrase is going to depend heavily on your target, you can still apply the following method, since it’s universal. 😉


What are the 4 essential keys to a good Recruiting Catchphrases?

To keep in mind the method I’m about to present, think of the acronym; CCCV.

  • Clarity: Be specific about what you’re offering. Candidates want to know what to expect, salary, missions, conditions… 🎯
  • Creativity: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. An original tagline always stands out. 🎨
  • Conciseness: Avoid long sentences. The aim is to captivate in just a few words. 📝
  • Values: If your company values diversity, ecology, etc., don’t hesitate to mention it in the tagline. 🌍

Remember the CCCV principle: Clarity, Creativity, Conciseness, and Values. 👍 These four elements are the pillars of a powerful recruitment hook. For pity’s sake, stop excluding the salary from the description – you’re wasting a lot of time, and so are the candidates…

By truly applying the CCCV method, you’ll attract candidates who share your values and are genuinely enthusiastic about joining your team. 🌟


Examples of recruitment catchphrases to inspire you

View templates on <strong>recruitment</strong> emails


These taglines aren’t just phrases, they’re invitations to discover unique and exciting opportunities. Each of them has been carefully crafted, but of course, they can’t be universal: you need to adapt them to your targets and your company’s values.


Example for a Marketing Manager position:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: This hook emphasizes the opportunity for the candidate to apply their marketing skills in a dynamic environment, while taking part in an innovative project to create strategy.


Sample cover letter for a Developer:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: It highlights the company’s fun, innovative work culture while reassuring about the salary, enticing the candidate to join the team to play a part in shaping the digital future.


Example for a sales trainee position:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: This hook highlights the learning opportunity and team dynamics, offering a formative and enriching experience for the sales trainee. But also explaining that he or she will have a certain amount of freedom, able to make their own choices and test their methods.


Example for a communications officer position:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: It highlights the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate creativity within a communicative and caring team, thus actively participating in the company’s communication strategy.


Example for a Product Owner position:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: This hook highlights the opportunity for the candidate to put their passion for innovation to work by playing a key role in the company’s product development.


Example for a Business Developer position:

💡 Why it’s a good hook: it invites the candidate to be a player in the company’s growth by stimulating fun and captivating opportunities, highlighting the ambition needed in this role.


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Conclusion: Recruiting catchphrase and employer branding

Why isn’t it just the catchphrase that will make a huge difference in your recruitment strategy?

Because it’s not enough to inspire people with the right words, the corporate culture must also follow.

Here is an example of recruitment post to develop the employer brand, and therefore recruitment: 👇

Recruiting Catchphrases


How to successfully recruit beyond the catchphrase?

The “no bullshit” employer brand is more important than the simple catchphrase, as it represents the overall image and reputation of the company as an employer. Be honest and direct in your approach.

Recruiting Catchphrases


Here’s why 👇

  • Authenticity and Transparency:

An honest employer brand emphasizes authenticity and transparency. It communicates the company’s culture, the benefits offered to employees, the challenges they may face, and so on. This establishes a level of trust from the outset, which is essential to attract candidates aligned with the company’s values and expectations.


  • 🫶 Employee loyalty:

A strong, authentic employer brand contributes to employee loyalty. When expectations are clear and in line with the company’s reality, employees are more likely to stay for the long term. This reduces the costs associated with recruitment and training new employees.


  • 👀 Attracting Quality Candidates:

A strong employer brand naturally attracts the best candidates. They look for companies that offer a strong corporate culture, development opportunities and a positive working environment. A “no bullshit” employer brand communicates these benefits clearly and effectively. Convincing. 😉


  • 👍 Reputation in the job market:

Brand image of a company or as an employer can have a significant impact on its ability to attract the best talent, people are increasingly finding out, looking at Glassdoor or contact former employees on LinkedIn.

Talent actively seeks out reviews and comments on the past employment experiences of the company’s employees. A strong employer brand contributes to a good reputation in the job market.


