What to do with my leads after a first campaign?

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You’ve gone through all the steps that got you off to a good start on Waalaxy, and now you’re wondering: what should I do with my leads after a first campaign ? How should I manage my leads? How do I follow up on them? How should I interpret the results? If you’re asking yourself all these questions, you’ve come to the right place. 🌴

How do I follow up with prospects who were not addressed in my campaign?

Before we get started, here is a list of examples of Linkedin follow-ups, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

How do I follow up on prospects who didn’t accept my invitation?

You won’t be able to do anything with leads that have a “pending” status on Waalaxy. You have to either wait for these prospects to accept the connection request and process them once that’s done, or you can take the decision to cancel the previously sent connection request in order to resend one. How does the latter work?


⚠️ LinkedIn requires you to wait 3 weeks after deleting the connection request, before you can resend a connection request.

Delete pending connection requests

This feature is not yet available on Waalaxy but is coming soon.

From LinkedIn

From Waalaxy

You can delete your pending invites from Waalaxy , according to a periodicity: 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 1 month, 3 months.

Once the pending requests have been removed, it is possible that the “pending” status remains on the prospects. You’ll need to run a profile visit action on these prospects. Create a campaign, choose “Visit” campaign and put your leads in! The profile visit, is a request that will pass on the LinkedIn profile of the person and therefore, which will take & update the data in real time. The real status will be recovered, the “pending” will change to “not connected”. From there, and after the 3 weeks delay imposed by LinkedIn, you can start a campaign with “non-connected” prospects.

How do I follow up with people who did not respond to my message?

Once your campaign is over, the prospects are automatically removed from the campaign. The first thing to do is to identify the prospects who did not respond to the message you sent during your campaign. To do this, simply go to the “List” tab, in the list of prospects that you had previously put in the campaign. You can use the filters of the list to identify the people who responded and those who did not respond. Process ➡️ “List” tab; “List X”; “Has no replied” filter. 👇

Tag these individuals by creating the tag “Has not replied”. 👇

After finding the best sequence, go to your list, apply the “Tag: Has not replied” filter, fill the campaign field, and, start it! 🚀

➡️ How to start a campaign

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waalaxy dashboard

What to do with my hot leads following a campaign?

Tag my hot leads to identify them

This is the first step to better organize your prospecting strategy: identify your hot leads. By hot leads, we mean the prospects that have turned into leads thanks to your Waalaxy campaigns. They have become leads because you have exchanged with them, they have responded to your messages, they are now part of your network. You can simply use the example above to tag people who responded to your message.

Export my hot leads to CSV

On Waalaxy, you have access to the personal information of the people who are in your lists (last name, first name, date of birth, email, phone number, job title, company name etc.)

You also have the Waalaxy information (relationship level on LinkedIn, already contacted, tags, message sent, profile visit sent, profile follow-up done, current campaign, list to which they belong etc.). You can find all this information by exporting your leads to a CSV file. From your list, filter or tag the relevant leads, then export them:

Export my hot leads to my personal CRM

There is no native synchronization between Waalaxy and other tools yet, but don’t worry, it’s in the roadmap!

Export all people who reply to your messages automatically to your personal CRM

What makes this section different from the previous one is that here, we will set up a campaign that will automatically transfer all the prospects who reply to your messages to your personal CRM, via Zapier. The whole process to do this is detailed in this article.

How do I interpret my Dashboard and what can I do with it?

First of all, you have two dashboards. The first is your global one, visible from the home page, and the second dashboard you can view from the Campaign tab, by clicking on your campaign.

Understanding my Dashboard: all the elements

The type of action

Each type of action is divided into sections. Click on each one, to see the number of actions sent that day:

The campaign

You can filter by a campaign, or by “My campaigns” to have all the actions sent on the day all campaigns included:

The date

Here you can see the number of actions sent each day. By hovering your mouse over the blue dots, you can see the exact number.

In the action type “Connection”, you will have two curves. The number of connections sent, and the number of connections accepted.

Acceptance rate & response rate : what are they ?

The acceptance rate is a piece of data that allows you to know via a percentage the number of people who have accepted your connection request, on the number of connection requests sent.

Calculation: number of acceptance of notes sent over the period/number of notes sent over the period. Which means that if I have 10 notes accepted over the last week, 2 of which are from invites sent the week before and 100 sent this week, that would be 8%, not 10%.

The response rate, on the other hand, is calculated based on the total number of people with whom you have opened a conversation on LinkedIn via campaigns. So that includes Messages, invitation notes (only when the invitation was accepted), and message requests. It lets you know how many of those people responded 👍

Calculation: We are talking about the number of responses to messages out of the number of messages sent over the period.  Responses to connection notes are not currently taken into account. If a prospect responds to my 3rd reminder, it will “count” as 33% response since they would have responded to 1 message / 3.

Now you know what to do with your leads after a first campaign! If you have any questions, or see any areas for improvement, you can let us know on Waalaxy’s customer support chat! 🚀


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