Where to start on Waalaxy?

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You have just landed on planet Waalaxy, and for the moment, you only see a stratospheric haze? It’s n.or.m.a.l !☁️ Thanks to this article, you’ll be able to get to grips with Waalaxy easily & quickly because it’s normal to wonder: but where to start on Waalaxy?

Importing leads on Waalaxy

To do anything with Waalaxy, you need to have leads, targets, customers in the tool. There are several possibilities, if you are coming from Prospectin, you will probably have been recommended to export your leads to a CSV file and then import them into Waalaxy.

How to import my leads from a CSV file?

Go to the “Prospects” tab, where you can have an overview of all your prospects, and lists of prospects depending on how you want to group them together.

  • On the “Prospects” tab, click on “Import” and on “Import via CSV file” :

How to import from a LinkedIn search?

You want to prospect the Sales Managers of Lyon and import them into your list of prospects created for the occasion? Go to LinkedIn ➡️

  • Search for “Sales Managers”,
  • Filter the location to “Lyon”,
  • And don’t forget to filter by “People”:

You can import to Waalaxy in other ways, if you are in this case, then come to us at support via the little bubble at the bottom right of our site, we’ll be happy to help you! 😬

Choosing and preparing your Waalaxy campaign

There are many campaigns (formerly “scenarios”) on Waalaxy. Depending on the subscription you have, you can access certain prospecting campaigns.

Automated LinkedIn sequences

Indeed, the Pro subscription gives you access to so-called simple LinkedIn sequences, where there is only one action sent in bulk.

The Advanced subscription gives you access to advanced LinkedIn sequences, i.e. sequences where there are several actions that are sent in an automated way.

Automated LinkedIn Sequences + Emails

The Business subscription, allows you to access all these features and in addition, multi-channel campaigns, which allow you to integrate the search for email and sending emails in a campaign via DropContact.

You can follow this article to learn more about subscriptions & features. 😄

How to choose my Waalaxy sequence?

Sure it’s nice to have several dozen sequences available, but how do you choose the one that will make your heart beat? 🤐  You can help yourself with several supports:

Use the use cases to filter the sequences 👇

You can follow this article that helps you find the perfect sequence. 🤩

Steps to launch your Waalaxy campaign

Once you have chosen your campaign, the first step when editing it is:

1. Adding leads to your campaign

Two ways to do this, you can select your X list of leads, or choose to populate your campaign automatically by setting a trigger: this is auto-import. Sound familiar? Prospectin triggers of course!

Here’s a video and an article

to show you how it works 😉

2.Define the delays between actions

Between the “Connect” step and the “Message” step of your campaign, you can set a delay, between 0 and ♾️. Do the same each time you can set the delay in the campaign. As a reminder, the delay starts from the moment when the condition to go to the next step is met.

👉 Click here to understand how campaigns work. 👈

3.Fill in the different fields

The “Connection” field:

This step allows you to be able to put a login note. A small message of 299 characters that accompanies your connection request. This note opens in full when the prospect accepts the connection request. Ps: we share with you 5 ideas of invitation note right here.

The connection note is optional, if you don’t want to put one:

  • Click on “Connection”,
  • Validate the empty note, without content.

The “Message” field

You must fill in the “Message” field. Contrary to the connection note, you are obliged to fill in this field. You can personalize your message by inserting the tags: {{firstName}}, {{lastName}} and {{company}}.

The “Email” field:

You must fill in this field if your multi-channel campaign includes one. You can personalize your email with tags, and with layout tools:

⚠️ The ability to add attachments to emails will be our focus from September, and will be available at the end of the year.⚠️

Launch and track your Waalaxy campaign

Once all these steps are done, you will be able to launch the campaign by clicking on “Start Campaign”. The actions will queue up. You can follow the progress of your campaign from the “Campaign” tab, by clicking on your campaign:

Congratulations you have successfully imported your leads and launched your first campaign. 🥳 Now you know how to get started on Waalaxy!

Now you can launch as many as you want, interpret your results, get your hot leads, prospect for new targets, well a whole lot of stuff after all!

See you next time! ✌️