  • ❤️ Cultural alignment:

By emphasizing an authentic corporate culture, a strong employer brand “no bullshit” attracts candidates who are truly aligned with the company’s values and mission, so we know they’ll fit in well and therefore feel good.

In addition to better integration, this boosts employee retention, as they are more likely to thrive in an environment that suits them, and to stay there!

In short, the employer brand goes beyond a simple recruitment catchphrase. By communicating transparently and authentically what the company really has to offer as an employer. It creates a solid foundation for attracting, retaining and developing the best talent, thus contributing to the company’s sustainable growth and success.

If you had to keep one phrase in mind: 👇

Making an impression isn’t just a matter of a good catchphrase.

Stand out from the crowd, recruitment approach creative. Organize unique events, create stimulating challenges, or use original communication channels. When you think outside the box, you attract bold, adventurous candidates who are ready to take on innovative challenges. It also shows that your company is dynamic and open to experimentation.

Every detail counts in the search for the ideal candidate. Thanks to these practical tips, you can raise your ad to attract talent that shares your vision and energy.

Remember, the aim is to create an authentic connection from the very first reading.


FAQ: Recruiting Catchphrases

Well, back to the essential catchphrase, if you want to see LinkedIn expert posts on the subject, follow our two recruitment stars:


How to create an effective tagline for your job ad?

Recruiting Catchphrases

To create an effective teaser, it’s essential to personalize the message by using the pronoun “you”, and to speak directly to the candidate. Highlight the advantages and specifics of the opportunity you’re offering, while emphasizing the skills you’re looking for. 🧐 End with a call to action encouraging candidates to apply. 💪


How do you make candidates want to apply?

To whet candidates’ appetites, it’s crucial to highlight the unique benefits of the opportunity 🤩 whether it’s exciting projects, an innovative company or a dynamic working environment. Also highlight the added value the candidate will bring to the company. Clear, concise communication is essential to capturing attention. 🚀


How do you create a recruiting catchphrases for a LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn is a must-have platform for recruitment. 🌐 Here’s how to adapt your tagline for this platform:

  • Be direct: Use the first few words to indicate the type of position you’re offering.
  • Use relevant Keywords: They’ll help your ad to be visible to people looking for similar opportunities.
  • Emphasize added value: Why is your company a great place to work? Highlight unique advantages.
  • Include a call to action: Encourage candidates to apply or visit your website to find out more. 🌟


What are some key terms related to recruiting?

Some key terms related to recruiting include: 👉 Talent acquisition, Staffing, Hiring, Candidate experience, Onboarding, Social recruiting.


How do recruiters find potential candidates for job openings?

Recruiters use various methods such as sourcing, social recruiting, and referrals to identify potential candidates. 🫶 They also utilize job boards and applicant tracking systems to streamline the hiring process. You should check on LinkedIn, Indeed and other platform to put your job offers on.


What is the significance of a well-structured hiring process?

A well-structured hiring process ensures that recruiters can efficiently identify, evaluate, and hire top talent. 🔥 It involves stages like sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding, all of which contribute to a successful recruitment outcome.


What role do referrals play in the recruitment process?

Like we said earlier about “brand image” work for Referrals. They are recommendations made by current employees or trusted contacts about potential candidates for job openings. 🥰 They are valuable because they often lead to hires who are a good cultural fit and have been pre-vetted by someone within the organization.

Candidate experience refers to how candidates perceive and interact with the recruitment process. A positive candidate experience can enhance an employer’s brand and increase the likelihood of attracting top talent. 🚀


How does social recruiting impact the recruitment process?

Social recruiting involves using social media platforms to identify, attract, and engage potential candidates. It provides recruiters with a wider reach and allows for more personalized interactions with job-seekers. LinkedIn is the most used platform for recruiting.


Creating an effective tagline is the first step to attracting the right candidates, but don’t neglect the next steps. Personalization, clarity, and creativity are the keys to success. Remember to include the unique benefits your company offers.

So, ready to write your next recruiting catchphrase? 🌟


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